Henning Esbensen, Argonne Physics Division
Coulomb Dissociation of 15C and Radiative Neutron Capture on 14C
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 5 Oct 2009

The semiclassical, dynamical description of diffraction dissociation of weakly bound nuclei is applied to analyze the decay-energy spectra of 15C that have been measured at 68 MeV/nucleon on a Pb target. The optical potentials that are used to describe the nuclear interaction of 15C with the target nucleus are realistic because the fits to the two measured spectra, one with a small and one with a very large acceptance angle, are consistent and of similar quality. The cross section for the radiative neutron capture on 14C to the 1/2+ ground state of 15C is deduced from the analysis. When combined with an estimated contribution from the capture to the 5/2+ excited state of 15C, an excellent agreement with a recent direct capture measurement is achieved.

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