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13 Apr 1984 Arnie Friedman, ANL Chemistry Div., Some Applications of Nuclear Chemistry in Medicine

30 Oct 1987 Stephen J. Riley, ANL Chemistry Div., Physics and Chemistry of Isolated Transition Metal Clusters
15 Jan 1988 James R. Norris, ANL Chemistry Div., Unlocking the Chemistry of Photosynthesis

24 May 1991 Dieter M. Gruen, ANL Materials Science & Chemistry Divs., Why Bother About Buckyballs?

30 Oct 1992 Arthur F. Hebard, Bell Labs., C60: From Soot to Superconductivity and Beyond
19 Mar 1993 John C. Polanyi, U. of Toronto, Surface Aligned Photochemistry

17 Sep 1993 Robert S. Van Dyck, Jr., U. of Washington, High-Precision Mass Measurements Using the Penning Trap Mass Spectrometer
12 Nov 1993 Richard E. Smalley, Rice U., Buckyballs and Nanotechnology
14 Jan 1994 Alexander D. Trifunac, ANL Chemistry Div., Patterns of Chemistry Induced by Ionizing Radiation

7 Jun 1996 Glenn T. Seaborg, LBNL, Chemical Research with New Elements at the Chemistry Division

30 Jan 1998 Jeffrey S. Gaffney, ANL Environmental Research Div., Megacity Photochemical Air Pollution and Oxygenated Fuels: PANhandling in the Americas

14 May 1999 A. W. Castleman, Penn State U., Atomic and Molecular Clusters: Matter of Nanoscale Dimensions

17 Sep 1999 David Tománek, Michigan State U., Self-Assembly and Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube Systems
5 May 2000 Dieter Gruen, ANL Chemistry Div., The Egg as Eye: Ultrananocrystalline Diamond in the Cosmos and in the Laboratory

30 Mar 2001 Keith Moffat, U. of Chicago, Picosecond Time-resolved Macromolecular Crystallography: Molecular Movies?

23 Jan 2004 James F. Miller, ANL CMT, Hydrogen - The fuel of the future
19 Mar 2004 Thomas Bjørnholm, Nano Science Center, U. of Copenhagen, Organic molecules in electronic devices

15 Oct 2004 Maki Kawai, Surface-Chem. Lab., Japan, Observing Reactions of Single Molecule via Vibrational Excitation using Scanning Transmission Microscope
21 Jan 2005 Dieter Gruen, ANL Materials Science Div., Fullerenes, nanotubes and ultrananocrystalline diamond: There's a bit less room at the bottom

8 Sep 2006  Gary Wiederrecht, ANL Chemistry Div., Imaging and spectroscopy of nanoscale plasmonic heterostructures

23 Jan 2009  Marc A. Baldo, MIT, High Efficiency Organic Solar Concentrators
13 Mar 2009  Khalil Amine, ANL Chemical Sciences and Engineering Div., Advanced High Power and High Energy Systems for HEV and PHEVs applications
8 May 2009 Prabhakar Nair, UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company, Biofuels: Unlocking the Potential

24 Feb 2012 Mark A. Ratner, Northwestern U., Molecular Mesoscopics: Transport in Molecular Junctions

20 Jun 2014  Zeev Vager, Weizmann Institute of Science, Molecular Handedness with Don Gemmell

17 Apr 2015  Jeffery C. Bricker, UOP and Honeywell, Catalysis: Fundamentals and Impact


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