GammaSphere, target wheel

A rotating target wheel is available for use at Gammasphere @ ANL. To control the wheel, you must be in the Tip window (console) of the master resource manager computer. See in structions on the scalers web page for instructions on how to get the tip windows up. Start the target wheel control program by typing 'tw'. You should see something like:

-> tw
tw in crate: 1, slot: 3

 1:recover stored parameters from file
 2:set crate and slot
 3:set spoke parameters manually
 4:print current spoke parameters
 5:save crate, slot and spoke paramaters to file
 6:load tw module with current spoke values
 7:read spoke parameters in tw
 8:calculate spoke parameters
 9:initialize the tw module
10:read current spoke position
11:put tw in control mode
12:put tw in camac mode
13:put tw in remote mode
14:read tw status word

The first 5 options allow you to set parameters as well as load or save target wheel parameters from and to a file. If you want to reload parameters that have been saved in the file, you would

The last option will start the target wheel again. Option 7 is used here to check that the load went ok.

If you cannot talk to the target wheel module it may be because the module is not enabled. In that case, you need to go to the shack and push the enable button. NOTE, when you initialize the module, it will end up in the locked state. You can always check the state by typing:

option> 14
c=1,n=3,a=0,f=5, adr:0xf0811816; read:     0, 0x0000
dipswitch setting: 0,0,0,0
tw not running
tw module NOT enabled
tw module in con mode
tw remote  off
tw encoder off

In this case, the module is not enabled and you need to push the enable button to do access the module.

Here is a description of what you would do to start the target wheel up from scratch:

You may want to suspend the mrmto task (type "ts mrmto") while you access the target wheel module if the rates are too low. You can start the mrmto task again by typing "tr mrmto".

If the VXI processor does not recognize the tw command, it's because the program was not loaded. Simply type:

         ld < tw.o
You only need to do this once after the master VXI processor has been rebooted. The target wheel program (tw.o) may or may not be loaded automatically at boot time!