Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

1997/98 Program

 5 Sept. 97    Chris Wood from NIST, Boulder.
               Improved measurement of parity non-conservation in cesium 
               atoms and the nuclear anapole moment of Cs-133

12 Sept. 97    Bob Wiringa, PHY
 Roberts       Quantum Monte Carlo calculations for light nuclei

19 Sept. 97    Emil Wolf from U. of Rochester
 Bodmer        The redshift controversy and correlation-induced changes 
               of spectra"

26 Sept. 97    Wick Haxton, University of Washington
               The Question of Nonstandard Solar Models

 3 Oct. 97      David Price, MSD
                Stable and Supercooled Hot Liquids

10 Oct. 97      NO COLLOQUIUM (Division of Nuclear Physics Autumn Meeting)

17 Oct. 97      Margaret Murnane from U. of Michigan

24 Oct. 97      Ernst W. Otten, University of Mainz, Germany.
                Polarized He-3: Measurement of the form factor 
                                Of the neutron and of the human lung.

31 Oct. 97      John Rosner, University of Chicago
 Roberts	Particles with Beauty - Windows on New Physics
 7 Nov. 97	John Ralston, University of Kansas at Lawrence
                The First Gauge Theory:
                A story of poverty and riches, intrigue and deception, 
                   brilliance and stupidity, and untimely tragic death. 

14 Nov. 97      J. J. Connell, University of Chicago, Enrico Fermi Institute
                Cosmic Ray Composition Studies: 
                        Nuclear Physics on a Galactic Scale

21 Nov. 97      David Schramm from U. of Chicago
 Lu             Dark Matter and the Density of baryons in the Universe

28 Nov. 97      NO COLLOQUIUM (Thanksgiving Holiday)
 5 Dec. 97      Guy Savard, PHY

12 Dec. 97      Keh-Fei Liu, University of Kentucky
 Roberts        Valence QCD and the Quark Model

19 Dec. 97      NO COLLOQUIUM 

26 Dec. 97      NO COLLOQUIUM 

 2 Jan. 98      NO COLLOQUIUM 

 9 Jan. 98      Bob Dunford, PHY
 Southworth     Two-photon Decay               

16 Jan. 98      Tony Leggett
                Superfluidity, Phase Coherence and 
                the New Bose-condensed Alkali Gases

23 Jan. 98	Hans-Otto Meyer, Indiana University Cyclotron Facility

30 Jan. 98      Jeff Gaffney, ER
                Megacity Photochemical Air Pollution and Oxygenated Fuels:
                        PANhandling in the Americas

 6 Feb. 98      Frank von Hippel
                "Taking Nuclear Weapons off Hair-Trigger Alert"

13 Feb. 98      Ernst Rehm, PHY

20 Feb. 98      Paul C. Lauterbur, UIC and UIUC

27 Feb. 98	Hui Cao 
 Lu		Northwestern Univ.

 6 Mar. 98      Augusto Macchiavelli, LBNL
 Lauritsen      "Magnetic Rotation from a Different Perspective"

13 Mar. 98      Anton Zeilinger
                "Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Entanglement in Experiment"

20 Mar. 98 	Laurie M. Brown, Northwestern University
		"The Electron and the Nucleus:
		On the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the electron"

27 Mar. 98	Dirk Rischke, Yale
		"Hot and Dense Nuclear Matter Under the Microscope: 
		What Can We Learn from Relativistic Heavy-Ion Physics?"
 3 Apr. 98      James Langer, UCSB
		"How Solids Break"

10 Apr. 98      Don Edwards, FNAL
 Southworth     The TESLA program

17 Apr. 98      NO COLLOQUIUM
                1998 Joint APS/AAPT Meeting, April 18-21, Columbus, OH

24 Apr. 98      Madappa Prakash, Physics Dept., SUNY

 1 May. 98      Moses Chan, Pennsylvania State University

 8 May. 98      Nu Xu, Lawrence Berkely Laboratory
                Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

15 May. 98      Gordon Kane, U. Michigan

22 May. 98      Mike Pennington, University of Durham, England

29 May. 98	Peter Schiffer
 Wuosmaa	Notre Dame

 5/Jun.98       Tony Thomas, University of Adelaide