The FILE HEADER RECORD is defined as:
typedef struct file_header
    u_short RecordType;		/* file header type= 2             */
    u_short RecordLength;	/* number of bytes in this record  */
    u_short RecordVer;		/* record version or subtype       */
    u_short RunNumber;		/* run number in this experiment   */
    u_short FileNumber;		/* file number in this experiment  */
    char    run_title1[40];	/* first part of run title         */
    char    run_title2[40];	/* 2nd  part of run title          */
}       FILE_HEADER;

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6/2/99: The 'runtitle-2' string (which is written to tape) now contains the start date and time of the run and is no longer controlled by the user. This should make it easier to correlate the individual runs with notes in your run book.