Setting up ROOT and GSSort/GSUtil

There are now so many versions of ROOT and platforms that it runs on as well as old and new versions of GSSort/GSUtil that is hard to keep compiled versions of them up to date. So in the following I describe a good way of operating that will make the use of ROOT, GSSort and GSUtil as painless as possible and will allow you to use different version of at will and with a minimum efford. Next time you want to work in this directory, all you do is to

cd workdir
  [source ~/.cshrc;]source ./setuproot (on Solaris)
  [source ~/.cshrc;]. ./setuproot      (on Linux)
  .L src/

where [...] only needs to be excuted if you change ROOT version and, thus, want to reset your environment first.

Notice that using this scheme, you could use different versions of ROOT, GSSort and GSUtil in different directories and quickly switch between them. You are also independent of any changes to GSOOrt/GSUtil that could adversely affect you.