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Fridays at 11:00 AM

2004-2005 Program

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2004-2005 Committee

Birger Back (252-3618, mail)
Mitio Inokuti (252-4186, mail)
Eliane Lessner (252-4112, mail)
Kim Lister (252-4040, mail)
Kenneth Nollett (252-8264, mail)
Peter Ostroumov (chair) (252-4897, mail)
Paul Reimer (252-4037, mail)
Dariusz Seweryniak (252-1514, mail)
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10 Sep 2004  Paul Corkum, NRC Ottawa, Canada 
Attosecond Lasers
Host: Linda Young 
 17 Sep 2004  Lev Pitaevskii, University of Trento and Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems
Bose-Einstein Condensate - a New State of Matter
Host: Mitio Inokuti 
24 Sep 2004  Dmitri Diakonov, Jefferson Laboratory and NORDITA, Copenhagen
Pentaquarks: a new kind of elementary particles?
Host: Paul Reimer;
1 Oct 2004  Ian McNulty, ANL/APS 
X-ray Vortices
Host: P. Ostroumov 
8 Oct 2004  Thomas Hemmick, Stony Brook University 
The state of RHIC physics: Adventures at the highest temperatures achieved by man
Host: Birger Back
15 Oct 2004  Maki Kawai, Surface Chemistry Lab., Japan
Observing Reactions of Single Molecule via Vibrational Excitation using Scanning Transmission Microscope
Host: Isao Tanihata 
22 Oct 2004  Robert Geroch, University of Chicago
Faster than light?
Host: Eliane Lessner 
29 Oct 2004  Fall DNP Meeting - No colloquium 
5 Nov 2004  Raman Sundrum, Johns Hopkins University 
The Superworld, The Braneworld, and Our World
Host: Birger Back 
12 Nov 2004  Jennie Traschen, University of Massachusetts 
Black Holes and Thermodynamics
Host: Eliane Lessner 
19 Nov 2004  Timothy C. Beers, Michigan State University
Mining the Milky Way Galaxy with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Host: Kenneth Nollett
26 Nov 2004  Thanksgiving -- No Colloquium 
3 Dec 2004  John D'Auria, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics at the ISAC Radioactive Beams Laboratory Using the DRAGON Facility
Host: Darek Seweryniak
7 Dec 2004  Douglas  D. Osheroff, Stanford University
Understanding the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident
Host: P. Ostroumov 
Note:  special date - No colloquium on Dec 10
9 Dec 2004  Anthony Leggett, University of Illinois at Urbama Champaign
Superfluidity, phase coherence and the new Bose-condensed alkali gases
Host:  Michael Norman, MSD
Note: Joint with Materials Science Division - Building 200 Auditorium, 11AM
17 Dec 2004 
Thomas C. Katsouleas, University of Southern California
 Progress on Plasma Accelerators: From the Energy Frontier to Tabletops
Host: Eliane Lessner
24 Dec 2004  Christmas/New Year Holiday - No colloquium 
31 Dec 2004  Christmas/New Year Holiday - No colloquium 
7 Jan 2005 

Jeffrey S. Gaffney, Argonne National Laboratory
Mexico City Revisited: Natural Radioactivity, Ammonia, and Black Carbon Measurements in April 2003
Host: Mitio Inokuti

14 Jan 2005  Stefan Frauendorf, Notre Dame University
New symmetries of rotating nuclei
Host: Darek Seweryniak
21 Jan 2005  Dieter Gruen, Material Science Division, Argonne
Fullerenes, nanotubes and ultrananocrystalline diamond:
There's a bit less room at the bottom

Host: Mitio Inokuti
28 Jan 2005  Michael Shaevitz, Columbia University
Neutrino Masses and Oscillations: A View of the Next Steps
Host: Paul Reimer
4 Feb 2005  Anthony W. Thomas, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Understanding the Strong Interaction -- Recent Progress and the Opportunities Provided by Jefferson Lab at 12 GeV
Host: Craig Roberts
9 Feb 2005  Emile A. Okal, Northwestern University
Tsunamis: Warning, detecting, simulating, chasing
Host: Mitio Inokuti
Note:  special date
18 Feb 2005  Angela Olinto, University of Chicago
Deciphering the Extreme Universe  
Host: Eliane Lessner 
25 Feb 2005  Seth Lloyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fundamental limits to measuring space and time
Host: Mitio Inokuti  
4 Mar 2005  Steve Elliott, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Double-beta decay and the neutrino
Host: Birger Back
11 Mar 2005  Cheng Chin, James Frank Institute and the Department of Physics, The University of Chicago
Converting a Bose-Einstein condensate into a Cooper-paired degenerate Fermi gas
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
18 Mar 2005  Peter Armbruster, Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung, Germany
Nuclides Galore: Spallation revisited in inverse kinematics.
Host: Kim Lister 
25 Mar 2005 Stuart Freedman, University of California, Berkeley
Direct Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations from KamLAND
Host: Paul Reimer
1 Apr 2005  Roy Holt, Argonne National Laboratory
Many facets of the deuteron
Host: Kim Lister
8 Apr 2005  Moses Chan, Pennsylvania State University
Can a solid be superfluid?
Host: Mitio Inokuti
12 Apr 2005  Robert McKeown, California Institute of Technology
High-energy Particle Astrophysics Research in K-12 Schools
Host: Roy Holt
Note: special date
15 Apr 2005  Jack Carpenter, IPNS, Argonne National Laboratory
Spallation Neutron Sources: Present and Future
Host: Jerry Nolen
22 Apr 2005  Steve Geer, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Physics at an Upgraded Fermilab Proton Driver
Host: Peter Ostroumov
29 Apr 2005  Maury Tigner, Cornell University
The International Linear Collider - where it stands 
Host: Peter Ostroumov
6 May 2005  Lillian Hoddeson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Pushing Frontiers in Particle Physics: The Powers and Paradoxes of Megascience
Host: Mitio Inokuti
13 May 2005  Walter Kutschera, Institut für Isotopenforschung und Kernphysik, University of Vienna
Synchronizing cultures in the past: Pushing methods of natural sciences and humanities to their limits
Host: Darek Seweryniak
20 May 2005  James Trosko, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
A paradign challenge in understanding carcinogenesis: adult stem cells and cell-cell communication gone amuck
Host: Mitio Inokuti
27 May 2005 
Tim Tait,  Argonne National Laboratory
Precision Data and Hints for Physics Beyond the SM
Host: Mitio Inokuti
3 Jun 2005 
Kate Kirby, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Ethics issues in the practice of Physics 
Host: Eliane Lessner