Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

1995-1996 Program

09/22/95	Gordon Cates (Princeton Univ.)
Dunford	        "From Muons to MRI on Guinea Pigs- The Power of Optical Pumping"

09/29/95	Michael Turner (Fermilab)
Potterveld	"Big-Bang Cosmology:  Successes and Challenges"

10/06/95        Edward Hinds (Yale Univ.)
Dunford	        "Atoms in Boxes and Atoms on Trampolines"

10/13/95	Carl Wieman (JILA, Univ. of Colorado)
LY/Dunford	"Bose-Einstein Condensation"

10/24/95	Peter Armbruster (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)
TLK/Ahmad	"Fusion and Fission - A Fountain of New Isotopes Elements" 
10/27/95	NO COLLOQUIUM (Fall APS Meeting)

11/03/95        Vic Viola (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Chasman         "Heating Nuclear Matter with Deltas"

11/10/95        Vernon Barger (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison)
Potterveld	"Exploring New Physics at a Muon-Muon Collider"

11/17/95        Luciano Moretto (Univ. of California, Berkeley"
Chasman         "Reducibility, thermal scaling and phase coexistence in

11/24/95	NO COLLOQUIUM (Thanksgiving Holiday)

12/01/95	Madhusree Mukerjee (Scientific American)
Kurath		"Probing the Real World"

12/08/95        Dieter Muller (Univ. of Chicago)
Janssens	"Cosmic Ray Positrons:  Are There Too Many?"

12/15/95        Peter Paul (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Janssens	"Hot Nuclei As Fermi Liquids"

12/22/95	NO COLLOQUIUM (Christmas Holiday)

12/29/95	NO COLLOQUIUM (New Year's Holiday)

01/05/96        Steve Southworth (ANL Physics)
Dunford         "Atomic X-Ray Physics Using Synchrotron Radiation"

01/12/96	Jeff Harvey (Univ. of Chicago)
Dunford		"Current Directions in String Theory"

01/19/96        Bill Phillips (Univ. of Manchester, U.K.)
Ahmad           "Shape Features in Neutron-rich Fission Fragments"     

01/26/96        Rick Stevens (ANL)
Chasman         "Wide Area Multimedia Supercomputing"

02/02/96        Cary N. Davids (ANL Physics)
Janssens       	"New Heavy Proton Emitters - Probing Nuclear Structure at
              	the Drip Line"      

02/09/96        E.K. Zinner (Washington University, St. Louis)
Ahmad           "Stardust in the Laboratory: New Constraints on Nucleosynthesis
                and Stellar Evolution"          

02/16/96        Vijay Pandharipande (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana)
Chasman		"Dumbbells and Donuts:  Femtometer Structures in Nuclei"
02/23/96        Alan Wuosmaa (ANL Physics)
Janssens        "Recent Advances in the Study of Nuclear Clusters"

03/01/96       	Akira Tonomura (Hitachi, Ltd, Japan)
Peshkin/     	"Electron Phase Microscopy to Observe Superconducting Vortices"

03/08/96        George Crabtree (MSD, ANL)
Ahmad           "Dynamics of Vortices in Superconductors"

03/15/96	Francesco Venneri  (LANL)
Ahmad           "The Accelerator-Driven Transmutation of Nuclear Waste"
03/22/96        Jon Morse (Univ. of Colorado)
Chasman         "The Birth of Stars:  Proto-Stellar Jets, Accretion and 
	  	Proto-Planetary Disks"

03/29/96        Lowell Bollinger (ANL Physics)          
Jackson         "An Incomplete History of the Argonne Physics Division" 

04/05/96        W. David Rust (National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, OK)
Ahmad           "The Electrical Structure of Thunderstorms"

04/12/96	Edward Fry (Texas A&M University)
Dunford		"Lasing without Population Inversion - An Experimental Reality" 

04/19/96        Albert Wattenberg  (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana)
 Kurath         "Enrico Fermi and Physics at Argonne in the 1940s"

04/26/96        P. Gregers Hansen (Michigan State University)
Chasman         "Nuclear Halos and Other Loosely Bound Quantum Systems"

05/03/96    	NO COLLOQUIM (Spring APS Meeting)

05/10/96    	C. Rhodes (University of Illinois, Chicago)  
Dunford		"Nanotechnology Concept for Multiphoton Multikilovolt X-ray 

05/17/96      	 Larry Cardman (CEBAF, Newport News, VA)
Jackson          "CEBAF: A Microscope for Nuclear Physics"   

05/24/96	Gerald Gabrielse (Harvard Univ.)
Dunford		"Extremely Cold Antiprotons and Antihydrogens"

05/31/96    	Susan Coppersmith (Univ. of Chicago)
Ahmad           "Force Fluctuations in Granular Materials"      

06/3/96         J.R. Huizenga (Univ. of Rochester, retired)
Chasman/Morss   "Discovery of Element 99 and 100: A Prelude to a Rich History
Joint with CHM   of Accomplishment in Nucleary Chemistry at Argonne"

06/7/96         G. T. Seaborg (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Ahmad/Morss     "Chemical Research with New Elements at the Chemistry Division"
Joint with CHM