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In general you should use rootn.exe rather than root because we often use shared memory.

By issuing the command

   .L ~tl/bin/GSUtil_cc_v3.10.02.so
in rootn.exe, a number of useful utilities are loaded into the root session. Below is a list of them. The '_v3.10.02' string specifies the version of ROOT the utilities were compiles from.

Consult Hints and Kinks for instruction on how we setup ROOT for a specific version of ROOT on the Solaris machines at ANL.

The source code for GSUtil_cc.so can be found here

GSSort control Utilities

A number of commands are available to 'control' the GSSort sorting program from inside rootn.exe without having to go into another session window. They are typically accomplished by signaling GSSort using the Solaris utility "pkill".

Other Utilities