util1 - Tcl/Tk script help

please note: this file was generate by make_tcl from the file: util1.hlp. Please update that file and regenerate the util1.html. Do not update the util1.html file directly!


There are three ranges for the germanium detectors: 2 Mev, 5 MeV and 20 MeV. When the 2, 5 or 20 MeV red buttons are pushed the appropriate range FOR THE SELECTED DETECTORS are set. Thus, to set all detectors to the 5 MeV range, specify '1-110' as the selected detectors and push the 5 MeV button. The EFF section has no effect in this case since the range is controlled in the VXI ge/bgo boards.


For the temperature alarms to function properly, the alarm limits for the germanium temperatures must be set. By pushing the "set alarm limits: button, the current high and lower alarm limits for normal temperature excursions are set to +10 and -10 degrees around the current temperature. The so called HIHI and and LOLO limits are set to +15 and -15, respectively, as well. Only the detectors on the detector list have their alarm limits modified.


Turns specified detectors on and off


A Doppler correction can be imposed on the calibration parameters that were found using sources. This is done by specifying a 'v/c' value (e.g, 0.0158 would be 1.58% of the speed of light) and pushing the Doppler correct button. It is probably a good idea to save the 'source' calibration parameters before you do this. Care must be taken not to push this button more than once. There is not at present any check on whether the current calibration parameters in the EFFs are Doppler corrected or not. The gecal2 Tcl/Tk script contains tools to find the correct v/c for the doppler correction.