Glenn Young, Jefferson Lab
The 12GeV Upgrade at Jefferson Lab - A Newbie's View of the Science
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 10 May 2010

Jefferson Lab is in the midst of a project to double the energy of the primary electron beam from 6 to 12 GeV. In parallel we will both upgrade some existing detectors to handle the new capabilities and also add an entirely new experimental Hall and dedicated detector focussed on photon-induced physics. The electron beam is expected to have the same excellent emittance, both longitudinal and transverse, and precise control of polarization as is presently enjoyed with the 6 GeV beam. Present studies of excited states and form factors will enjoy a greatly enhanced kinematic reach, and the excellent control of polarization allows among others a program studying a number of parity-violating effects. Use of coherent bremsstrahlung allows one to produce a copious number of polarized tagged photons of up to 9 GeV, enhancing the ability to perform spectroscopic analyses in the search for exotic hadrons that may well be photo-produced with the upgrade. The speaker recently moved to Jefferson Lab to work on the 12 GeV Upgrade Project after spending some 35 years working on various aspects of heavy-ion physics and will give a newcomer's view of the interesting physics measurements to pursue.

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