- Physics Division Colloquium

Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

2001-2002 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

7 Sep 2001 DOE review - No colloquium
13 Sep 2001 Argonne Open House - No colloquium
21 Sep 2001 Hamish Roberston, University of Washington (photo)
SNO Flies: The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved
Host: Roy Holt - 252-4101
28 Sep 2001 Fermi Symposium - No colloquium
5 Oct 2001 Malcom Derrick, Argonne National Lab (photo)
HERA ep colliding beam physics:current results and future prospects
Host: Hal Jackson
12 Oct 2001 Walt Loveland, Oregon State University
Synthetic Paths to the Heaviest Elements
Host: Frank Moore
19 Oct 2001 Fall DNP Meeting - No colloquium
26 Oct 2001 Michael Turner, University of Chicago
Making Sense of the New Cosmology
Host: Frank Moore
2 Nov 2001 Charles Perdrisat, College of William and Mary (photo)
Proton Form Factor Measurements at Jefferson Lab
9 Nov 2001 Philip Mannheim, University of Connecticut
Gravitationally Induced Quantum Interference
Host: Hal Jackson
16 Nov 2001 Juergen Kluge, GSI and University of Heidelberg
Precision by Cooling: Atomic and Nuclear Physics in Small and Large Ion Traps
Host: Jerry Nolen
23 Nov 2001 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
30 Nov 2001 Natalie Roe, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
What's the Matter with Antimatter?
Host: John Arrington
7 Dec 2001 Brent Fultz, Caltech
Vibrational Entropy and Inelastic Scattering
Host: John Arrington
14 Dec 2001 John W. Harris, Yale University
Are We Seeing Glimpses of a Primoridal Quark-Gluon Soup?
Host: John Schiffer
21 Dec 2001 Christmas Eve - No colloquium
28 Dec 2001 Christmas - New Year Holiday - No colloquium
4 Jan 2002 Helen Edwards, FNAL
Update on TESLA
Host: Jerry Nolen
11 Jan 2002 Harold Jackson, Argonne National Lab
HERMES and the Spin of the Proton
Host: Harold Jackson
18 Jan 2002 Thomas Glasmacher, Michigan State University
Exploring light neutron-rich atomic nuclei with fast beams of rare isotopes
Host: Mike Carpenter
25 Jan 2002 Henry Weller, Duke University
Nuclear Physics at the Duke FEL gamma-ray source
Host: Frank Moore
1 Feb 2002 Colloqium rescheduled for June 7th.
8 Feb 2002 Tom Witten, Univ. of Chicago
Generalized crumpling: how smooth forces make sharp structures.
Host: John Schiffer
15 Feb 2002 Michael Wiescher, Notre Dame
The fate of matter on accreting neutron stars
Host: Mike Carpenter
22 Feb 2002 Jean-Michel Poutissou, TRIUMF (photo)
The initial science program of ISAC, the Canadian Isotope Accelerator
Host: Jerry Nolen
1 Mar 2002 Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois
Achieving a Sustainable Climate: Issues, Impacts, and Resolution
Host: Jerry Nolen
8 Mar 2002 Robert Wiringa, Argonne National Lab
Nuclear Forces and the Destiny of the Universe
Host: Hal Jackson
15 Mar 2002 Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Caltech and Univ. of Connecticut
What can precision low-energy measurements teach us about 'new physics'?
Host: John Arrington
22 Mar 2002 Millicent Firestone, Argonne National Lab
Self-Assembled Nanostructures
Host: Hal Jackson
29 Mar 2002 Steve Elliott, University of Washington
Double Beta Decay: Is the Neutrino Mass Within Reach?
Host: Hal Jackson
5 Apr 2002 Ed Blucher, U. of Chicago
Investigating the Difference Between Matter and Antimatter with Neutral Kaons
Host: John Schiffer
12 Apr 2002 Krishna Kumar, University of Massachusetts
Strange, New Physics with Parity-Violating Electron Scattering
Host: Paul Reimer - 252-4037
19 Apr 2002 Massimo Salvatores, Argonne National Lab
Physics and Issues of Radioactive Waste Transmutation
Host: Jerry Nolen
26 Apr 2002 Rick Casten, Yale University
Critical Point Symmetries in Nuclei
Host: John Schiffer 
3 May 2002 John Carlstrom, University of Chicago
Cosmology with Cosmic Microwave Background Observations
Host: Mike Carpenter
10 May 2002 Francesco Iachello, Yale University
The Discovery of Supersymmetry in Nuclei
Host: Henning Esbensen
17 May 2002 Bradley Filippone, California Institute of Technology
What's So Cool About Ultra-Cold Neutrons?
Host: Hal Jackson
24 May 2002 Harvey Drucker, Argonne National Lab
The New Approach to Dealing with Terrorism: Asymmetric Warfare.
Host: Mike Carpenter
31 May 2002 John Ahearne, Sigma Xi Center, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Nuclear Energy: Present Technology, Safety, and Future Research Directions
Host: Jerry Nolen
7 Jun 2002 Sam Finn, Penn State University
Gravitational Wave Phenomenology
Host: John Arrington
21 Jun 2002 ****COLLOQUIUM CANCELLED**** Valery Nesvizhevsky, Institute Laue-Langevin, France
Quantum states of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field
Host: Hal Jackson

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2001-2002 Committee

John Arrington (252-3619, johna@anl.gov mail)
Mike Carpenter (252-5365, carpenter@phy.anl.gov mail)
Henning Esbensen (252-4098, esbensen@phy.anl.gov mail)
Hal Jackson, chairman (252-4013, hal@anl.gov mail)
Frank Moore (252-3624, efmoore@anl.gov mail)
Jerry Nolen (252-6418, nolen@anl.gov mail)
John Schiffer (252-4066, schiffer@anl.gov mail)

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