Andreas Knecht, Paul Scherrer Institute
Towards a New Measurement of the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 14 Sep 2009

Neutron Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) experiments provide tight constraints on extensions to the Standard Model, which attempt to elaborate the mechanisms of CP violation. The latest result set the upper limit for the neutron EDM to 2.9x10-26 ecm.

Here, I will focus on the new nEDM experiment being set up at the Paul Scherrer Institut. Measurements are expected to start in spring 2010 with a sensitivity of 5x10-27 ecm. A new and improved apparatus will, at a later stage, yield an additional increase in sensitivity down to 5x10-28 ecm. After a general introduction, I will concentrate on the contributions to the project achieved during my PhD thesis. i) Assessment and possible countermeasures to the systematic errors for the upcoming measurement period, ii) the construction and testing of an efficient energy dependent ultracold neutron detection system, and iii) the first physics result obtained by our collaboration with the apparatus: the limit on neutron to mirror-neutron oscillations.

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