GS was moved from the 'APEX' beamline to the FMA beamline on 3/8/2006. Click here for a picture of the people that moved the array back in front of the FMA.

If you have comments about or suggestions for additional things you would like to see on the GammaSphere@ANL WWW pages, please E-mail Torben@anl.gov The GammaSphere on-line Booklet describes the building and operation of Gammasphere from 1993 to 1997.

Gammasphere was moved from the FMA beamline to the old APEX beamline on 5/24/2004. Here is the Gammasphere Move video that shows how we did it.

How does Gammasphere work and what does it do? The answer in layman terms is here in the "Gammaball" movie.