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Geophysics & Weather

31 Jan 1986 Peter Black, National Hurricane Center, Hurricanes
28 Mar 1986 John W. Firor, NCAR, Atmospheric Effects and Soaring

19 Sep 1986 Frank Asaro, LBNL, Asteroid or Comet Impacts and Massive Extinctions of Life on Earth
9 Jan 1987 William Zoller, U. of Washington, The Hawaiian Volcanoes
20 Mar 1987 Arlin J. Krueger, Goddard Space Flight Center, The Formation of the Antarctic Ozone Hole

5 Nov 1987 Ferol Fish, Gas Research Institute, The Deep Drilling Experiment in the Siljan Ring of Sweden
27 May 1988 Wallace Broeker, Columbia U., Are Glaciations Terminated by Reorganization of the Ocean- Atmosphere System?

9 Sep 1988 Richard G. Gordon, Northwestern U., Paleomagnetism, Plate Tectonics and Polar Wander
11 Nov 1988 Carlos Aiken, U. of Texas at Dallas, Geophysical Search for non-Newtonian Gravity
28 Apr 1989 Robert Wilhelmson, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Storms, Supercomputing, and Visualization

11 May 1990 Clifford Matthews, U. of Illinois, Chicago, Cosmochemistry and the Origin of Life

25 Jan 1991 Thomas H. Jordan, MIT, Quiet Earthquakes and Earthquake Prediction
8 Mar 1991 Syukuro Manabe, Princeton U., Studies of Greenhouse Warming Using Climate Models

20 Nov 1992 Robert M. Chervin, NCAR, Global Climate Modeling: Status and Prospects

6 May 1994 Ruth Reck, ANL Environmental Research Div., Global Climate Change

5 Apr 1996 W. David Rust, NOAA/National Severe Storms Lab., The Electrical Structure of Thunderstorms

23 May 1997 Gary Glatzmaier, LANL, 3D Numerical Simulations of the Geodynamo: Magnetic Field Reversals and the Rotation of the Earth's Inner Core

28 Jan 2000 John M. Goodkind, U. California, San Diego, Using Superconductivity to Measure Slow Changes in Gravity
25 Feb 2000 Mark Kasevich, Yale U., Atom Interferometers as Inertial Force Sensors

1 Mar 2002 Don Wuebbles, U. of Illinois, Achieving a Sustainable Climate: Issues, Impacts, and Resolution

30 Jan 2004 Zheng-tian Lu, ANL Physics Div., Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Egypt
2 Apr 2004 Robert M. Key, Princeton U., A Global Ocean Carbon Climatology: Results from GLODAP

7 Jan 2005 Jeffrey S. Gaffney, Argonne National Lab., Mexico City Revisited: Natural Radioactivity, Ammonia, and Black Carbon Measurements in April 2003
9 Feb 2005 Emile A. Okal, Northwestern U., Tsunamis: Warning, detecting, simulating, chasing

5 May 2006 Roland LaForge, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Seismic Hazard Characterization - A Brief History

14 Oct 2008  Inez Fung, U. of California at Berkeley, The Warming Will Accelerate the Warming

4 Dec 2009  Kevin E. Trenberth, NCAR, Boulder, CO, An update on climate change: Global warming coming ready or not!
2 Apr 2010  Russell J. Hemley, Geophysical Lab., Carnegie Institution of Washington, Materials, Energy, and Extreme Environments

11 May 2012  Meredith Nettles, Columbia U., Geophysical Constraints on Glacial Earthquakes and Glacier Dynamics in Greenland

22 Mar 2013  William Happer, Princeton U., Why Has Global Warming Paused?
17 May 2013  Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, U. of Chicago, The physics of climate sensitivity

28 Feb 2014  Zheng-Tian Lu, ANL Physics Div., Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Global Groundwater

12 Feb 2016  Cliff Frohlich, U. of Texas, Human-caused earthquakes in Texas and the world: All alike, and all different


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