Shaofei Zhu, Argonne Physics Division
Octupole Correlations in Actinide Nuclei
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 1 Feb 2010

Octupole correlations play an important role in determining the level structure of nuclei throughout the periodic table. This is the case in the actinide region, where two distinct collective modes have been identified: octupole vibration and octupole deformation. Striking differences were found in the high-spin properties of the negative-parity bands in nuclei of this region, and these differences appear to be related to the strength of octupole correlations. At the same time, positive-parity bands with features that can be attributed to a double-octupole phonon excitation were uncovered for the first time in this region. The properties of the proposed zero-, one- and two-phonon bands are consistent with the results of calculations based on the concept of rotational-aligned octupole phonon condensation.

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