Hye Young Lee, ANL Physics
11,12B(n,γ) -- the influence of r-process nucleosynthesis of light elements
Argonne Physics Division Seminar - 9 Feb 2009

Core-collapse SN models predict enhanced heavy element abundances in the r-process by extending the reaction network to include light, neutron-rich nuclei (Z<10). Based on the sensitivity study, 11,12B(n,γ)12,13B are found to be important for the production of the carbon isotopes, which can immediately convert to heavier seed nuclei in the neutrino-driven wind model. We have measured the (d,p) reaction with a radioactive 12B beam and stable 11B beam using the ATLAS in-flight facility at ANL. The spectroscopic factors and the branching ratio from these measurements are used in determining the reaction rates that are compared with theoretical calculations. The astrophysical implications using the present reaction rates of 11B(n,γ) and 12BB(n,γ) will be discussed.

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