Craig Roberts, Argonne Physics Division
Hadron Physics and QCD: Just the Basic Facts
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 26 Jan 2015
3:30 PM, Building 203, Auditorium

With discovery of the Higgs boson, the Standard Model of Particle Physics became complete. Its formulation and verification are a remarkable, continuing story. However, the most important chapter is the least understood. Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is that part of the Standard Model which is supposed to describe all of nuclear physics and yet, almost fifty years after the discovery of quarks, we are only just beginning to understand how QCD builds the basic bricks for nuclei: pions, neutrons, protons. QCD is characterized by two emergent phenomena: confinement and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking (DCSB), whose implications are extraordinary. This presentation will elucidate a range of observable consequences of these phenomena that are accessible at existing or anticipated facilities.

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