Jan C. Bernauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Mainz High-Precision Proton Form Factor Measurement
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 18 Oct 2010

A high precision measurement program covering the Q2-range from 0.004 (GeV/c)2 to 1 (GeV/c)2 has been carried out at the 3-spectrometer-facility at MAMI with the aim to determine the electric and magnetic form factor of the proton with an uncertainty below 1%. The data set includes about 1400 separate measurements, spanning the scattering angles from below 20° to above 120° at six beam energies. The overlapping and redundant measurements of the cross section, simultaneous monitoring of the luminosity, combined with beam stabilization systems and additional current measurements enable excellent control over systematic uncertainties. In the talk, I will present the design of the experiment and analysis of this comprehensive data set using global fits of different form factor models and discuss the resulting extracted form factors and radii.

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