Michael Bishof, Argonne Physics Division
The First Experimental Limit on the EDM of 225Ra
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 19 Jan 2015
3:30 PM, Building 203, Auditorium

The dominance of matter over anti-matter cannot be explained by the standard model of physics. Additional symmetry violation can explain the matter/anti-matter asymmetry and would also give rise to permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) in fundamental and composite particles that are greater than the standard model prediction. The 225Ra (t1/2=15d, I=1/2) atom is a particularly attractive system for an EDM search because its large nuclear octupole deformation, closely spaced ground-state parity doublet, and large atomic mass make 225Ra uniquely sensitive to symmetry-violating interactions in the nuclear medium that give rise to an EDM. We have developed an experiment to measure the EDM of 225Ra and demonstrated the first “proof-of-principle” measurement, giving an upper limit at the 10-22 e-cm level. Future upgrades to our experiment have the potential to improve our EDM sensitivity by several orders of magnitude and test fundamental symmetries at an unprecedented level.

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