C. J. (Kim) Lister


(630) 252-4040
FAX: (630) 252-2864

Kim Lister


High School Binley Park Comprehensive,
Coventry, England
B.Sc. University of Liverpool,
Honours, 1st Class in Physics
Ph.D. University of Liverpool
"Gamma Ray Spectroscopy in 41Ca"


Research Assistant Brookhaven National Laboratory 1977-80
Research Assistant University of Manchester 1980-83
Visiting Scientist Brookhaven National Laboratory 1982
Advanced Fellow University of Manchester 1984-85
Lecturer in Physics University of Manchester 1985-88
Associate Professor Yale University 1989-93
Scientist Argonne National Laboratory 1993-1999
Senior Scientist Argonne National Laboratory 1999-Present


Chair Nuclear Chemistry Gordon Conference 1997
Project Manager Gammasphere 1997-2000
Fellow American Physical Society 1999
Chair Gammasphere Users Group 2000-2002
Chief Low Energy Nuclear Physics Group
ANL Physics Division

Research Interests

I have always been interested in nuclei very far from stability and the potential for "exotic" nuclear states near the driplines. As an experimenter, my main research contribution has been in developing techniques that can isolate interesting nuclei, even when they are produced at the level of 1/1000000 during a reaction. During my research career, experimental sensitivity has improved enormously, from studying nuclei produced at the 10's of milli-barn level to studies at 10's of nano-barn.

My main expertise is in gamma ray spectroscopy, though I am experienced in electron, neutron and charged particle detection. I am interested in new detector technologies and am currently working on position sensitive germanium counters. I have always been interested in teaching about physics, and nuclear physics particularly. I have taught at all levels from kindergarden to graduate schools. I have supervised six Ph.D students, at Manchester (R. Moscrop, A.A. Chishti), and at Yale (P. Ennis, D.J. Blumenthal, N. Kaloskamis, C.K. Chan).

Recent Publications

"Structure of the Odd-A Shell Stabilized Nuclei 253No" P.Reiter, T.L. Khoo, C.J. Lister, et. al., Submitted to Phys Rev. Lett (2005)

"Radiative Capture of C+C" D.G. Jenkins, C.J. Lister, et. al., Phys Rev C (2005), In Press

"Reevaluation of the 22Na(p,gamma) reaction rate: Implication of 22Na gamma rays from novae" D.G. Jenkins, C.J. Lister, et. al., Phys Rev Lett 92, 031101 (2004)

"Unravelling band Crossings in 68Se and 72Kr: The quest for T=0 Pairing" S.M. Fischer, C.J. Lister and D.P. Balamuth, Phys Rev. C 67, 064318 (2003), and Phys Rev Lett 87 132501 (2001)

"Digital Imaging with Planar Silicon and Germanium Counters" E. Wulf, B. Phlips, J. Kurfuss, F. Kondev, C.J. Lister. Proceedings of the IEEE conference on Detectors and Imaging, Rome 2004, Trans. Nucl. Sci. (2005) In Press