Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

1996-1997 Program

09/27/96	Patrick Seitzer (University of Michigan)
Southworth	"Hubble Space Telescope:  Tragedy to Triumph"

10/04/96	NO COLLOQUIUM (APS Division of Nuclear Physics Meeting)

10/11/96	Luiz Da Silva (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Southworth	"Soft X-Ray Lasers and their Applications"

10/18/96	Brian Stephenson (ANL Materials Science Division)
Southworth	"Intensity Fluctuation Spectroscopy Using Coherent X-Rays:
		Nano-Scale and Atomic-Scale Dynamics"

10/25/96	John D'Auria (Simon Fraser University)
Davids		"Research with Radioactive Beams at TRIUMF"
11/01/96	Edward C. Stone (JPL and Caltech)
Davids		"The Search for Life Elsewhere"

11/04/96	Michael Berry (Bristol U., United Kingdom)
Peshkin		"Chaos and Classical Limits"

11/08/96        J. Kapusta (Univ. of Minnesota)
Lee           	"QCD and Very High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions"

11/15/96	E. Ercen Alp (ANL X-Ray Facilities Division)
Peshkin		"Lattice Dynamics with Sub-meV Resolution:
		First Experimental Results at the APS"

11/22/96	H. Fred Dylla (Jefferson Lab) 
Geesaman	"Developing High-Average-Power Lasers for Material Processing"

11/29/96	NO COLLOQUIUM (Thanksgiving Holiday)

12/06/96        David Dean (Oak Ridge)
Lee		"Shell Model Monte Carlo Studies of Nuclei"



12/27/96	NO COLLOQUIUM (Christmas Holiday)

01/03/97	NO COLLOQUIUM (New Year Holiday)

01/10/97	Gene Sprouse (SUNY Stony Brook)
Davids	 	"Laser Trapping of Radioactive Francium"

01/17/97	Teng-Lek Khoo (ANL)
Davids		"Superdeformation: Order Embedded in Chaos"

01/24/97	Franco Nori (U. Michigan)
Southworth	"Vortex Dynamics: Plastic Flow, Voltage Bursts, and
		Avalanches in Superconductors"

01/31/97	Juan-Carlos Campuzano (U. Illinois, Chicago & MSD/ANL)
Southworth	"Pairing and Boson Condensation in High Tc Materials"

02/07/97	Haiyan Gao (ANL Physics Division)
Geesaman	"First Results from TJNAF"
02/14/97	Angela Olinto (U. Chicago)
Southworth	"Cosmological Magnetic Fields 
		and Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays"

02/21/97	G. Garvey (LANL)
Geesaman/	"Selected Topics in US Federal Science Policy 94-96"
02/28/97        Daniel Krakauer (ANL High Energy Physics Division)
Geesaman	"Recent Results on the Structure of the Proton"

03/07/97	Richard L. Garwin (IBM TJ Watson Research Center)
Southworth	"Disposal of Excess Weapon Plutonium and Uranium:
		What Do We Know and When Will We Do It?"

03/14/97	Mitio Inokuti (ANL Physics Division)
Lee		"Ugo Fano and Developments in Atomic and Molecular Physics"

03/21/97	Helena Pycior (U. Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Southworth	"Marie and Pierre Curie as Scientific Collaborators:
		A Century of Interpretation and Reinterpretation"
03/28/97	Terry Walker (Ohio State University)
Davids		"The Tension Over a Crisis in the Big Bang Nucleosynthesis"

04/04/97	Wolfgang Ketterle (Mass. Inst. Tech.)
Southworth	"Atoms Behave as Waves:  Bose-Einstein Condensation 
		and the Atom Laser"

04/11/97	Y. Alhassid (Yale University)
Rehm		"Chaos in Mesoscopic Systems:  from Nuclei to Quantum Dots"


04/25/97	Ming Wu (UCLA)
Lee		"Optical Applications of Micromachining Technology"

05/02/97	Bernd Crasemann (University of Oregon)
Southworth	"X-Rays in Atomic Physics--Then and Now"

05/09/97        Rolf Landauer (IBM)
Peshkin/	"Information is Physical"

05/16/97	Harold Jackson (ANL Physics Division)
Lee		"HERMES, a New Approach to Nucleon Spin Studies"

05/23/97	Gary Glatzmaier (Los Alamos Natl. Lab.)
Southworth	"3D Numerical Simulations of the Geodynamo: Magnetic Field
		Reversals and the Rotation of the Earth's Inner Core"

05/30/97	Malvin Kalos (Cornell University)
Lee		"The Future of High-Performance Computational Science"