Fermilab E906 Cost and Schedule Review

Additional Information Requested by the Review Committee

  • Management plan with "Level 2" managers (doc, pdf)
  • Hodoscope work plan (doc, pdf)
  • Station 1 MWPC work plan


Bldg 203/A114
Argonne National Laboratory
11 December 2006

9:00-9:10  Introduction--Don Geesaman (ppt)
9:10-9:40  Physics Goals of Fermilab E906--Don Geesaman (ppt)
9:40-10:10 Project Overview--Paul Reimer (ppt)
10:10-10:40 Fermilab's Role--Jeff Appel/Hugh Montgomery (pdf)
10:40-10:55 Break
10:55-11:25  New Spectrometer Magnet--Paul Reimer (ppt)
11:25-11:45  Trigger Upgrade--Ron Gilman (pdf)
11:45-12:05  Tracking Upgrade--Ed Kinney (ppt)
12:05-12:25  Hodoscope Replacement--Rusty Towell (ppt)
12:25-12:50  Data Acquisition and Analysis--Paul Reimer (ppt)
12:50-3:00 Executive Session (with lunch)
3:00 Closeout (ppt)

Information Provided to the Cost and Schedule Review Committee

  • Charge to committee (pdf)
  • Information submitted to review committee (pdf)
  • Budgetary estimates for magnet coils and conductor (pdf)
  • Draft Report from Fermilab E906 task force (pdf, doc)
  • Fermilab PAC submission of Sept 2006 (pdf)
  • DOE Office of Nuclear Physics proposal of  Feb. 2005 (pdf)

Fermilab E906 Collaboration Meeting

Bldg 203/A114
Argonne National Laboratory
888-456-0319 or 773-799-3727 w/code 17611

2:00-2:10 Welcome--Paul Reimer and Don Geesaman
2:10-2:15 Quick Review of E906 Physics--Paul Reimer (ppt)
2:15-2:25 Introduction of additional prospective collaborators
2:25-2:55 Changes and Update on Spectrometer Configuration and Location--Paul Reimer (ppt)
2:55-3:25 Summary and Review of Fermilab's E906 Task Force Report--Chuck Brown (ppt)
:25-4:30 Review of Budget, Timetable and Effort--Everyone, Led by Paul Reimer

6:00? Dinner at a local establishment??
Paul E. Reimer
25 June 2008