Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

1998-1999 Program

Chairman: Birger Back (x-3618, mail)

11 Sep. 98    Don Clayton, Clemson University
              "Nuclear Astrophysics with Presolar Grains"
	      Host: Birger Back
18 Sep. 98    Seth Putterman, University of California Los Angeles
              "Sonoluminescence - the star in a jar"
	      Host: Birger Back

25 Sep. 98    Edward W. Kolb, Fermilab & University of Chicago
              "Seeds of Cosmic Structure: Quantum Fluctuations in the
	      Primordial Soup"
	      Host: David Hofman
 2 Oct. 98    Wayne Itano, National Institute of Science and Technology
              "Crystallized Ion Plasmas in a Penning Trap""
	      Host: Linda Young

 9 Oct. 98    Robert Roser, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
              "The Top Quark, from Discovery to Present"
	      Host: Craig Roberts

16 Oct. 98    Richard Seto, University of California Riverside
              "Squeezing the Nucleus: High Density Matter in Heavy Ion Collisions""
	      Host: Birger Back

23 Oct. 98    Eric Adelberger, University of Washington
              "Equivalence Principle tests and Planck-scale physics"
	      Host: Ben Zeidman
30 Oct. 98    Autumn APS Meeting - No Colloquium

 6 Nov. 98    Peter Fisher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
              "The AMS Project"
	      Host: Birger Back

13 Nov. 98    Krishna Rajagopal, MIT
              "The many phases of QCD"
	      Host: Harry Lee

20 Nov. 98    Rolf Siemssen, KVI/ANL
              "Radioactive Beam Facilities and Projects"
	      Host: Birger Back

27 Nov. 98    Thanksgiving - No Colloquium

 4 Dec. 98    Gopal K. Shenoy, Advanced Photon Source, ANL
              "New Research at the APS"
	      Host: Linda Young

11 Dec. 98    Andrei Mirzabekov, Engelhart Inst. Molecular Biology / ANL
              "Biochip Technology"
	      Host: Birger Back

18 Dec. 98    Thomas Kirk, Brookhaven National Laboratory
              "Physics with the RHIC Facility"
	      Host: Ben Zeidman
 8 Jan. 99    Bryon Mueller, Argonne National Laboratory
              "Asymmetry of the light quark sea from FNAL experiment E866"
	      Host: Thomas O'Neill
15 Jan. 99    John Doyle, Harvard University
              "Cooling and Trapping of Molecules"
	      Host: Linda Young
22 Jan. 99    Yau Wah, Univeresity of Chicago
              "Symmetry and Conservation Laws:
	      New Results from Kaon and Pion Decays"
	      Host: Ben Zeidman
29 Jan. 99    Kim Lister, ANL
              "GAMMASPHERE Research at ATLAS during the first year"
              Host: Darek Seweryniak
 5 Feb. 99    Kees de Jager, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
              "The Physics Program at TJNAF"
	      Host: Ben Zeidman
12 Feb. 99    Thomas O'Neill, ANL
              "Are virtual photons real?"
	      Host: Ben Zeidman
19 Feb. 99    Cosmas Zachos, Argonne National Laboratory/HEP
              "Quantun Mechanics Lives and Works in Phase Space"
	      Host: Craig Roberts
26 Feb. 99    Philip Bucksbaum, University of Michigan
              "Coherent Control of Quantum Systems"
	      Host: Linda young
 5 Mar. 99    Michael J. Welsh, Washington University
              "PET views of tumor and brain function"
	      Host: David Hofman
12 Mar. 99    Betsy Beise, University of Maryland
              "T_20 Physics at Jefferson Lab"
	      Host: Thomas O'Neill
19 Mar. 99    Erick Cantu-Paz, University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign
              "Genetic Algorithms"
	      Host: Birger Back
26 Mar. 99    APS Spring Meeting, Atlanta - No Colloquium
 2 Apr. 99    Good Friday - No Colloquium
 9 Apr. 99    Baha Balantekin, University of Wisconsin
              "Neutrino oscillations"
	      Host: Craig Roberts
16 Apr. 99    Alex Dzierba, Indiana University
              "Exotic Mesons" 
	      Host: Craig Roberts
23 Apr. 99    Michael Riordan, SLAC
              "50th Anniversary of the Transistor"
	      Host: Darek Seweryniak
30 Apr. 99    Open House - No Colloquium
 7 May  99    Geoffrey West, Los Alamos National Laboratory
              "Biological scaling"
	      Host: Ben Zeidman
14 May  99    A. W. Castleman, Penn. State University
              "Atomic clusters"
	      Host: Alan Wuosmaa
21 May  99    Hans Morovec, Carnegie Mellon University
              "Prospects for Universal Robots"
	      Host: Tom O'Neill
28 May  99    Sheldon Goldstein, Rutgers University
              "Theories of Measurements in Quantun Mechanics"
	      Host: Tom O'Neill
 4 June 99    ************ CANCELLED *************