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Experimental Nuclear Physics

5 Sep 1980 Paul Kienle, Munich, Positron production from 1.4 GeV U-U collisions

9 Oct 1992 Fritz Bosch, GSI, First Observation of Bound-State Beta-Decay
23 Oct 1992 Stuart J. Freedman, ANL Physics Div., Search for the 17-keV Neutrino

10 Dec 1993 Donald F. Geesaman, ANL Physics Div., Nuclear Physics at Multi-GeV Hadron Facilities
11 Mar 1994 Ralph E. Segel, Northwestern U., High Momentum Transfer Reactions: Past and Present
20 May 1994 R. Russell Betts, ANL Physics Div., Positron Production in Heavy Ion Collisions - Current Status of the Problem

24 Oct 1995 Peter Armbruster, GSI, Fusion and Fission - A Fountain of New Isotopes and Elements
19 Jan 1996 William R. Phillips, U. of Manchester, Shape Features in Neutron-rich Fission Fragments
2 Feb 1996 Cary N. Davids, ANL Physics Div., New Heavy Proton Emitters - Probing Nuclear Structure at the Drip Line

25 Oct 1996 John D'Auria, Simon Fraser U., Research with Radioactive Beams at TRIUMF
7 Feb 1997 Haiyan Gao, ANL Physics Div., First Results from TJNAF
16 May 1997 Harold E. Jackson, Jr., ANL Physics Div., HERMES, A New Approach to Nucleon Spin Studies

23 Jan 1998 Hans-Otto Meyer, Indiana U., The Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction, Studied With Cooled Beams
13 Feb 1998 Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., Experiments with Radioactive Beams - Studying Stellar Explosions in the Laboratory
6 Mar 1998 Augusto O. Macchiavelli, LBNL, Magnetic Rotation From a Different Perspective

11 Sep 1998 Donald Clayton, Clemson U., Nuclear Astrophysics with Presolar Grains
18 Dec 1998 Thomas Kirk, BNL, RHIC Physics and Facility - A Golden Era Ahead
22 Jan 1999 Yau Wah, U. of Chicago, Symmetry and Conservation Laws: New Results from Kaon and Pion Decays
29 Jan 1999 Kim Lister, ANL Physics Div., Gammasphere at Argonne: The Device Moved But Did The Physics?
5 Feb 1999 Kees de Jager, Jefferson Lab., Highlights of the Hall A Research Program at Jefferson Lab
12 Feb 1999 Tom O'Neill, ANL Physics Div., Are Virtual Particles Real?
12 Mar 1999 Elizabeth J. Beise, U. of Maryland, New Results from JLAB on the Electromagnetic Structure of the Deuteron
16 Apr 1999 Alex Dzierba, Indiana U., Mesons with Unusual Quantum Numbers and Gluonic Excitations

29 Oct 1999 Walter Henning, ANL Physics Div., Going Away from Stability
5 Nov 1999 Victor Ninov, LBNL, Status and Perspectives of Super Heavy-Element Research

8 Sep 2000 Roy Holt, ANL Physics Div., Illuminating the Deuteron at Jefferson Lab
15 Sep 2000 Alan Wuosmaa, ANL Physics Div., This Just In ... - Very Recent Results from RHIC
13 Oct 2000 Brad Sherrill, Michigan State U., Nuclear Structure Studies at RIA
9 Mar 2001 Vladimir M. Lobashev, Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Science, Direct Search for Mass of Neutrino in Semileptonic Decays - Study of Beta-spectrum of Tritium
6 Apr 2001 Volker Burkert, Jefferson Lab., Nucleon Microscopy with CLAS at Jefferson Lab
19 Apr 2001 Lawrence Cardman, Jefferson Lab, CEBAF @ Jefferson Lab: Recent Results and Plans for the Future

12 Oct 2001 Walt Loveland, Oregon State U., Synthetic Paths to the Heaviest Elements
2 Nov 2001  Charles Perdrisat, College of William and Mary, Proton Form Factor Measurements at Jefferson Lab
11 Jan 2002 Harold Jackson, ANL Physics Div., HERMES and the Spin of the Proton
18 Jan 2002  Thomas Glasmacher, Michigan State U., Exploring light neutron-rich atomic nuclei with fast beams of rare isotopes
25 Jan 2002  Henry Weller, Duke U., Nuclear Physics at the Duke FEL gamma-ray source
22 Feb 2002 Jean-Michel Poutissou, TRIUMF, The initial science program of ISAC, the Canadian Isotope Accelerator
29 Mar 2002 Steve Elliott, U. of Washington, Double Beta Decay: Is the Neutrino Mass Within Reach?
12 Apr 2002 Krishna Kumar, U. of Massachusetts, Strange, New Physics with Parity-Violating Electron Scattering
26 Apr 2002 Rick Casten, Yale U., Critical Point Symmetries in Nuclei
17 May 2002 Bradley Filippone, CalTech, What's So Cool About Ultra-Cold Neutrons?

22 Nov 2002 >Walter Kutschera, U. of Vienna, Isotope Studies of the Alpine Iceman Oetzi
20 Dec 2002 Yuri Oganessian , Flerov Lab. of Nuclear Reactions, JINR, Dubna, Russia, Heaviest Nuclei Close to the "Islands of Stability" of Superheavy Elements
28 Feb 2003 Phil Woods, U. of Edinburgh, Nuclei Beyond the Proton Drip-Line
11 Apr 2003  Hendrik Schatz, Michigan State U., Cosmic Fireworks and Radioactive Beams

19 Sep 2003  Rolf Ent, Jefferson Lab., The Science Driving the Jefferson Lab 12-GeV Upgrade
16 Apr 2004 Isao Tanihata, ANL Physics Div., A New View of Nuclear Structure: Studies with Radioactive Ion Beams in Japan
23 Apr 2004 Geoffrey L. Greene, U. of Tennessee, Parity Violation, Time Reversal, and the NeutronÂ…New Physics Opportunities at the Spallation Neutron Source
30 Apr 2004 Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., 'Per aspera ad astra' - Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams

3 Dec 2004 John D'Auria, Simon Fraser U., Canada, Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics at the ISAC Radioactive Beams Laboratory Using the DRAGON Facility
18 Mar 2005 Peter Armbruster, GSI, Nuclides Galore: Spallation revisited in inverse kinematics.
1 Apr 2005 Roy Holt, ANL Physics Div., Many facets of the deuteron

6 Jan 2006 Guy Savard, ANL Physics Div., High-Precision Mass Measurements, Vud , and the Status of the CKM Unitarity
3 Feb 2006 Michael Thoennessen, Michigan State U., Exploring the Neutron Dripline with MoNA
10 Feb 2006 Augusto O. Macchiavelli, LBNL, Gammasphere: the First Ten Years
10 Mar 2006 Michael Paul, Hebrew U., Laboratory View on Extinct Radioactivities, Galactic Radioactivities and Star Dust

15 Dec 2006  Robert Tribble, Texas A&M U., Stellar Evolution: A Nuclear Physics Perspective

16 Nov 2007  Peter Mueller, ANL Physics Div., Simple Atoms, Extreme Nuclei: Laser Spectroscopy of 6He and 8He
25 Apr 2008  Stephan Paul, Technische Universität München, Origin and Structure of the Universe: The Neutron's Point of View

20 Nov 2009  Hugh Montgomery, Jefferson Lab., Exploring the Nature of Matter: Jefferson Lab and its plans
22 Jan 2010  Richard J. Furnstahl , The Ohio State U., Density Functional Theory for Atomic Nuclei
5 Mar 2010 Darek Seweryniak, ANL Physics Div., Exploration of Exotic Nuclei with Gammasphere and the Fragment Mass Analyzer
26 Mar 2010  Bradley M. Sherrill, Michigan State U., Designer Nuclei: A New Tool with New Applications
30 Apr 2010 Elizabeth Ricard-McCutchan, ANL Physics Div., Imagining Nuclei: Real time tests of ab-initio calculations
28 May 2010  Yuri Oganessian, Dubna, Heaviest Nuclei

1 Oct 2010  Klaus Blaum, Max and Planck and Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Precision Penning Trap Experiments with Stored and Cooled Exotic Ions
15 Oct 2010 I-Yang Lee, LBNL, GRETINA: A gamma-ray energy tracking array
21 Jan 2011 Jens Dilling, TRIUMF and U. of British Columbia, TITAN and the nuclear physics program at ISAC
15 Apr 2011 Berta Rubio, U. Valencia, Spain, Total Absorption Spectroscopy, a remedy against "Pandemonium"

9 Mar 2012 Fred Wietfeldt, Tulane U., Precision Neutron Scattering Length Measurements Using Neutron Interferometry

21 Sep 2012 Geoffrey Greene, ORNL & U. Tennessee, Knoxville, The Neutron Lifetime
8 Mar 2013  Haiyan Gao, Duke U., Durham NC, New searches on parity and time-reversal symmetry violating quantities or interactions

18 Feb 2014  Klaus Blaum, Heidelberg, Fundamental tests of nature with cooled and stored exotic ions
2 May 2014  Peter Ostroumov, ANL Physics Div., Accelerator Perspectives for Nuclear Physics
9 May 2014 Nadia Fomin, U. of Tennessee, Nuclear Physics with Neutrons in Tennessee

6 Mar 2015  Eric Dahl, Northwestern U., The Hunt for Dark Matter, or things that go bump in the detector
27 Mar 2015  Robert Wiringa, ANL Physics Div., Twenty years with the Argonne v18 potential


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