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Atomic Physics & Quantum Electrodynamics

26 Sep 1980 M. Gaillard, Lyon, Laser interactions with fast molecular ion beams
17 Oct 1980 R. H. Pantell, Stanford, Radiation from channeled electrons and positrons
7 Nov 1980 P. A. M. Gram, LANL, Atomic physcis at 0.85c; a study of the photodetachment of H- ions
21 Nov 1980 S. D. Kramer, ORNL, The detection of single atoms
12 Dec 1980 Eric Adelberger, U. of Washington, Parity violation in atoms and nuclei
23 Jan 1981 G. P. Lepage, Cornell, Theoretical advances in quantum electrodynamics
7 Apr 1981 J. J. Wynne, IBM Yorktown, Relative oscillator strength measurement by phase-matched nonlinear optics
8 May 1981 D. A. Lewis, ANL Physics Div. and Iowa State, Laser spectroscopy with radioactive atoms

26 Feb 1982 G. zu Putlitz, GSI Darmstadt, Atomic and Nuclear Physics Experiments with Heavy Ions at GSI in Darmstadt
12 Mar 1982 P. M. Koch, Yale, Precise Studies of Electric Field Ionization of Rydberg Atoms
4 Jun 1982 R. Fortner, LLNL, Z-Pinch Atomic Physics Project (ZAPP)

4 Feb 1983 William J. Childs, ANL Physics Div., High-resolution Laser and RF Spectroscopy of Atomic and Molecular Beams
20 May 1983 E. Matthias, Berlin & Colorado, Perturbations of Rydberg Series in Alkaline Earth Atoms - Probed by Hyperfine Interactions and Multi-photon Ionization

9 Dec 1983 Stephen Lundeen, U. of Notre Dame, The Search for Casimir Forces in Atomic Helium
2 Mar 1984 T. W. Hansch, Stanford U., Pushing the Limits of Laser Spectroscopy
9 Mar 1984 Eugene D. Commins, U. of California, Precise Measurement of Parity Violation in Atomic Thallium

21 Sep 1984 John Miller, ANL Chemistry Div., Long-distance Electron Tunneling between Molecules
12 Oct 1984 Helmut Poth, Karlsruhe, Physics of Antiprotonic Atoms
1 Feb 1985 Takeshi Oka, U. of Chicago, Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Molecular Ions
8 Mar 1985 Charles K. Rhodes, U. of Illinois, Chicago, Studies of Muliquantum Processes in Atoms
12 Jul 1985 Walter Greiner, U. of Frankfurt, Supercritical Fields and Giant Nuclei

4 Oct 1985 Chris Bottcher, ORNL, Atomic Physics at GeV Energies
6 Dec 1985 Carl E. Wieman, U. of Colorado, Highly Precise Measurements of Weak Neutral Currents in Atoms
14 Mar 1986 Innes MacKenzie, Guelph U., Positron Annihilation in Solids
18 Apr 1986 Gordon Berry, ANL Physics Div., High Energy Atomic Physics and QED
23 May 1986 Stephen M. Younger, LLNL, The Importance of Atomic Processes in X-Ray Lasers and Thermonuclear Fusion

24 Oct 1986 Steven Chu, Bell Labs., Laser Cooling and Trapping of Atoms: Toward Ultracold Temperatures and High Density
5 Dec 1986 Zeev Vager, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div., Molecular Structure Determination by the Coulomb-Explosion Method
6 Mar 1987 J. S. Briggs, Albert Ludwigs Universitat, Freiburg, Molecular Orbitals in Atomic Physics

2 Oct 1987 James C. Bergquist, NIST, Boulder, Quantum Jumps and High-Resolution Spectroscopy of a Single Ion
6 May 1988 Samuel G. Hurst, ORNL, Resonance Ionization and Atom Counting
20 May 1988 Dietrich Habs, MPI, Heidelberg, Atomic Physics with the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring TSR

21 Oct 1988 Peter Sigmund, ANL Physics Div., Barkas Effect in Stopping of Charged Particles
3 Mar 1989 Carl E. Wieman, U. of Colorado, Parity Nonconservation in Atoms: Nuclear Spin Dependent Effects
17 Mar 1989 Elliot P. Kanter, ANL Physics Div., Coulomb Explosion Imaging: A Femtosecond After the 'Little Bang'
24 Mar 1989 John Kogut, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Physics on the Lattice: From QED to Strings

29 Sep 1989 Alexander Dalgarno, Harvard U., Atomic and Molecular Processes in Supernova 1987A
15 Dec 1989 Michael S. Lubell, City College of CUNY, Physics with Polarized Electrons between 13.6 eV and 250 MeV

12 Oct 1990 John J. Bollinger, NIST, Atomic Physics Tests of Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
19 Oct 1990 Paul L. Cowan, NIST, Resonant X-Ray Scattering from Atoms and Molecules
2 Nov 1990 Aksel L. Hallin, Princeton U., A Search for Low-energy Resonances in Positron-Electron Scattering
4 Jan 1991 Takeshi Oka, U. of Chicago, H3+ in the Laboratory and in Jupiter Plasmas
19 Apr 1991 Roger A. Hegstrom, Wake Forest U., Handed Electrons, Atoms, and Molecules

15 Nov 1991 Vernon Hughes, Yale U., The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon
17 Jan 1992 Zeev Vager, Weizmann Institute of Science, Monopoles, Bad Adiabatic Approximations and Nuclear Delocalization in Molecules
14 Feb 1992 William J. Childs, ANL Physics Div., Overview of Laser-Radiofrequency Double-Resonance Studies of Atomic, Molecular, and Ionic Beams

2 Oct 1992 Mitio Inokuti, ANL Environmental Research Div., Electron Degradation in Molecular Substances
13 Nov 1992 William D. Phillips, NIST, Gaithersburg, Laser Cooling: the Coldest Atoms Ever!
18 Dec 1992 Pedro A. Montano, ANL Materials Science Div., The Basic Energy Sciences Synchrotron Radiation Center at the Advanced Photon Source
9 Apr 1993 Serge Haroche, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris & Yale U., Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
21 May 1993 Miron Amusia, IOFFE Institute & ANL Physics Div., Electron Correlations in Atomic Processes

24 Sep 1993 David Wineland, NIST, Boulder, Single Atom Clocks
29 Oct 1993 Cleanthes A. Nicolaides, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Computation of the Response of Many-Electron Atoms and Molecules to Strong Laser Fields
11 Feb 1994 Jonathan Sapirstein, U. of Notre Dame, Theory of Parity Violation in Cesium

4 Nov 1994 Norval Fortson, U. of Washington, Probing Particle Phsyics by Measuring Parity Violation and Testing Time Reversal Symmetry in Atoms
2 Dec 1994 Steven Rolston, NIST, Gaithersburg, Laser-cooled Atoms - The Coldest Things Around
24 Mar 1995 David E. Pritchard, MIT, Atom Optics and Atom Interferometers

6 Oct 1995 Edward Hinds, Yale U., Atoms in Boxes and Atoms on Trampolines
10 Nov 1995 Vernon Barger, U. of Wisconsin, Exploring New Physics at a Muon-Muon Collider
5 Jan 1996 Steve Southworth, ANL Physics Div., Atomic X-Ray Physics Using Synchrotron Radiation

18 Oct 1996 Brian Stephenson, ANL Materials Science Div., Intensity Fluctuation Spectroscopy Using Coherent X-Rays: Nano-Scale and Atomic-Scale Dynamics
14 Mar 1997 Mitio Inokuti, ANL Physics Div., Ugo Fano and Developments in Atomic and Molecular Physics
4 Apr 1997 Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT, Atoms Behave as Waves: Bose-Einstein Condensation and the Atom Laser
2 May 1997 Bernd Crasemann, U. of Oregon, X-Rays in Atomic Physics -- Then and Now

5 Sep 1997 Chris Wood, NIST, Boulder, Improved Measurement of Parity Non-conservation in Cesium Atoms and the Nuclear Anapole Moment of 133Cs
9 Jan 1998 Robert W. Dunford, ANL Physics Div., Two-photon Decay
27 Feb 1998 Hui Cao, Northwestern U., Semiconductor Cavity QED
20 Mar 1998 Laurie M. Brown, Northwestern U., The Hundred-Year-Old Electron and the Nucleus: A History
5 May 1998 Daniel Kleppner, MIT, An Atomic Attack on the Semiclassical Gap

15 Jan 1999 John Doyle, Harvard U., Cooling and Trapping of Molecules
14 May 1999 A. W. Castleman, Penn State U., Atomic and Molecular Clusters: Matter of Nanoscale Dimensions

15 Oct 1999 Zheng-Tian Lu, ANL Physics Div., Atom Trap Trace Analysis -- A New Demon on the Block
14 Jan 2000 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard U., Observing the Quantum Limit of an Electron Cyclotron: QND Measurements of Quantum Jumps Between Fock States

29 Mar 2001 Walter Greiner, JWG Universitaet Frankfurt/Main, Nuclear Matter, Hypermatter, Antimatter and Strong Correlations in the Vacuum
25 May 2001 Aneesh Manohar, U. California, San Diego, Non-relativistic Bound States in Quantum Field Theory

16 Nov 2001  Juergen Kluge, GSI and U. of Heidelberg, Precision by Cooling: Atomic and Nuclear Physics in Small and Large Ion Traps

1 Nov 2002  David DeMille, Yale U., Tabletop probes for TeV physics: searches for the electric dipole moment of the electron
4 Apr 2003  Jeffrey S. Hangst, U. of Aarhus, The Production of Cold Antihydrogen

8 Dec 2006  Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard U., New Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant
26 Jan 2007  Michael Romalis, Princeton U., Atomic Magnetometers for Fundamental Physics and Applications
20 Apr 2007  Eric Cornell, JILA, NIST, and U. of Colorado, Searching for the Electron's Electric Dipole Moment in Trapped Molecular Ions

9 Nov 2007  David S. Weiss, Penn State U., Experiments with Atoms in One and Zero Dimensions
16 Nov 2007  Peter Mueller, ANL Physics Div., Simple Atoms, Extreme Nuclei: Laser Spectroscopy of 6He and 8He

6 Mar 2009  Blayne Heckel, U. of Washington, Recent Results from a Search for the EDM of 199Hg

23 Oct 2009  Eric Hessels, York U., Progress towards Trapping Antihydrogen Atoms (The ATRAP Collaboration)

11 Nov 2011 Jeffrey S. Hangst, Aarhus U., Trapped Antihydrogen - Stable, Neutral Antimatter
1 Jun 2012  Dmitry Budker, U. of California, "Atomic physics" of nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond
8 Jun 2012  David Schuster, U. of Chicago, Cavity QED with electrons on helium

1 May 2015  John M. Doyle, Harvard U., TeV Physics and Chiral Spectroscopy using Cold Molecules


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