A Day in the Life of the ANL Physics Division

Early in 1997, inspired by several books following the same idea, one day was chosen where all interested members of the Physics Division would bring their camera(s) to work. Members were asked to select up to six of their own photographs to submit to the photography committee which consisted of Bruce Glagola, Dave Hofman and Michael Schlapp. Over the subsequent years the following sequence was chosen from the submissions, digitized and organized for publication on the web.

Contributors to this effort were: Dieter Ackermann (1), Hanan Amro (1) (2), Todd Brown (1) (2) (3) (4), Barbara Fletcher (1), Bruce Glagola (1) (2) (3), Walter Henning (1)(2), Dave Hofman (1)(2) (3) (4), Vandana Nanal (1) (2) (3), Jerry Nolen (1), and Michael Schlapp (1) (2) (3). Web design by D.J.Hofman.

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