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27 Mar 1981 R. M. Williams, ANL Radiological and Enviornmental Research, Interdisciplinary research at ANL/RER (or: when is the next EKOS pleasure cruise?)
1 May 1981 W. Brandt, NYU, Plasmas, particles and wakes

29 Oct 1982 C. Till, ANL Applied Physics Div., The outlook for breeder reactors today

16 Dec 1983 Alan Schriesheim, ANL OTD, Some Thoughts on Long Range Research
17 Feb 1984 Max Dresden, SUNY, Stony Brook, The Role of Courage in Theoretical Physics

28 Sep 1984 Stan Cohen, Speakeasy Computing Corp., Experiences of a Physicist Turned Entrepeneur
18 Jan 1985 Jeremiah Sullivan, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Technology and Arms Control Issues of the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)

10 Jan 1986 G. T. Emery, Indiana U., The Literature of Physics
28 Mar 1986 John W. Firor, NCAR, Atmospheric Effects and Soaring

21 Nov 1986 H. Drucker & B. R. T. Frost, ANL OTD, Technology Transfer at Argonne National Laboratory
27 Feb 1987 Ashton Carter, Harvard U., Technical Aspects of the Military Use of Space

3 Jun 1988 Anthony French, MIT, Taking a New Look at Introductory Physics at the University Level

7 Apr 1989 Alexander DeVolpi, ANL RAS Div., Radiation Detection for Arms Control Verification: Far-out Schemes

5 Jan 1990 Howard Goldberg, U. of Illinois, Chicago, Integrating Math and Science in Elementary Schools: an Approach to Science Literacy
23 Mar 1990 Joe Redish, U. of Maryland, How the Microcomputer Changes the Way We Teach Physics

22 Feb 1991 Thomas D. Rossing, Northern Illinois U. & ANL Materials Components Technology Div., Some Perspectives on Physics Teaching

20 Mar 1992 Paul J. Persiani, ANL Engineering Physics Div., The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty Process and Non-Proliferation Problems

22 Jan 1993 Frank von Hippel, Princeton U., Next Steps in Nuclear Disarmament

17 Dec 1993 Paul H. Rutherford, Princeton U., The Status of Magnetic Confinement Fusion
8 Apr 1994 Michail Zak, JPL, Nondeterministic-Dynamics Approach to Neural Intelligence
15 Apr 1994 Gary Davidoff, ANL Technical Information Services, A Scientist's Tour of the Internet

30 Sep 1994 Ernest Malamud, SciTech and Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Using Hands-On Science Centers to Expose the General Public to the Microworld
24 Feb 1995 Yoon I. Chang, ANL Engineering Research Div., The Status of the Redirected Nuclear R&D Activities at Argonne
15 Mar 1995 Charles Bennett, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Quantum Information Theory, Cryptography, and Computation

1 Dec 1995 Madhusree Mukerjee, Scientific American, Probing the Real World

21 Feb 1997 Gerald T. Garvey, LANL, Selected Topics in US Federal Science Policy 94-96
7 Mar 1997 Richard L. Garwin, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Disposal of Excess Weapon Plutonium and Uranium: What do we know and when will we do it?

30 Jan 1998 Jeffrey S. Gaffney, ANL Environmental Research Div., Megacity Photochemical Air Pollution and Oxygenated Fuels: PANhandling in the Americas
6 Feb 1998 Frank von Hippel, Princeton U., Taking Nuclear Weapons Off Hair-Trigger Alert
13 Mar 1998 Anton Zeilinger, Universitat Innsbruck, Quantum Teleportation and the Nature of Information

7 Jan 2000 John Schiffer, ANL Physics Div., Nuclear Physics, The Core of Matter, The Fuel of Stars
3 Mar 2000 Richard Wilson, Harvard U., Hormesis, Low Dose Linearity and the Nuclear Industry
23 Jun 2000 Theodore Postol, MIT, Scientific Fraud in the US National Missile Defense Program

1 Dec 2000 Gordon Baym, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Hanbury Brown and Twiss Intensity Interferometry: From Stars to Nuclear Collisions to Atoms
8 Dec 2000 Susan Landau, Sun Microsystems Labs., Cryptology: Technology and Policy

24 May 2002 Harvey Drucker, Argonne National Lab, The New Approach to Dealing with Terrorism: Asymmetric Warfare.

20 Sep 2002 Alan Nathan, U. of Illinois, Urbana, The Physics of Hitting a Home Run
17 Jan 2003 Kenneth M. Kemner, ANL Environmental Research Div., Using High-Energy X-ray Physics to Address Environmental Science Problems

17 Oct 2003 Robert L. Park, American Physical Society and U. of Maryland, Being there: the Rise of the Virtual Astronaut
19 Dec 2003 Charles Falco,, U. of Arizona, The Science of Optics; The History of Art
9 Jan 2004 Howard Georgi, Harvard U., Women and the Future of Physics
13 Feb 2004 Mitio Inokuti, ANL Physics Div., The Lindau Meeting

12 Apr 2005 Robert McKeown, CalTech, High-energy Particle Astrophysics Research in K-12 Schools
6 May 2005 Lillian Hoddeson, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Pushing Frontiers in Particle Physics: The Powers and Paradoxes of Megascience
3 Jun 2005 Kate Kirby, Harvard, Ethics issues in the practice of Physics

7 Oct 2005  Robert Lang, Alamo, Ca, From Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes: The Modern Science of Origami
16 Jun 2006 Michael S. Lubell, City U. of New York & The American Physical Society, Science on a National Agenda: the Road Forward

15 Sep 2006  Sidney Nagel, U. of Chicago, Breaking Away, Selective Withdrawal and Islets in the Stream: The Role of Singularities in Fluid Flow
10 Nov 2006  Harry Weerts, High Energy ANL Physics Div., The US Particle Physics Roadmap
17 Nov 2006  Clive R. Neal, U. of Notre Dame, The Need for and Challenges of Installing a Global Lunar Seismic Network: The Notre Dame-led LuSeN Mission
13 Apr 2007  Young-Kee Kim, U. of Chicago and Fermi National Accelerator Lab., E=mc2 Opening Windows on the World

10 Oct 2008  Rajat Mittal, The George Washington U., Computational Modeling and Analysis of the Fluid Dynamics of Competitive Swimming

12 Mar 2010  George W. Crabtree, ANL Materials Science Div., The Sustainable Energy Challenge

8 Oct 2010  David J. Dean, DOE Office of the Under Secretary for Science, Advancing Simulations for Science and Innovation
7 Jan 2011  James Kakalios, U. of Minnesota, The Uncanny Physics of Superhero Comic Books

10 Feb 2012 Paul Debevec, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Understanding the Energy Challenge: Science, Technology, Economics and Policy

5 Apr 2013  Steven E. Koonin, New York U., New York, NY, The Promise of Urban Science
24 May 2013  Peter J. Lu, Harvard U., Modern math in medieval Islamic architecture
7 Jun 2013  Francesca Casadio, Art Institute of Chicago, State of the Art: Probing Complexity in Paint

18 Oct 2013 Don Geesaman, ANL Physics Div., Nuclear Physics Serving Society
28 Mar 2014  Paul Steinhardt, Princeton U., Once Upon a Time in Kamchatka: The Extraordinary Search for Natural Quasicrystals
20 Jun 2014  Zeev Vager, Weizmann Institute of Science, Molecular Handedness with Don Gemmell

3 Oct 2014  José Francisco Salgado, Adler Planetarium, Science, Symphony, and the Northern Lights
17 Oct 2014  Mark A. Berhow, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Peoria, Illinois, Missiles in Chicago's Backyards: The US Army Nike Missile Defense System of 1950-1975
20 Feb 2015  Peter Littlewood, Lab. Director, ANL National Lab., Physics of Sustainability
8 May 2015  Paul Ginsparg, Cornell U., At a Physics/InfoSci Intersection

13 Nov 2015  Don Geesaman, ANL Physics Div., Reaching for the Horizon: The 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan


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