GAMMASPHERE information,calibration

The GAMMASPHERE calibration Tcl/Tk scripts are invoked by first selecting the CALibration menu from on the openwin-main menu of the gs account and then selecting the particular calibration you wish to perform. The appropriate scripts will be activated and an associated cmdtool window will pop up. You will automatically be in the appropriate directory for the calibration.

The Tcl/Tk scripts have build in help that describes their operation in great details. The same documentation is available below on this server. Note: you can not make printouts of the help text in the Tcl/Tk scipts but you can conveniently do it from Mosaic or whatever Web surfer you are using. The help in the scripts and on this server are identical (generated from the same source).

Here is a brief description on how the GAMMASPHERE array is calibrated.

Tcl/Tk script help

[gecal.tcl] Germanium calibration #1 (MAIN) - Tcl/Tk script documentation/help
[gecal.tcl] Germanium calibration #2 (AUX) - Tcl/Tk script documentation/help
[bgocal.tcl] BGO calibration - Tcl/Tk script documentation/help
[thr.tcl] Setting Thressholds (and walks) - Tcl/Tk script documentation/help
[util1.tcl] utility 1 - Tcl/Tk script documentation/help

Click here for information on how the documentation/online help in the Tcl/Tk scripts and on this Web server are maintained (ad kept in sync). There is also a C program to read the GAMMASPHERE tapes.
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