Jia-Er Chen, Institute of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking University
R&D Activities on Accelerator Physics & Technology at IHIP, Peking University
Physics Division Seminar - 30 Aug 2004

The activities of developing superconducting cavities at Peking University are reviewed. To develop an IR FEL facility for studies in life science, chemistry, and material science, the efforts on constructing a Superconducting Accelerator Facility (PKU-SCAF) to accelerate electron beams to 20~35 MeV with an average current of about 1 mA are presented. Based on the study of Integral Split Ring (ISR) RFQ structures, a 26 MHz heavy ion RFQ has been built for ion implantation; it is a 1 MeV 2.6 meter long RFQ and needs only 25kW peak RF power input. To increase the accelerating efficiency of the RFQ at its higher energy region, the feasibility of Separated Function RFQ (SFRFQ) is being explored. The Peking University Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (PKUAMS) with a precision of 0.5% for 14C dating is also reported.

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