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Fundamental Physics & General Relativity

2 Oct 1981 Zeev Vager, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div., A controversy - are there quantum mechanical limits on the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors?
9 Oct 1981 D. Ayers, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Are protons forever?
7 May 1982 Stuart J. Freedman, ANL Physics Div., Quantum Mechanics, Reality and All That

17 Sep 1982 K. Huang, MIT, Why is the electron so light?
15 Oct 1982 H. Hill, Arizona, Testing general relativity - a helio-seismological determination of the gravitational quadrupole moment of the sun

19 Oct 1984 Yoichiro Nambu, U. of Chicago, Fermion-boson Relations in BCS-type Theories
14 Dec 1984 James Cronin, U. of Chicago, CP Violation: What Have We Learned in Twenty Years?

1 Nov 1985 Zeev Vager, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div., New Progress in the Detection of Gravitational Radiation
7 Feb 1986 David Albert, U. of South Carolina, Some New Kinds of Quantum Mechanical Measurements

7 Nov 1986 Norman Ramsey, U. of Colorado, Experiments is Time Reversal Symmetry and Parity
3 Apr 1987 R. E. Slusher, Bell Labs., Squeezed States: Silent Light and its Applications
15 May 1987 Eric Adelberger, U. of Washington, Search for New Interactions Weaker than Gravity: Is there a Fifth Force?

20 Nov 1987 Peter Thieberger, BNL, Possible Evidence for a Fifth Force

11 Nov 1988 Carlos Aiken, U. of Texas at Dallas, Geophysical Search for non-Newtonian Gravity
20 Jan 1989 Murray Peshkin, ANL Physics Div., What Did We Learn from the Aharonov-Bohm Effect?
3 Mar 1989 Carl E. Wieman, U. of Colorado, Parity Nonconservation in Atoms: Nuclear Spin Dependent Effects

19 Jan 1990 Helmut Rauch, Atominstitut der Osterreichischen Universitaten, The Neutron Interferometer as a Quantum and Measuring Device

5 Oct 1990 Samuel A. Werner, University of Missouri, Neutron Interferometric Measurement of the Topological Aharonov-Casher Phase Shift
12 Oct 1990 John J. Bollinger, NIST, Atomic Physics Tests of Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
15 Feb 1991 Clifford M. Will, Washington U., General Relativity at 75: How Right Was Einstein?
1 Mar 1991 Rainer Weiss, MIT, Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
19 Apr 1991 Roger A. Hegstrom, Wake Forest U., Handed Electrons, Atoms, and Molecules
17 May 1991 Wojciech Zurek, LANL, Quantum, Classical and the Environment
21 Jun 1991 Harry Lipkin, Weizmann Institute of Science, The Clock Paradox in Quantum Tunnelling: Is the Twin Who Tunnels Through the Mountain Older or Younger Than His Brother

23 Sep 1991 Harry Lipkin, Weizmann Institute of Science, Applications of Quantum Mechanics and Isospin, CP, and CPT Symmetries to Experimental Tests of CP Violation in B Decays

18 Jun 1993 Robert L. Jaffe, MIT, Novel Quantum Phenomena in Twisting Tubes

25 Aug 1995 Boris Kayser, National Science Foundation, CP Violation, Beauty, and Quantum Mechanics

4 Nov 1996 Michael Berry, Bristol U., Chaos and Classical Limits
4 Apr 1997 Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT, Atoms Behave as Waves: Bose-Einstein Condensation and the Atom Laser
9 May 1997 Rolf Landauer, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Information is Physical

13 Mar 1998 Anton Zeilinger, Universitat Innsbruck, Quantum Teleportation and the Nature of Information

23 Oct 1998 Eric Adelberger, U. of Washington, A New Look at Einstein's Equivalence Principle
22 Jan 1999 Yau Wah, U. of Chicago, Symmetry and Conservation Laws: New Results from Kaon and Pion Decays
12 Feb 1999 Tom O'Neill, ANL Physics Div., Are Virtual Particles Real?
19 Feb 1999 Cosmas Zachos, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Quantum Mechanics Lives and Works in Phase Space
28 May 1999 Sheldon Goldstein, Rutgers U., Quantum Theory Without Observers

1 Oct 1999 Wai-Yee Keung, U. of Illinois, Chicago, CP Violation: A Window to See New Physics
14 Jan 2000 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard U., Observing the Quantum Limit of an Electron Cyclotron: QND Measurements of Quantum Jumps Between Fock States

15 Dec 2000 Robert Wald, U. of Chicago, Black Holes, Thermodynamics, and the `Information Paradox'
19 Jan 2001 Jens Gundlach, U. of Washington, Big G and Gravity Close Up
11 May 2001 Paul Kwiat, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Entangled Photons for Quantum Information: 101 Uses for a Schroedinger Kitten-Embryo
15 Jun 2001 Gabriel Karl, U. of Guelph, Quantum Variations and Least Action Principles for Pedestrians

9 Nov 2001  Philip Mannheim, U. of Connecticut, Gravitationally Induced Quantum Interference
8 Feb 2002 Tom Witten, U. of Chicago, Generalized crumpling: how smooth forces make sharp structures.
7 Jun 2002  Sam Finn, Penn State U., Gravitational Wave Phenomenology

27 Sep 2002 J. David Jackson, UC Berkeley and LBNL, Historical Roots of Gauge Invariance
1 Nov 2002  David DeMille, Yale U., Tabletop probes for TeV physics: searches for the electric dipole moment of the electron
10 Jan 2003 Valery Nesvizhevsky, Institute Laue and Langevin, France, Quantum states of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field
21 Mar 2003 J. Murray Gibson, ANL OTD, Music, Fourier and Wave-Particle Duality
23 May 2003  Shoucheng Zhang, Stanford U., Can Relativity be an Emergent Principle?
30 May 2003  Scott Thomas, Stanford U., High Energy Colliders as Black Hole Factories: The End of Short Distance Physics

5 Sep 2003 Jainendra K. Jain, Pennsylvania State U., The role of analogy in unraveling the fractional quantum Hall effect mystery
16 Jan 2004 Barry Barish,, CalTech, Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves
28 May 2004 Lee Smolin, Waterloo, Canada, Loop Quantum Gravity

22 Oct 2004 Robert Geroch, U. of Chicago, Faster than light?
5 Nov 2004 Raman Sundrum, Johns Hopkins U., The Superworld, The Braneworld, and Our World
12 Nov 2004 Jennie Traschen, U. of Massachusetts, Black Holes and Thermodynamics
25 Feb 2005 Seth Lloyd, MIT, Fundamental limits to measuring space and time

9 Sep 2005  David Campbell, Boston U., From Fermi Pasta Ulam (FPU) to Intrinsic Localized Modes (ILMs)
16 Sep 2005  Dmitry Budker, U. of California, Berkeley, Crossing the P's (and T's) and Dotting the α: an Update on Fundamental-Symmetry Tests at Berkeley.
2 Dec 2005 Blayne Heckel, U. of Washington, Testing the Gravitational Inverse Square Law at Sub-Millimeter Distances
9 Dec 2005  Victor Flambaum, U. of New South Wales, Parity and Time Reversal Violation in Atoms and Nuclei and Tests of the Standard Model
26 May 2006  Matthew Strassler, U. of Washington, Magical Metamorphoses: Duality in Quantum Theory

26 Jan 2007  Michael Romalis, Princeton U., Atomic Magnetometers for Fundamental Physics and Applications
6 Apr 2007  Krishna Kumar, U. of Massachusetts, Electrons and Mirror Symmetry

15 Feb 2008  Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State U., Gravity, Geometry and the Quantum
29 Feb 2008  Savdeep Sethi, U. of Chicago, Time and String Theory

9 Jan 2009  Daniel R. Stinebring, Oberlin College, Detecting Gravitational Waves with Pulsars
13 Feb 2009  Dragan Huterer, U. of Michigan, Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe
6 Mar 2009  Blayne Heckel, U. of Washington, Recent Results from a Search for the EDM of 199Hg
20 Mar 2009  Yanbei Chen, CalTech, Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
10 Apr 2009  Subir Sachdev, Harvard U., Quantum Criticality and Black Holes

2 Oct 2009  Stuart J. Freedman, U. of California at Berkeley and LBNL, Oscillating Neutrinos and Oscillating Decay Probabilities
15 Jan 2010 Craig Hogan, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Holographic Noise in Michelson Interferometers: a Direct Experimental Probe of Unification at the Planck Scale
7 May 2010  Philip Kim, Columbia U., Relativistic Quantum Physics at Your Pencil Tips: Dirac Fermion in Graphitic Carbon
14 May 2010  David Wineland, NIST Physics Lab., Quantum Computers and Raising Schrödinger's Cat

18 Feb 2011 Scott Ransom, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Basic Physics with Millisecond Pulsars

2 Dec 2011  C.W. Francis Everitt, Stanford U., Frame-Dragging, Cryogenics, and Space: The Gravity Probe B Experiment

16 Nov 2012  Susan Gardner, U. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, Dark Matter in a Weakly Coupled Universe
14 Dec 2012  Chris Greene, Purdue U., Universal few-body states related to Efimov physics: 3, 4, and 5 particles, and beyond
25 Jan 2013  Jun Ye, JILA and U. Colorado, Boulder, CO, Precision metrology and many-body quantum physics
1 Feb 2013  Holger Müller, U. California, Berkeley, Matter-wave Clocks
8 Mar 2013  Haiyan Gao, Duke U., Durham NC, New searches on parity and time-reversal symmetry violating quantities or interactions
19 Apr 2013  Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard U., First Precision Measurement of the Antiproton Magnetic Moment
26 Apr 2013  Stacy McGaugh, Case Western Reserve, Modified Gravity as a Possible Approach to the Missing Mass Problem
10 May 2013  Gerald Gwinner, U. of Manitoba, Fundamental symmetry tests with cooled atoms: From Lorentz invariance to parity

22 Nov 2013  Lisa Kaufman, Indiana U., Back to the Salt Mines: The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Xe-136
10 Jan 2014  Ian Spielman, NIST & U. of Maryland, Gauge Fields with Cold Atoms

6 Feb 2015  Keith Schwab, Caltech, Look, but don't touch: mechanically detecting and evading the quantum fluctuations of a microwave field
6 Mar 2015  Eric Dahl, Northwestern U., The Hunt for Dark Matter, or things that go bump in the detector
15 May 2015  Ana Maria Rey, JILA, NIST and U. of Colorado, Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers

8 Jan 2016  Michael Levin, U. of Chicago, The Puzzling Boundaries of Topological Quantum Matter
29 Apr 2016  Vicky Kalogera, Northwestern U., LIGO discovery of a Binary Black Hole Merger


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