Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

1994-1995 Program

                             COLLOQUIUM COMMITTEE
               W. J. Childs                      T. W. LeBrun
               C. E. Jones                       D. H. Potterveld
               T. L. Khoo (Chairman)             R. B. Wiringa


09/09/94	Harry Lipkin (Weizmann Institute & Argonne)
Wiringa		"The Mossbauer Effect and the Parton Model:  from Crystals
		to Synchrotron Radiation and Heavy Quarks"

09/16/94	Charles Alcock  (Livermore)
Jones		"Evidence for Dark Matter"

09/23/94        Robert O'Dell (Rice Univ.)
Childs		"Exploring the Stellar Nursery in Orion with the Hubble
		Space Telescope"

09/30/94	Ernest Malamud (Fermilab)
Wiringa		SciTech

10/07/94	Sharon Bertsch-McGrayne (author, Nobel-Prize Women in Science--
Khoo		their Lives, Struggles and Momentous Discoveries)
		"Nobel Prize Women in Science"

10/14/94	Harry Lee (ANL)
Wiringa		"Pion-Nucleon Dynamics:  Past, Present and Future"

10/21/94	Gerald Feldman (Saskatchewan Accelerator Lab)
Jones		"The Charge Symmetry Puzzle in 4He"

10/28/94	NO COLLOQUIUM (Fall APS Meeting)

11/04/94	Norval Fortson (Univ. of Washington)
Jones		"Measuring Parity Violation and Testing Time Reversal 
		Symmetry in Atoms"

11/11/94	Malcolm Derrick (High Energy Physics, ANL)
Jones		"Physics with High Energy e-p Colliding Beams"

11/18/94	E. Shuryak (Stony Brook) -- Tentative
Khoo		"Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions"--tentative title

11/25/94	NO COLLOQUIUM (Thanksgiving Holiday)

12/2/94		Steven Rolston (NIST)
Khoo		"Optical Lattices"

12/9/94		Dave Ceperley (Urbana)
Wiringa		"Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Real Materials"

12/16/94	Steve Saunders (JPL)
Wiringa		"Magellan Mission to Venus"

12/23/94	NO COLLOQUIUM (Christmas Holiday)

12/30/94	NO COLLOQUIUM (New Year's Holiday)

01/06/95	Mike Carpenter (ANL)
Khoo		"New Results from the New-generation Gamma Ray Arrays"

01/13/95	Steve Pieper (ANL)
Jones		"Microscopic Calculations of Nuclei"

01/20/95	Ben Nefkens (UCLA)
Jones		"What is so Special about Eta Physica"

01/27/95	Chang-Chyi Tsuei (IBM)
Khoo		"High T_c Superconductors" --tentative

02/03/95	John Madey (Duke)
LeBrun		"Free Electron Lasers"

02/10/95	John Schiffer (ANL)
Khoo		"The Way to Crystallization of Confined Ions:  Phase
		Transitions, Normal Modes, and Experiments"

02/17/95	Susan Seestrom (Los Alamos)
Jones		"Studies of Fundamental Symmetries with Epithermal Neutrons"

02/24/95	Yoon Chang (ANL)
Jones		"The Status of the Redirected Nuclear R&D Activities at Argonne"

03/03/95	Heidi Hammel (MIT)
Potterveld	"The Impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levi 9 with Jupiter"

03/10/95	Mike Bedzyk (ANL/Northwestern University)
LeBrun		"X-ray Standing Waves"

08/25/95	Boris Kayser (National Science Foundation)
Peshkin	        "CP Violation, Beauty, and Quantum Mechanics"
Joint with HEP