Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

1999-2000 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

10 Sep 99 James F. Bell, Cornell University
Strategy and Science Goals for NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission
Host: David Hofman - 252-3624
17 Sep 99 David Tománek, Michigan State University
Self-Assembly and Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube Systems
Host: Linda Young - 252-8878
24 Sep 99
1 Oct 99 Wai-Yee Keung, U. of Illinois, Chicago
CP Violation: A Window to See New Physics
Host: Russell Betts - 252-4994
8 Oct 99 Craig Roberts, Physics Division, Argonne Nat. Lab.
Inside Hadron Physics
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
15 Oct 99 Zheng-Tian Lu, Physics Division, Argonne Nat. Lab.
Atom Trap Trace Analysis -- A New Demon on the Block
Host: Richard Pardo - 252-4029
22 Oct 99 Fall DNP Meeting - No colloquium
29 Oct 99 Walter Henning, Physics Division, Argonne Nat. Lab.
Going Away from Stability
Host: Ernst Rehm - 252-4073
5 Nov 99 Victor Ninov, LBNL
Status and Perspectives of Super Heavy-Element Research
Host: Kim Lister - 252-4040
12 Nov 99 Carlton M. Caves, U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, or Why Quantum Mechanics Is Good for You
Host: Paul Benioff - 252-3218
19 Nov 99 Rocco Schiavilla, Jefferson Lab. and Old Dominion U.
Few-Body Capture Reactions: Precision Nuclear Astrophysics
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
28 Nov 99 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
3 Dec 99 Joseph Lykken, Fermilab
The Search for Extra Dimensions
Host: Rolf Siemssen - 252-3890
10 Dec 99 Edward J. Daw, MIT
LIGO - A Direct Experimental Search for Gravitational Radiation from Astrophysical Sources
Host: Russell Betts - 252-4994
17 Dec 99
10:00 AM
John R. Arthur, SLAC.
Prospects for an X-ray Free-Electron-Laser Light Source and some Possible Scientific Applications
Host: Kim Lister - 252-4040
7 Jan 00 John Schiffer, Physics Division, Argonne Nat. Lab.
Nuclear Physics, The Core of Matter, The Fuel of Stars
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
14 Jan 00 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard University
Observing the Quantum Limit of an Electron Cyclotron: QND Measurements of Quantum Jumps Between Fock States
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
21 Jan 00 Maury Goodman, ANL High Energy Physics
Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
28 Jan 00 John M. Goodkind, U. C. San Diego
Using Superconductivity to Measure Slow Changes in Gravity
Host: Richard Pardo - 252-4029
4 Feb 00
11 Feb 00 Donald F. Geesaman, Physics Division, Argonne Nat. Lab.
How vanilla is your proton?
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
18 Feb 00 Postponed to April 7
25 Feb 00 Mark Kasevich, Yale U.
Atom Interferometers as Inertial Force Sensors
Host: Donald Gemmell - 252-4053
3 Mar 00 Richard Wilson, Harvard U.
Hormesis, Low Dose Linearity and the Nuclear Industry
Host: Roy Ringo - 252-4035
10 Mar 00
17 Mar 00
24 Mar 00 John Hardy, Texas A & M U.
Superallowed Beta Decay: A Nuclear Probe of the Electroweak Standard Model
Host: Kim Lister - 252-4040
31 Mar 00 Joshua Frieman, U. of Chicago and Fermilab
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Science Results
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
7 Apr 00 David J. Dean, Oak Ridge Nat. Lab.
Phases: From Nuclei to Quantum Dots
Host: Robert Wiringa - 252-6134
14 Apr 00 Boris Kayser, NSF, Washington, DC
Why Do We Think Neutrinos Have Mass?
Host: Birger Back
21 Apr 00 Curtis J Struck, Iowa State U.
Galaxy Collisions: The Driving Process of Galaxy Evolution
Host: Rolf Siemssen - 252-3890
28 Apr 00 Spring APS Meeting - No colloquium
5 May 00 Dieter Gruen, Chemistry Division, ANL
The Egg as Eye: Ultrananocrystalline Diamond in the Cosmos and in the Laboratory
Host: Paul Benioff - 252-3218
12 May 00 Robert McKeown, Caltech
Through the Looking Glass: the New Electroweak Frontier
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
19 May 00 Wayne Hu, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Ringing in the New Cosmology: Implications of Recent Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments
Host: Rolf Siemssen - 252-3890
26 May 00 Ralf Roehlsberger, U. Rostock
Resonant X-ray Scattering from Rotating Matter: The Nuclear Lighthouse Effect
Host: Rolf Siemssen - 252-3890
2 Jun 00 Robert Rosner, U. of Chicago
Using Simulations to Connect Astrophysics to the Laboratory
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
9 Jun 00 Sean Carroll, U. of Chicago
The Accelerating Universe: Enigmas and Nostrums
Host: Steven Pieper - 252-4232
23 Jun 00 Theodore Postol, MIT
Scientific Fraud in the US National Missile Defense Program
Host: Murray Peshkin - 252-4061

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1999-2000 Committee

Birger Back, (x-3618, mail)
Paul Benioff, (x-3218, mail)
Russell Betts, (x-4994, mail)
Donald Gemmell, (x-4053, mail)
Kim Lister, (x-4040, mail)
Richard Pardo, (x-4029, mail)
Steven Pieper, chairman, (x-4232, mail)
Rolf Siemssen, (x-3890, mail)


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