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Condensed Matter Physics

17 Oct 1980 R. H. Pantell, Stanford, Radiation from channeled electrons and positrons
13 Feb 1981 M. Parrinello, Trieste and ANL Materials Div., Molecular dynamics study of crystal structure transformations

23 Sep 1981 Peter Sigmund, Odense, Sputtering of multi-component targets
6 Nov 1981 I. Schuller, ANL Materials Science Div., Artificial metallic superlattices
5 Feb 1982 Roger A. Smith, Texas A&M, Many-body Theory Made Planar

19 Nov 1982 G. Lander, ANL IPNS, The Intense Pulsed Neutron Source - New Opportunities for Research at Argonne
15 Apr 1983 W. S. Bickel, Arizona, Polarized Light Scattering by Small Particles

25 May 1984 Horst Stormer, Bell Labs., Fractional Quantization of the Hall Effect

7 Sep 1984 Anthony J. Leggett, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Quantum Mechanics at a Macroscopic Level
26 Oct 1984 Sam Liu, ORNL, Heavy Fermion Systems
8 Feb 1985 R. Stephen Berry, U. of Chicago, Melting of Clusters and Melting
17 May 1985 David Moncton, BNL, Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering: Recent Accomplishments and Future Opportunities with a 6 GeV Ring

15 Nov 1985 J. A. Golovchenko, Bell Labs, Murray Hill, Studies of Crystal Surfaces
7 Mar 1986 K. Douglas Carison, ANL Materials Science Div., Superconductivity in BEDT-TTF-Based Organic Metals
14 Mar 1986 Innes MacKenzie, Guelph U., Positron Annihilation in Solids
21 Mar 1986 Gil Perlow, ANL Physics Div., Mossbauer Effect

10 Oct 1986 A. Libchaber, U. of Chicago, Quasiperiodicity and Chaos: An Experimental Study
12 Dec 1986 John Schiffer, ANL Physics Div., Is There a Condensed State in Ion Beams?
30 Jan 1987 Leo Kadanoff, U. of Chicago, Measuring Fractals: Comparison of Theory and Experiment on the Global Properties of a Strange Attractor
10 Apr 1987 D. W. Capone, II, ANL Materials Science Div., Superconductivity Above Liquid Nitrogen Temperatures in the Y-Ba-Cu-O System
17 Apr 1987 W. A. Little, Stanford U., Microminiature Refrigeration of the New High Tc Superconducting Chips

30 Oct 1987 Stephen J. Riley, ANL Chemistry Div., Physics and Chemistry of Isolated Transition Metal Clusters
18 Dec 1987 Frank Y. Fradin, ANL OTD, Scientific and Technical Opportunities in High Temperature Superconductivity
29 Jan 1988 David Moncton, ANL Advanced Photon Source, The Advanced Photon Source: a Step Closer to Reality
4 Mar 1988 Enrico Clementi, IBM Corp., Attempting to Simulate Water as a Liquid and a Solvent on Supercomputers
11 Mar 1988 Richard Freeman, Bell Labs., The Conductivity of a Simple Metal from Room Temperature to Greater than One Million Degrees
8 Apr 1988 Karl Hess, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Monte Carlo Simulations of Femtosecond Spectroscopy in Semiconductors

3 Feb 1989 John Schiffer, ANL Physics Div., Are Crystalline Ion Plasmas Attainable?
14 Apr 1989 Dieter M. Gruen, ANL Materials Science and Chemistry Divs., Lasers in Surface Science
21 Apr 1989 Malcolm R. Beasley, Stanford U., igh Temperature Superconductivity: The Questions, Some Answers
5 May 1989 Thomas F. Rosenbaum, U. of Chicago, Spin Glasses: Models and Methods
12 May 1989 Russell Messier, Pennsylvania State U., Artificial Diamond: Facts and Fantasies
22 May 1989 Miquel Salmeron, LBNL, The Study of Surface Structures with the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope

6 Oct 1989 Richard E. Smalley, Rice U., Photo-electron Spectroscopy of Metal and Semiconductor Clusters
1 Dec 1989 Katherine J. Strandburg, ANL Materials Science Div., Energy, Entropy, and Quasicrystal Structure
1 Jun 1990 Gopal Shenoy, ANL Advanced Photon Source, A Random Walk in Science at the Advanced Photon Source

18 Jan 1991 Peter Sigmund, Odense U. & ANL Physics Div., Cluster Bombardment of Solids; Cluster Fusion?
11 May 1991 Vladimir I. Man'ko, Lebedev Institute, Nonstationary Casimir Effect for Parametric Quantum Systems

4 Oct 1991 Kenneth E. Gray, ANL Materials Science Div., Flux Pinning and Dissipation in High-Temperature Superconductors
11 Oct 1991 D. Peter Siddons, National Synchrotron Light Source, Mossbauer Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation
13 Dec 1991 Lee C. Teng, ANL Accelerator Systems Div., Advanced Photon Source - A Third Generation Synchrotron Radiation Source
3 Apr 1992 Konstantin K. Likharev, SUNY, Stony Brook, Correlated Single-Electron Tunneling
17 Apr 1992 Alexei Abrikosov, ANL Materials Science Div., Superconductivity: History and Modern State

30 Oct 1992 Arthur F. Hebard, Bell Labs., C60: From Soot to Superconductivity and Beyond
8 Jan 1993 Samuel D. Bader, ANL Materials Science Div., Thin-Film Magnetism
5 Mar 1993 Alexander Pines, U. of California, Applications of Novel NMR Techniques to Solid Materials
19 Mar 1993 John C. Polanyi, U. of Toronto, Surface Aligned Photochemistry

3 Sep 1993 Michael Pepper, FRS, Cambridge U., Ballistic Transport in One-Dimensional Semiconductors
3 Dec 1993 Sidney R. Nagel, U. of Chicago, Relaxation at the Angle of Repose: Flow and Sound in Sand
7 Jan 1994 Richard W. Siegel, ANL Materials Science Div., Nanostructured Materials
18 Mar 1994 Donald M. Eigler, IBM Almaden Research Center, Quantum Corrals

9 Sep 1994 Harry Lipkin, Weizmann Institute of Science, The Mossbauer Effect and the Parton Model: from Crystals to Synchrotron Radiation and Heavy Quarks
9 Dec 1994 David Ceperley, U. of Illinois, Urbana, The Simulation of Quantum Systems
27 Jan 1995 Chang C. Tsuei, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Half Integer Flux Quanta in Tricrystal Cuprate Rings - Evidence for d-wave Pairing Symmetry
10 Feb 1995 John Schiffer, ANL Physics Div., The Way to Crystallization of Confined Ions: Phase Transitions, Normal Modes, and Experiments
10 Mar 1995 Michael J. Bedzyk, ANL Materials Science Div. & MSE/Northwestern U., X-ray Standing Waves: A Structural Probe for Surface Layers and Thin Films
28 Apr 1995 Leo Kadanoff, U. of Chicago, Topology Changes and Scaling for Fluid Interfaces

13 Oct 1995 Carl E. Wieman, U. of Colorado, Bose-Einstein Condensation in an Ultracold Gas
1 Mar 1996 Akira Tonomura, Hitachi Advanced Research Lab., Electron Phase Microscopy To Observe Superconducting Vortices
8 Mar 1996 George Crabtree, ANL Materials Science Div., Dynamics of Vortices in Superconductors
12 Apr 1996 Edward S. Fry, Texas A&M U., Lasing Without Population Inversion - An Experimental Reality
31 May 1996 Susan Coppersmith, U. of Chicago, Force Fluctuations in Granular Materials

18 Oct 1996 Brian Stephenson, ANL Materials Science Div., Intensity Fluctuation Spectroscopy Using Coherent X-Rays: Nano-Scale and Atomic-Scale Dynamics
15 Nov 1996 Ercen E. Alp, ANL Advanced Photon Source Div., Lattice Dynamics with sub-mev Resolution: First Experimental Results at the APS
24 Jan 1997 Franco Nori, U. of Michigan, Vortex Dynamics: Plastic Flow, Voltage Bursts, and Avalanches in Superconductors
31 Jan 1997 Juan-Carlos Campuzano, U. of Illinois, Chicago & ANL Materials Science Div., Pairing and Boson Condensation in High Tc Materials
4 Apr 1997 Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT, Atoms Behave as Waves: Bose-Einstein Condensation and the Atom Laser

3 Oct 1997 David Price, ANL Materials Science Div., Stable and Supercooled Hot Liquids
16 Jan 1998 Anthony J. Leggett, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Superfluidity, Phase Coherence, and the New Bose-condensed Alkali Gases
27 Feb 1998 Hui Cao, Northwestern U., Semiconductor Cavity QED
3 Apr 1998 James S. Langer, U. of California, How Solids Break
1 May 1998 Moses H. Chan, Pennsylvania State U., Disorder and the Superfluid Transitions
5 May 1998 Daniel Kleppner, MIT, An Atomic Attack on the Semiclassical Gap
29 May 1998 Peter Schiffer, U. of Notre Dame, Beach Physics: Studies of Wetting and Drag Force in Granular Media

18 Sep 1998 Seth Putterman, U. of California at Los Angeles, Sonoluminescence: The Star in a Jar
2 Oct 1998 Wayne Itano, NIST, Boulder, Crystallized Ion Plasmas in a Penning Trap
4 Dec 1998 Gopal Shenoy, ANL Experimental Facilities Div., Scientific Research at the Advanced Photon Source
14 May 1999 A. W. Castleman, Penn State U., Atomic and Molecular Clusters: Matter of Nanoscale Dimensions

17 Sep 1999 David Tománek, Michigan State U., Self-Assembly and Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube Systems
17 Dec 1999 John R. Arthur, SLAC., Prospects for an X-ray Free-Electron-Laser Light Source and some Possible Scientific Applications
7 Apr 2000 David J. Dean, ORNL, Phases: From Nuclei to Quantum Dots
5 May 2000 Dieter Gruen, ANL Chemistry Div., The Egg as Eye: Ultrananocrystalline Diamond in the Cosmos and in the Laboratory
26 May 2000 Ralf Roehlsberger, U. Rostock, Resonant X-ray Scattering from Rotating Matter: The Nuclear Lighthouse Effect

22 Sep 2000 George Crabtree, ANL Materials Science Div., Driven Dynamics of Superconducting Vortices
12 Jan 2001 Thomas Mason, ORNL, The Spallation Neutron Source: A Powerful Tool for Materials Research
26 Jan 2001 Carl Wieman, U. of Colorado, Quantum Explosions and Implosions in a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Rubidium 85
2 Feb 2001 Heinrich Jaeger, U. of Chicago, Is Sand a Solid, a Liquid or a Gas? The Physics of Granular Materials
9 Feb 2001 J. Murray Gibson, ANL Materials Science Div., Glimpsing Medium-range Order: The Structure of Glass from Fluctuation Electron Microscopy
23 Mar 2001 Sam D. Bader, ANL Materials Science Div., Nanomagnetism
30 Mar 2001 Keith Moffat, U. of Chicago, Picosecond Time-resolved Macromolecular Crystallography: Molecular Movies?

7 Dec 2001  Brent Fultz, Caltech, Vibrational Entropy and Inelastic Scattering
22 Mar 2002 Millicent Firestone, Argonne National Lab, Self-Assembled Nanostructures

28 Mar 2003 Steven Rolston, NIST, Ultracold Neutral Plasmas

5 Sep 2003 Jainendra K. Jain, Pennsylvania State U., The role of analogy in unraveling the fractional quantum Hall effect mystery
10 Oct 2003 Sam Bader, ANL Materials Science Div., Nanoscience – A Source of Innovation for the 21st Century
20 Feb 2004 Roy Holt, ANL Physics Div., Frontiers at the Femtoscale

17 Sep 2004 Lev Pitaevskii, U. of Trento and Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems, Bose-Einstein Condensate - a New State of Matter
1 Oct 2004 Ian McNulty, ANL Advanced Photon Source Div., X-ray Vortices
7 Dec 2004 Douglas D. Osheroff, Stanford U., Understanding the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident
9 Dec 2004 Anthony Leggett, U. of Illinois - Urbama, Superfluidity, phase coherence and the new Bose-condensed alkali gases
21 Jan 2005 Dieter Gruen, ANL Materials Science Div., Fullerenes, nanotubes and ultrananocrystalline diamond: There's a bit less room at the bottom
11 Mar 2005 Cheng Chin, U. of Chicago, Converting a Bose-Einstein condensate into a Cooper-paired degenerate Fermi gas
8 Apr 2005 Moses Chan, Pennsylvania State U., Can a solid be superfluid?

9 Sep 2005  David Campbell, Boston U., From Fermi Pasta Ulam (FPU) to Intrinsic Localized Modes (ILMs)
13 Jan 2006  Hui Cao, Northwestern U., Chaotic Mircolasers
3 Mar 2006  Garry Rumbles, National Renewable Energy Lab., Excitonic Solar Cells: from Quantum Dots and Proteins to Carbon Nanotubes
7 Mar 2006  Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT, New Forms of Quantum Matter Near Absolute Zero Temperature
2 Jun 2006  Evelyn L. Hu, U. of California at Santa Barbara, Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystal Cavities: Tuning the Optical Environment at the Nanoscale

8 Sep 2006  Gary Wiederrecht, ANL Chemistry Div., Imaging and spectroscopy of nanoscale plasmonic heterostructures
23 Feb 2007  HongWen Jiang, U. of California at Los Angeles, Manipulation and Detection of Individual Electron Spins in Nanostructured Semiconductors
9 Mar 2007  Dean Miller, ANL Materials Science Div., Correlating Microstructure and Current Transport in High Temperature Superconductor Wires

28 Sep 2007  Mike Norman, ANL Materials Science Div., High-Temperature Superconductivity - After 20 Years, Where Are We At?
9 Nov 2007  David S. Weiss, Penn State U., Experiments with Atoms in One and Zero Dimensions
7 Dec 2007  Chia-Ling Chien, Johns Hopkins U., Nanomagnets: Poles or no Poles
4 Apr 2008 Anneli Munkholm, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, High Power Light Emitting Diodes: Progress & Challenges

3 Oct 2008  Mark G. Raizen, U. of Texas at Austin, Comprehensive Control of Atomic and Molecular Motion
7 Nov 2008 Andrew W. Sandorfi, Jefferson National Accelerator Lab., Novel Physics with Frozen-Spin Polarized Solid Hydrogen
12 Dec 2008  George Crabtree, ANL Materials Science Div., Superconductivity as an Energy Carrier
20 Feb 2009  Deborah Jin, JILA, U. of Colorado, Making Ultracold Polar Molecules
24 Apr 2009  Boldizsár Jankó, U. of Notre Dame, Universal Emission Intermittency in Quantum Dots, Nanorods and Nanowires

30 Oct 2009  Tijana Rajh, ANL Center for Nanoscale Materials, Healing of Nanoparticle Surfaces: An Opportunity for Improved Energy Conversion
6 Nov 2009  Joseph Carlson, LANL, Rich Physics from Simple Interactions
13 Nov 2009  Carlos Bustamante, U. California, Berkeley, Grabbing the Cat by the Tail: Single Molecule Studies of a Viral DNA Packaging Motor.
29 Jan 2010  Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, U. of Chicago, Sparse density of states in colloidal quantum dots, tuning energy relaxation and transport
2 Apr 2010  Russell J. Hemley, Geophysical Lab., Carnegie Institution of Washington, Materials, Energy, and Extreme Environments
7 May 2010  Philip Kim, Columbia U., Relativistic Quantum Physics at Your Pencil Tips: Dirac Fermion in Graphitic Carbon

17 Sep 2010  Amanda K. Petford-Long, ANL CNM, The role of interfaces in the behavior of magnetic tunnel junction structures
24 Sep 2010  Linda Young, ANL XSD, Highlights and Future Directions in Hard X-Ray Sciences
12 Nov 2010  Kathryn Levin, U. Chicago, What do high Tc superconductors teach us about ultracold Fermi gases and vice versa?
4 Feb 2011  David Schuster, U. Chicago, Quantum Optics with Circuits
25 Mar 2011  Michelle Povinelli, U. Southern California, Applications of Nanophotonics: Absorption Engineering and Optomechanical Circuits
20 May 2011  Axel Hoffmann, ANL Materials Science Div., Pure Spin Currents: Discharging Spintronics (IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecture)

16 Sep 2011  Margaret Gardel, U. of Chicago, Cellular Mechanics
30 Sep 2011  Daniel Baker, U of Colorado, The Impacts of Space Weather on Society and the Economy
20 Jan 2012  Elena Shevchenko, ANL Center for Nanoscale Materials, Design of nanostructures: synthesis and properties
27 Jan 2012  Piers Coleman, Rutgers U., Magnetism and Superconductivity: A new era of convergence in condensed matter physics
24 Feb 2012 Mark A. Ratner, Northwestern U., Molecular Mesoscopics: Transport in Molecular Junctions
12 Mar 2012  Peter B. Littlewood, ANL Physical Sciences & Engineering, U. of Chicago, and U. of Cambridge, Polariton Condensation and Collective Dynamics
20 Apr 2012  Lucas Platter, ANL Physics Div., From cold atoms to light nuclei
18 May 2012  Brian DeMarco, U.of Illinois, Urbana, 3D Anderson Localization of Ultracold Matter
25 May 2012  Nadya Mason , U. of Illinois, Urbana, Using graphene to study superconductivity (new tricks for an old dog)
1 Jun 2012  Dmitry Budker, U. of California, "Atomic physics" of nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond
8 Jun 2012  David Schuster, U. of Chicago, Cavity QED with electrons on helium

14 Sep 2012  Heinrich Jaeger, U. of Chicago, Dynamically Jammed Liquids: A New Perspective on Shear Thickening of Dense Suspensions
11 Jan 2013  Jonathan Simon, U. Chicago, Engineering Quantum Materials from Cold Atoms: Mott Insulators to Emergent Crystals
18 Jan 2013  Paul McEuen, Cornell U., Graphene at the Boundaries
15 Feb 2013  Luming Duan, U. of Michigan, Recent progress in quantum computation, networking, and simulation with trapped ions
29 Mar 2013  Kartik Srinivasan, NIST, Manipulating the Color and Shape of Single Photons generated by Quantum Nanophotonic Devices
12 Apr 2013  William Phillips, NIST, Atomtronic circuitry: A Bose-Einstein condensate in ring
3 May 2013  Ralf Gothe, U. of South Carolina, Experimental Probes into the Essence of Matter

10 Jan 2014  Ian Spielman, NIST & U. of Maryland, Gauge Fields with Cold Atoms
17 Jan 2014 Mike Norman, ANL Materials Science Div., Monopoles, Anapoles, Skyrmions, Majoranas and Higgs - Welcome to the New World of Condensed Matter Physics
21 Mar 2014  Evgeny Tsymbal, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln, Magnetoelectric Interfaces and Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions

12 Dec 2014  George W. Crabtree, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), ANL National Lab., The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR): One Year Later
30 Jan 2015  James A. Sauls, Northwestern U., Unconventional Superconductivity
13 Feb 2015  Jenny Hoffman, Harvard U., High Tc superconductivity in a single atomic layer of FeSe
13 Mar 2015  Jianguo Wen, Electron Microscopy Center, Center for Nanoscale Materials, ANL National Lab., Amplitude Contrast High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy for Advanced Materials
24 Apr 2015  Ramille Shah, Northwestern U., Expanding the Material Toolbox for 3D Printing: From Biomedical to Energy Applications

9 Oct 2015  Elena Rozhkova, Center for Nanoscale Materials, ANL National Lab., Cancer Nanotechnology: At the Interface of Engineered Nanomaterials and Living Systems
9 Oct 2015  Tijana Rajh, Center for Nanoscale Materials, ANL National Lab., Cancer Nanotechnology: At the Interface of Engineered Nanomaterials and Living Systems
6 Nov 2015  Bobby Kasthuri, Nanoscience and Technology Div., ANL National Lab., The BRAIN Initiative
8 Jan 2016  Michael Levin, U. of Chicago, The Puzzling Boundaries of Topological Quantum Matter
15 Jan 2016  Christopher M. Sorensen, Kansas State U., Of Soot and Sunflowers
22 Apr 2016  Aaron Greco, Energy Sciences Div., ANL National Lab., Modern Tribology with Application to Wind Turbine Drivetrain Reliability


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