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Fridays at 11:00 AM

2000-2001 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

8 Sep 2000 Roy Holt, ANL Physics Div.
Illuminating the Deuteron at Jefferson Lab
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
15 Sep 2000 Alan Wuosmaa, ANL Physics Div.
This Just In ... - Very Recent Results from RHIC
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
22 Sep 2000 George Crabtree, ANL Materials Science Div.
Driven Dynamics of Superconducting Vortices
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
29 Sep 2000 Yongzhong Qian, U. of Minnesota
Recent Progress in Understanding Nucleosynthesis via Rapid Neutron Capture: from Rocks, Stars, and Galaxies to Neutrinos, Nuclei, and Nuclear Matter
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
6 Oct 2000 Fall DNP Meeting - No colloquium
13 Oct 2000 Brad Sherrill, Michigan State U.
Nuclear Structure Studies at RIA
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
20 Oct 2000 David Hertzog, U. of Illinois, Urbana
Precision Measurement of the Muon's Anomalous Magnetic Moment
Host: Paul Reimer - 252-4037
27 Oct 2000 Christopher Monroe, U. of Michigan
Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu - 252-0583
3 Nov 2000 Richard Milner, MIT
The Electron Ion Collider: A Powerful New Nicroscope to Study the Structure of Matter
Host: Roy Holt - 252-4101
10 Nov 2000 Francis Halzen, U. of Wisconsin, Madison
High-energy Neutrino Astronomy: Results from the South Pole
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
17 Nov 2000 Stephen Milton, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne
Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission: Extending Synchrotron Light Source Brightness by Many Orders of Magnitude
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
28 Nov 2000 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
1 Dec 2000 Gordon Baym, U. of Illinois, Urbana
Hanbury Brown and Twiss Intensity Interferometry: From Stars to Nuclear Collisions to Atoms
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
8 Dec 2000 Susan Landau, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Cryptology: Technology and Policy
Host: Don Gemmell - 252-4053
15 Dec 2000 Robert Wald, U. of Chicago
Black Holes, Thermodynamics, and the `Information Paradox'
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
22 Dec 2000 Christmas Eve - No colloquium
29 Dec 2000 New Year's Eve - No colloquium
5 Jan 2001
12 Jan 2001 Thomas Mason, Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge
The Spallation Neutron Source: A Powerful Tool for Materials Research
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
19 Jan 2001 Jens Gundlach, U. of Washington
Big G and Gravity Close Up
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
26 Jan 2001 Carl Wieman, U. of Colorado
Quantum Explosions and Implosions in a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Rubidium 85
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu - 252-0583
2 Feb 2001 Heinrich Jaeger, U. of Chicago
Is Sand a Solid, a Liquid or a Gas? The Physics of Granular Materials
Host: Murray Peshkin - 252-4061
9 Feb 2001 J. Murray Gibson, Materials Science Div., Argonne
Glimpsing Medium-range Order: The Structure of Glass from Fluctuation Electron Microscopy
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
16 Feb 2001 John Cowan, U. of Oklahoma
r-Process Abundances in Halo Stars and the Age of the Galaxy
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
23 Feb 2001 Rescheduled to 7 Sept 2001
2 Mar 2001 James J. Laidler, Chemical Technology, Argonne
The Advanced Accelerator Applications Program and Accelerator Transmutation of Waste
Host: Paul Reimer - 252-4037
9 Mar 2001 Vladimir M. Lobashev, Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Science
Direct Search for Mass of Neutrino in Semileptonic Decays - Study of Beta-spectrum of Tritium
Host: Peter Ostroumov - 252-4897
16 Mar 2001 Edward Kibblewhite, U. of Chicago
Adaptive Optics in the 21st Century
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
23 Mar 2001 Sam D. Bader, Materials Science Div., ANL
Host: Murray Peshkin - 252-4061
29 Mar 2001
Walter Greiner, JWG Universitaet Frankfurt/Main
Nuclear Matter, Hypermatter, Antimatter and Strong Correlations in the Vacuum
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
30 Mar 2001 Keith Moffat, U. of Chicago
Picosecond Time-resolved Macromolecular Crystallography: Molecular Movies?
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
6 Apr 2001 Volker Burkert, Jefferson Laboratory
Nucleon Microscopy with CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Host: Harry Lee - 252-4094
13 Apr 2001 Chung-Pei Ma, U. Penn.
New Perspectives on Cosmological Structure Formation
Host: Harry Lee - 252-4094
19 Apr 2001
Lawrence Cardman, Jefferson Lab
CEBAF @ Jefferson Lab: Recent Results and Plans for the Future
Host: Roy Holt - 252-4101
27 Apr 2001 Johann Deisenhofer, Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Interactions of Drugs With Their Target in Atomic Detail
Host: Roy Holt - 252-4101
4 May 2001 Gerry Garvey, Los Alamos
A Possible eA Collider
Host: Paul Reimer - 252-4037
11 May 2001 Paul Kwiat, U. of Illinios, Urbana
Entangled Photons for Quantum Information: 101 Uses for a Schroedinger Kitten-Embryo
Host: Roy Holt - 252-4101
18 May 2001 Lee C. Teng, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne
Particle Accelerators -- Outlook for the 21st Century
25 May 2001 Aneesh Manohar, U. California, San Diego
Non-relativistic Bound States in Quantum Field Theory
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
1 Jun 2001 Simon Swordy, U. of Chicago
The Cosmic Ray Conundrum - Does this make any sense?
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
8 Jun 2001 Carlos Wagner, High Energy Physics Div., Argonne, and U. of Chicago
The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon as a Probe of the Standard Model of Particle Interactions
Host: Murray Peshkin - 252-4061
15 Jun 2001 Gabriel Karl, U. of Guelph
Quantum Variations and Least Action Principles for Pedestrians
Host: Murray Peshkin - 252-4061
14 Sep 2001 Ed Blucher, U. of Chicago (date to be confirmed)
Investigating the Difference Between Matter and Antimatter with Neutral Kaons
Host: John Schiffer - 252-4066
21 Sep 2001 Hamish Roberston, U. of Washington
SNO (tentative)
Host: Roy Holt - 252-4101

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2000-2001 Committee

Roy Holt (252-4101, mail)
Harry Lee (252-4094, mail)
Peter Ostroumov (252-4897, mail)
Murray Peshkin (252-4061, mail)
Steven Pieper (252-4232, mail)
Ernst Rehm (252-4073, mail)
Paul Reimer (252-4037, mail)
John Schiffer, chairman (252-4066, mail)

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