Physics Division Colloquia

Argonne National Laboratory

Talks given by ANL Physics Division members

September 1980 - May 2016


Miron Amusia, IOFFE Institute & ANL Physics Div.21 May 1993 Electron Correlations in Atomic Processes
John Arrington, ANL Physics Div.13 Dec 2002 Do Ordinary Nuclei Contain Exotic States of Matter?
17 Apr 2009  Clusters, Correlations and Quarks: a High-Energy Perspective on Nuclei
Daniel Ashery, U. of Tel Aviv & ANL Physics Div. 1 Oct 1982 Delta-Nuclear Physics
11 Sep 1992 Probing Short-Range Nucleon Correlations with Pion Absorption

Birger Back, ANL Physics Div. 5 Jan 2007  Before Protons and Neutrons -- The Quark Gluon Era of the Universe
21 May 2010 HELIOS: A new approach to nuclear structure studies in inverse kinematics
Paul A. Benioff, ANL Physics27 May 2016 Quantum computing, the early days & Effect of scalar scaling Field on physics, geometry
Gordon Berry, ANL Physics Div.18 Apr 1986 High Energy Atomic Physics and QED
R. Russell Betts, ANL Physics Div. 6 May 1983 Heavy Ion Resonances - Nuclear Structure in the Continuum
20 May 1994 Positron Production in Heavy Ion Collisions - Current Status of the Problem
Lowell Bollinger, ANL Physics Div.29 Mar 1996 An Incomplete History of the Argonne Physics Division

Michael Carpenter, ANL Physics Div.28 Jan 2011 "Investigating" Changing Shell Structure in Neutron Rich Nuclei
William J. Childs, ANL Physics Div. 4 Feb 1983 High-resolution Laser and RF Spectroscopy of Atomic and Molecular Beams
14 Feb 1992 Overview of Laser-Radiofrequency Double-Resonance Studies of Atomic, Molecular, and Ionic Beams
Jolie Cizewski, ANL Physics Div. and Rutgers U.27 May 1998 The Magic Numbers of Maria Goeppert-Mayer: Past, Present, and Future
Jason Clark, ANL Physics Div. 6 Feb 2009  Star Bombs in the Lab: Using Nuclear Physics to Model Stellar Explosions
4 Jan 2013 A CARIBU is born: first results from our new baby
Ian Cloët, ANL Physics Div.27 Sep 2013 Images from Inner Space: Exposing the Quantum Mechanics within Nucleons and Nuclei

Cary N. Davids, ANL Physics Div. 2 Feb 1996 New Heavy Proton Emitters - Probing Nuclear Structure at the Drip Line
Robert W. Dunford, ANL Physics Div. 9 Jan 1998 Two-photon Decay

Alex J. Elwyn, ANL Physics Div.20 Feb 1981 Low energy reactions of light ions with 6Li - odds and ends
Henning Esbensen, ANL Physics Div.15 Oct 1993 Structure and Reactions of Light Neutron Rich Nuclei

Stuart J. Freedman, ANL Physics Div. 7 May 1982 Quantum Mechanics, Reality and All That
23 Oct 1992 Search for the 17-keV Neutrino

Haiyan Gao, ANL Physics Div. 7 Feb 1997 First Results from TJNAF
Don Geesaman, ANL Physics Div. 3 Oct 1980 Macroscopic features of pion-nucleus scattering
9 Mar 1990 The FNAL E665 Experiment - Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering from Muons and Nuclei
10 Dec 1993 Nuclear Physics at Multi-GeV Hadron Facilities
11 Feb 2000 How vanilla is your proton?
28 Oct 2005  What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know in Nuclear Science
25 Sep 2009 A Long Range Plan for the DOE Isotopes Program
18 Oct 2013 Nuclear Physics Serving Society
13 Nov 2015 Reaching for the Horizon: The 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan
Gvirol B. Goldring, ANL Physics & Weizmann Institute of Science18 Sep 1992 Tilted Foil Polarization of Nuclide Beams

Kawtar Hafidi, ANL Physics Div.19 May 2006  Honey, I Shrunk the rho
18 Mar 2011 Invisible Particles
Walter Henning, ANL Physics Div.13 Mar 1992 Particle Production in Compressed Nuclear Matter
14 Apr 1995 Nuclei Far from Stability: Research Opportunities with Radioactive Beams
29 Oct 1999 Going Away from Stability
9 May 2008  Intense Rare Isotope Beams -- Science Goals and Technical Realization
Calem Hoffman, ANL Physics Div.20 Sep 2013 The Evolution of Shell Spacing in Light Nuclei
Roy Holt, ANL Physics Div.29 Apr 1988 Hunting Quarks in Nuclei
8 Sep 2000 Illuminating the Deuteron at Jefferson Lab
20 Feb 2004 Frontiers at the Femtoscale
1 Apr 2005 Many facets of the deuteron

Mitio Inokuti, ANL Physics Div.14 Mar 1997 Ugo Fano and Developments in Atomic and Molecular Physics
13 Feb 2004 The Lindau Meeting

Harold Jackson, ANL Physics Div.24 Sep 1982 The Argonne GeV Electron Microtron, GEM
13 May 1994 The New Era at CEBAF
16 May 1997 HERMES, A New Approach to Nucleon Spin Studies
11 Jan 2002 HERMES and the Spin of the Proton
Robert V. F. Janssens, ANL Physics Div. 6 Apr 1990 A New Region of Superdeformed Nuclei
4 Jan 2008  The Hunt for New Shell Structure in Neutron-Rich Nuclei
Chunguang Jing, Euclid Techlabs and High Energy ANL Physics Div.19 Feb 2016 Argonne Wakefield Accelerator: A pathway to future e+e- colliders and light factories

Elliot P. Kanter, ANL Physics Div.17 Mar 1989 Coulomb Explosion Imaging: A Femtosecond After the 'Little Bang'
Ben Kay, ANL Physics Div.26 Feb 2016 Getting to Know the Nuclei Involved in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Michael P. Kelly, ANL Physics Div.22 Jan 2016 RF Superconductivity for Particle Accelerators: The Last 15 Years
Teng Lek Khoo, ANL Physics Div.24 Oct 1980 Evolution of nuclear shapes with spin and temperature
22 Jan 1988 Plans for a National Gamma Ray Facility
8 Nov 1991 Superdeformation in Nuclei: Physics in a Secondary Minimum
17 Jan 1997 Superdeformation: Order Embedded in Chaos
3 Nov 2006  Superheavy Nuclei and Elements
Walter Kutschera, ANL Physics Div. 2 Nov 1984 Dating and Mass Spectrometry with Acccelerators
13 Mar 1987 Rare Decay Modes of Heavy Nuclei
16 Nov 1990 Searching in the Dark: The Quest for Hypothetical Particles
25 Jun 1993 Long-Lived Noble Gas Radioisotopes

Tom LeCompte, High Energy ANL Physics Div.22 Feb 2008  Standard Model Physics at the LHC
T.-S. Harry Lee, ANL Physics Div.19 Feb 1982 Study of Non-nucleonic Degrees of Freedom in Nuclei
14 Oct 1994 Chiral Symmetry and Nuclear Dynamics
16 May 2003 What have we learned recently from few-GeV Electroweak Reactions?
D. A. Lewis, ANL Physics Div. and Iowa State 8 May 1981 Laser spectroscopy with radioactive atoms
Harry Lipkin, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div.15 May 1981 Magnetic moments of quarks, leptons and hadrons
30 Sep 1983 Fun with Magnetic Monopoles
17 Jan 1986 The Impact of the Discovery of the Antiproton
Kim Lister, ANL Physics Div.29 Jan 1999 Gammasphere at Argonne: The Device Moved But Did The Physics?
Peter B. Littlewood, ANL Physical Sciences & Engineering, U. of Chicago, and U. of Cambridge12 Mar 2012 Polariton Condensation and Collective Dynamics
Alessandro Lovato, ANL Physics Div.29 May 2015 Toward a Unified Description of the Electroweak Nuclear Response
Zheng-Tian Lu, ANL Physics Div.15 Oct 1999 Atom Trap Trace Analysis -- A New Demon on the Block
30 Jan 2004 Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Egypt
28 Feb 2014 Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Global Groundwater
Eric Lynn, ANL Physics Div. and AERE 6 Jan 1989 50 Years of Nuclear Fission

Bryon Mueller, ANL Physics Div. 8 Jan 1999 Measurement of the Light Quark Flavor Asymmetry in the Nucleon Sea
Peter Mueller, ANL Physics Div.16 Nov 2007  Simple Atoms, Extreme Nuclei: Laser Spectroscopy of 6He and 8He

Jerry Nolen, ANL Physics Div.16 Mar 2007  How to Make Radioactive Beams
Kenneth M. Nollett, ANL Physics Div.12 May 2006  Nuclear Physics in the pp Chain, r-Process, and x-Process
24 Mar 2008  Some Puzzles in the Origins of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen

Tom O'Neill, ANL Physics Div.12 Feb 1999 Are Virtual Particles Real?
Peter Ostroumov, ANL Physics Div. 2 May 2014 Accelerator Perspectives for Nuclear Physics

Gil Perlow, ANL Physics Div.21 Mar 1986 Mossbauer Effect
Murray Peshkin, ANL Physics Div.20 Jan 1989 What Did We Learn from the Aharonov-Bohm Effect?
29 May 2009  Reflections on Wartime Los Alamos and Some of Its People
Steven C. Pieper, ANL Physics Div. 6 Jan 1995 Variational Calculations of Light Nuclei
5 Feb 2010 American Physical Society 2010 Tom W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics talk: Finding Real Nuclei in Imaginary Time
Lucas Platter, ANL Physics Div.20 Apr 2012 From cold atoms to light nuclei

K. Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div.13 Feb 1998 Experiments with Radioactive Beams - Studying Stellar Explosions in the Laboratory
30 Apr 2004 'Per aspera ad astra' - Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams
14 Nov 2014 Studies of X-ray Bursts - Bringing Neutron Stars into the Laboratory
Paul E. Reimer , ANL Physics Div.11 Sep 2009 A Tale of Two Protons, or two tales of the Proton's sea
Elizabeth Ricard-McCutchan, ANL Physics Div.30 Apr 2010 Imagining Nuclei: Real time tests of ab-initio calculations
Craig D. Roberts, ANL Physics Div. 1 Feb 1991 Quantum Chromodynamics: Experimental Support and Nonperturbative Outlook
8 Oct 1999 Inside Hadron Physics
6 Oct 2006  Much Ado About Hadrons
17 Dec 2010 The Paradox of Emptiness: Much Ado about Nothing

Guy Savard, ANL Physics Div. 5 Dec 1997 Physics with Trapped Radioactive Ions
6 Jan 2006  High-Precision Mass Measurements, Vud , and the Status of the CKM Unitarity
John P. Schiffer, ANL Physics Div.12 Dec 1986 Is There a Condensed State in Ion Beams?
3 Feb 1989 Are Crystalline Ion Plasmas Attainable?
10 Feb 1995 The Way to Crystallization of Confined Ions: Phase Transitions, Normal Modes, and Experiments
7 Jan 2000 Nuclear Physics, The Core of Matter, The Fuel of Stars
21 Sep 2007  Perspectives on Nuclear Physics over the Past 100 Years
9 Sep 2011 100th Anniversary of the Nucleus
Darek Seweryniak, ANL Physics Div. 5 Mar 2010 Exploration of Exotic Nuclei with Gammasphere and the Fragment Mass Analyzer
Peter Sigmund, Odense U. & ANL Physics Div.21 Oct 1988 Barkas Effect in Stopping of Charged Particles
18 Jan 1991 Cluster Bombardment of Solids; Cluster Fusion?
Steve Southworth, ANL Physics Div. 5 Jan 1996 Atomic X-Ray Physics Using Synchrotron Radiation

Isao Tanihata, ANL Physics Div.16 Apr 2004 A New View of Nuclear Structure: Studies with Radioactive Ion Beams in Japan

Zeev Vager, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div. 2 Oct 1981 A controversy - are there quantum mechanical limits on the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors?
1 Nov 1985 New Progress in the Detection of Gravitational Radiation
5 Dec 1986 Molecular Structure Determination by the Coulomb-Explosion Method

Harry Weerts, High Energy ANL Physics Div.10 Nov 2006  The US Particle Physics Roadmap
Barry Wicklund, High Energy ANL Physics Div.18 Jan 2008  Flavor Physics and The Strange Beauty Clock
Robert Wiringa, ANL Physics Div.29 Mar 1985 Quantum Liquid Drops
3 Nov 1989 Nuclear Many-Body Theory: from Deuterons to Neutron Stars
12 Sep 1997 Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations for Light Nuclei
8 Mar 2002 Nuclear Forces and the Destiny of the Universe
5 Feb 2010 American Physical Society 2010 Tom W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics talk: Nuclear Forces and the Universe
27 Mar 2015 Twenty years with the Argonne v18 potential
Alan Wuosmaa, ANL Physics Div.23 Feb 1996 Recent Advances in the Study of Nuclear Clusters
15 Sep 2000 This Just In ... - Very Recent Results from RHIC

Ross Young, ANL Physics Div. 5 Dec 2008  Strange quark currents in the electromagnetic structure of the nucleon


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