Paul Souder, Syracuse University
Parity-Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering with SoLID at Jefferson Lab
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 13 Oct 2014
3:30 PM, Building 203, Conference Room R-150

Jefferson Lab has new facilities for the 12 GeV era that feature either high luminosity or high acceptance. However, for a number of experiments, especially parity-violating deep inelastic scattering (PVDIS), there is a need for a device that simultaneously provides both large acceptance and high luminosity. The SoLID (Solenoidal Large Intensity Device) spectrometer has been designed to fulfill this need.

In this talk I will discuss the PVDIS physics program with SoLID. This includes both an electroweak test and topics in hadronic physics including higher twist and charge symmetry measurements. Finally, I will describe the SoLID spectrometer design and show how it meets the severe demands of the PVDIS program.

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