updated on Saturday, July 30, 2016 4:11:41 AM CDT from con6 GAMMASPHERE LN snapshot


lnfill heartbeat

!!WARNING!! The executable "caRepeater" couldnt be located because - (null) You may need to modify your PATH environment variable. Creating CA repeater with fork() system call. Repeater will inherit parents process name and resources. Duplicate resource consumption may occur. CA Repeater: unexpected bind fail (null) GAMMASPHERE LN snapshot


lnfill heartbeat


LN info

last fill: 22:00 Jul29 
next fill: 06:00 Jul30 
time since last fill: 05:37:27 
last fill took: 00:34:37 
number of alarms: 0 
last tank fill: 22:34 Jul29 
last tank fill took: 00:26:45 

LN alarms

temp sensor disc alarm: 0
temp sensor shorted alarm: 0
valve undertime alarm: 0
valve overtime alarm: 0
valve power alarm: 0
detector fill overtime: 0
tank fill overtime: 0
detector process hangup: 0
tank process hangup: 0

Detectors with temperature monitoring enabled:

007:1;2992V, 82K; HI= 92,-10
008:1;3488V, 90K; HI=100,-10
009:1;3715V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
011:1;3014V, 89K; HI= 98, -9
015:1;3479V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
017:1;3504V, 84K; HI= 93, -9
019:1;2018V, 86K; HI= 96,-10
020:1;3996V, 75K; HI= 85,-10
021:1;3015V, 79K; HI= 89,-10
022:1;4492V, 81K; HI= 90, -9
023:1;4020V, 82K; HI= 92,-10
024:1;3694V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
025:1;3417V, 91K; HI=100, -9
026:1;3293V, 86K; HI= 95, -9
027:1;4010V, 92K; HI=102,-10
028:1;4799V, 90K; HI=101,-11
029:1;4482V, 91K; HI=101,-10
030:1;3493V, 91K; HI=101,-10
031:1;3510V, 79K; HI= 88, -9
032:1;3699V, 87K; HI= 96, -9
033:1;2799V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
034:1;3202V, 86K; HI= 97,-11
035:1;3735V, 90K; HI=100,-10
036:1;3993V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
037:1;3536V, 93K; HI=103,-10
038:1;3920V, 96K; HI=105, -9
039:1;3490V, 90K; HI=100,-10
040:1;4025V, 86K; HI= 96,-10
041:1;3007V, 90K; HI=100,-10
042:1;3708V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
043:1;3511V, 94K; HI=103, -9
044:1;3822V, 92K; HI=103,-11
045:1;3711V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
047:1;4212V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
048:1;4306V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
049:1;2998V, 90K; HI=100,-10
050:1;3694V, 95K; HI=105,-10
051:1;3285V, 88K; HI= 97, -9
052:1;3481V, 96K; HI=106,-10
055:1;3495V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
056:1;4030V, 85K; HI= 95,-10
057:1;4010V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
059:1;3963V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
060:1;3505V, 93K; HI=102, -9
061:1;3847V, 91K; HI=101,-10
062:1;3913V, 94K; HI=104,-10
063:1;3510V, 90K; HI=100,-10
064:1;2990V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
065:1;4819V, 92K; HI=102,-10
066:1;3296V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
067:1;2627V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
068:1;3991V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
069:1;4015V, 91K; HI=101,-10
070:1;4233V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
071:1;3509V, 91K; HI=107,-16
072:1;3024V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
073:1;4531V, 93K; HI=103,-10
074:1;4293V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
075:1;2987V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
076:1;4007V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
077:1;3715V, 89K; HI= 99,-10
079:1;2969V, 85K; HI= 95,-10
080:1;3505V, 87K; HI= 97,-10
081:1;4021V, 90K; HI=100,-10
082:1;3192V, 80K; HI= 90,-10
083:1;4299V, 90K; HI=100,-10
085:1;3671V, 85K; HI= 95,-10
086:1;3212V, 86K; HI= 96,-10
087:1;3984V, 84K; HI= 94,-10
088:1;4000V, 90K; HI=100,-10
089:1;4013V, 95K; HI=105,-10
090:1;3505V, 80K; HI= 91,-11
091:1;4015V, 86K; HI= 96,-10
092:1;3004V, 75K; HI= 85,-10
093:1;4500V, 83K; HI= 93,-10
094:1;3509V, 77K; HI= 87,-10
095:1;4496V, 86K; HI= 95, -9
096:1;3984V, 90K; HI=100,-10
097:1;3410V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
098:1;3191V, 80K; HI= 91,-11
099:1;3526V, 79K; HI= 89,-10
100:1;1987V, 94K; HI=103, -9
102:1;3505V, 78K; HI= 88,-10
103:1;3500V, 88K; HI= 98,-10
104:1;3002V, 82K; HI= 92,-10
106:1;4511V, 79K; HI= 89,-10
107:1;3978V, 78K; HI= 88,-10
108:1;4028V, 74K; HI= 84,-10
110:1;3492V, 77K; HI= 87,-10

There are 89 cold detectors

the following detectors are not temperature monitored:


a total of: 21 detectors

the following detectors have unexpected conditions:

[ 19]: t-mon  on, HV off, DAQ  on, temp     ok 
[100]: t-mon  on, HV off, DAQ  on, temp     ok 

a total of 2 detectors have unexpected conditions