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19 Dec 1980 G. LaRue, Stanford, Observation of fractional charge on matter
10 Apr 1981 A. Benade, Case, Wall Material Effects on wind instruments' sound production

2 Nov 1984 Walter Kutschera, ANL Physics Div., Dating and Mass Spectrometry with Acccelerators
7 Dec 1984 Robert Mark, Princeton U., The Physics of Gothic Cathedrals
15 Mar 1985 Joseph P. Allen, NASA, Satellite Retrieval: An Example of a Two-body (Inelastic) Scattering Problem
7 Aug 1985 A. E. Litherland, U. of Toronto, 14C Dating and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)

28 Mar 1986 John W. Firor, NCAR, Atmospheric Effects and Soaring

16 Sep 1988 G. Michael Morris, U. of Rochester, Pattern Recognition with Photon-Limited Images
24 Feb 1989 Douglas Donahue, U. of Arizona, Radiocarbon Dating with Accelerators: Methods and Applications

16 Nov 1990 Walter Kutschera, ANL Physics Div., Searching in the Dark: The Quest for Hypothetical Particles
15 Mar 1991 Lee Grodzins, MIT, Nuclear Techniques for Finding Chemical Explosives in Airport Luggage
12 Apr 1991 Richard A. Webb, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Low Temperature Physics as an Aid for the Quantum Mechanic

4 Dec 1992 Ugo Fano, U. of Chicago, A Common Mechanism of Collective Phenomena
30 Apr 1993 Kenneth Evenson, NIST, Boulder CO, The Final Measurement of the Speed of Light
28 May 1993 Dana Z. Anderson, U. of Colorado & JILA, Adaptation, Decision Making and Self-Organization in Holographic Optical Systems

5 Nov 1993 Gary Taubes, Contributing Correspondent, Science Magazine, Bad Science, The Short Life and Weird Times of Cold Fusion
21 Jan 1994 David K. Campbell, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Nonlinear Science: From Paradigms to Practicalities

1 Dec 1995 Madhusree Mukerjee, Scientific American, Probing the Real World

28 Jan 2000 John M. Goodkind, U. California, San Diego, Using Superconductivity to Measure Slow Changes in Gravity
25 Feb 2000 Mark Kasevich, Yale U., Atom Interferometers as Inertial Force Sensors

8 Feb 2002 Tom Witten, U. of Chicago, Generalized crumpling: how smooth forces make sharp structures.

20 Sep 2002 Alan Nathan, U. of Illinois, Urbana, The Physics of Hitting a Home Run

17 Oct 2003 Robert L. Park, American Physical Society and U. of Maryland, Being there: the Rise of the Virtual Astronaut
19 Dec 2003 Charles Falco,, U. of Arizona, The Science of Optics; The History of Art
27 Feb 2004 Spencer Wells, National Geographic Society, The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
21 May 2004 Al Seckel, CalTech, The World's Most Powerful Illusions: An Interactive Journey Through Your Mind's Eye

22 Oct 2004 Robert Geroch, U. of Chicago, Faster than light?
7 Dec 2004 Douglas D. Osheroff, Stanford U., Understanding the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident
7 Jan 2005 Jeffrey S. Gaffney, Argonne National Lab., Mexico City Revisited: Natural Radioactivity, Ammonia, and Black Carbon Measurements in April 2003

17 Feb 2006  Arlene Lennox, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Neutrons Against Cancer
24 Mar 2006  Michael Peshkin, Northwestern U., Kinesthetically Linked Dyads: Are Two Motor-Control Systems Better Than One?

15 Sep 2006  Sidney Nagel, U. of Chicago, Breaking Away, Selective Withdrawal and Islets in the Stream: The Role of Singularities in Fluid Flow
30 Mar 2007  Neil Shubin, U. of Chicago, Discovering a Link Between Fish and Limbed Animals: The Story of Tiktaalik roseae
13 Apr 2007  Young-Kee Kim, U. of Chicago and Fermi National Accelerator Lab., E=mc2 Opening Windows on the World

14 Oct 2008  Inez Fung, U. of California at Berkeley, The Warming Will Accelerate the Warming
3 Apr 2009  Alain Haché, Université de Moncton, Ice Hockey Seen Through the Lens of Physics

3 Dec 2010  Michael J. North, ANL Decision and Information Sciences Div., Introduction to Agent-based Modeling and Simulation
7 Jan 2011  James Kakalios, U. of Minnesota, The Uncanny Physics of Superhero Comic Books

9 Sep 2011  John P. Schiffer, ANL Physics Div., 100th Anniversary of the Nucleus
30 Sep 2011  Daniel Baker, U of Colorado, The Impacts of Space Weather on Society and the Economy
11 Nov 2011 Jeffrey S. Hangst, Aarhus U., Trapped Antihydrogen - Stable, Neutral Antimatter
16 Dec 2011  Timothy Gay, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, Football Physics

14 Sep 2012  Heinrich Jaeger, U. of Chicago, Dynamically Jammed Liquids: A New Perspective on Shear Thickening of Dense Suspensions
19 Oct 2012  Allan Franklin, U. Colorado, Boulder, CO, Experiment, Then and Now
14 Dec 2012  Chris Greene, Purdue U., Universal few-body states related to Efimov physics: 3, 4, and 5 particles, and beyond
25 Jan 2013  Jun Ye, JILA and U. Colorado, Boulder, CO, Precision metrology and many-body quantum physics
1 Feb 2013  Holger Müller, U. California, Berkeley, Matter-wave Clocks
5 Apr 2013  Steven E. Koonin, New York U., New York, NY, The Promise of Urban Science

18 Oct 2013 Don Geesaman, ANL Physics Div., Nuclear Physics Serving Society
7 Mar 2014  Larry Weinstein, Old Dominion U., Guesstimation: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin
28 Mar 2014  Paul Steinhardt, Princeton U., Once Upon a Time in Kamchatka: The Extraordinary Search for Natural Quasicrystals
16 May 2014  William Noel, U. of Pennsylvania, EUREKA! The Archimedes Palimpsest
20 Jun 2014  Zeev Vager, Weizmann Institute of Science, Molecular Handedness with Don Gemmell

3 Oct 2014  José Francisco Salgado, Adler Planetarium, Science, Symphony, and the Northern Lights
20 Feb 2015  Peter Littlewood, Lab. Director, ANL National Lab., Physics of Sustainability
24 Apr 2015  Ramille Shah, Northwestern U., Expanding the Material Toolbox for 3D Printing: From Biomedical to Energy Applications
8 May 2015  Paul Ginsparg, Cornell U., At a Physics/InfoSci Intersection


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