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31 Oct 1980 G. J. Wasserburg, Caltech, Extinct Radioactivities and isotopic anomalies in the early solar system
16 Jan 1981 C. Rolfs, Muenster and Ohio State, The solar neutrino problem- or is it?
30 Jan 1981 E. B. Norman, Washington U., 26Al and 180Ta: two puzzles in nuclear astrophysics
13 Mar 1981 Edward C. Stone, Caltech, The Voyager encouter with Saturn
3 Apr 1981 W. Press, Harvard, Sunny weather - nonlinear hydrodynamics deep in the sun
24 Apr 1981 R. Geroch, Chicago, Distorted black holes

16 Apr 1982 J. S. Gallagher, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Confrontation between Galaxy Evolution Models and the Observations

15 Oct 1982 H. Hill, Arizona, Testing general relativity - a helio-seismological determination of the gravitational quadrupole moment of the sun
3 Dec 1982 David N. Schramm, U. of Chicago, The Very Early Universe
18 Feb 1983 Michael S. Turner, Chicago, Cosmology
25 Mar 1983 R. N. Clayton, Chicago, Isotopic Tracers and Clocks in Meteorites
8 Apr 1983 W. Ockels, European Space Agency, Spacelab I - The European Laboratory to be flown with the U. S. Space Shuttle

16 Sep 1983 Bernard Burke, MIT, High Resolution Radio Astronomy: Arcseconds to Milliarcseconds
24 Feb 1984 Larry Smarr, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Supercomputer Simulations of Active Galactic Nuclei, RadioJets and Black Holes
16 Mar 1984 Frank J. Low, U. of Arizona, IRAS: The Infrared Astronomy Satellite
23 Mar 1984 Edward W. Kolb, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Massive Magnetic Monopoles in Cosmology and Astrophysics

15 Mar 1985 Joseph P. Allen, NASA, Satellite Retrieval: An Example of a Two-body (Inelastic) Scattering Problem
12 Apr 1985 Eugene Parker, U. of Chicago, A Mathematical Nonequilibrium Theorem and the X-ray Coronas of Stars
19 Apr 1985 Jerry Nelson, LBNL, The Ten-meter Telescope Project
3 May 1985 Robert Harrington, U.S. Naval Observatory, Unseen Companions to Nearby Stars
31 May 1985 John Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study, The Solar Neutrino Problem

28 Feb 1986 Edward W. Kolb, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., The Saga of Cygnus X-3
4 Apr 1986 Margaret Geller, Cambridge Center for Astrophysics, Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
9 May 1986 L. J. Lanzerotti, Bell Labs., Comparative Magnetospheres in the Solar System
30 May 1986 Steven Maran, Goddard Space Flight Center, Recent Observations of Halley's Comet

19 Sep 1986 Frank Asaro, LBNL, Asteroid or Comet Impacts and Massive Extinctions of Life on Earth
30 Sep 1986 H. A. Bethe, Cornell U., The Solar Neutrino Puzzle
19 Dec 1986 David T. Wilkinson, Princeton U., What's New in 3K Radiation
6 Feb 1987 Ellis D. Miner, JPL, Uranus Unveiled
20 Feb 1987 Joan Centrella, Drexel U., Exploring the Universe Using a Computer
27 Mar 1987 W. A. Fowler, CalTech, How Old is the Observable Universe
8 May 1987 Alan Guth, MIT, The Inflationary Universe
29 May 1987 R. Kirshner, Harvard Smithsonian Center Astrophysics, Supernova 1987a

9 Oct 1987 Peter Meyer, U. of Chicago, High Energy Cosmic Ray Experiment on the Space Shuttle
25 Mar 1988 Donald Q. Lamb, U. of Chicago, Neutrinos from Supernova 1987A and Cooling of the Nascent Neutron Star
22 Apr 1988 Neil Turok, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Strings in Cosmology
13 May 1988 David N. Schramm, U. of Chicago, Shadows of Creation: The Dark Matter of the Universe

10 Feb 1989 Jack Wisdom, MIT, Chaotic Dynamics in the Solar System
31 Mar 1989 Rene Ong, U. of Chicago, Results and Prospects for Ultra High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy

8 Sep 1989 Sam M. Austin, Michigan State U., Nuclear Physics of the Universe
29 Sep 1989 Alexander Dalgarno, Harvard U., Atomic and Molecular Processes in Supernova 1987A
20 Oct 1989 Gary Steigman, Ohio State U., Cosmic Lithium: Going Up or Coming Down?
13 Apr 1990 John P. Huchra, Harvard Smithsonian Center for AStrophysics, Searching for Structure in the Cosmos: Galaxy Redshift Surveys

7 Dec 1990 Michael S. Turner, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: Nuclear Physics and Cosmology
14 Dec 1990 Ellis D. Miner, JPL, The Voyager Mission to the Outer Planets
4 Jan 1991 Takeshi Oka, U. of Chicago, H3+ in the Laboratory and in Jupiter Plasmas
8 Feb 1991 Edward Kibblewhite, U. of Chicago, Adaptive Optics on the ARC Telescope in New Mexico
1 Mar 1991 Rainer Weiss, MIT, Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
5 Apr 1991 Stephen Boughn, Haverford College, A 19 GHz Full-Sky Map: Snapshot of the Infant Universe
10 May 1991 Robert Smither, ANL Advanced Photon Source, Crystal Diffraction Gamma-Ray Telescope

28 Feb 1992 Wick Haxton, U. of Washington, The Neutrino and Nuclear Physics of Core Collapse Supernovae

5 Feb 1993 David T. Wilkinson, Princeton U., NASA's COBE Satellite Looks at the Big Bang
19 Feb 1993 Neil Gehrels, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Quasars, Pulsars and Bursts: Results from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
26 Mar 1993 Leo Blitz, U. of Maryland, The Galactic Center
7 May 1993 Joseph H. Taylor, Princeton U., Gravitational Radiation from Binary Pulsars

28 Jan 1994 A. Baha Balantekin, U. of Wisconsin, A Theoretical Perspective on the Solar Neutrino Problem
25 Feb 1994 Gerald Brown, SUNY, Stony Brook, Supernova Explosions, Black Holes and Neutron Stars
25 Mar 1994 Gerald J. Fishman, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, Gamma-Ray Bursts: Observational Overview
1 Apr 1994 Jacqueline Hewitt, MIT, Gravitational Lenses and Cosmology

16 Sep 1994 Charles Alcock, LLNL, The MACHO Project: A Search for Baryonic Dark Matter in the Milky Way
23 Sep 1994 Robert O'Dell, Rice U., Exploring the Stellar Nursery in Orion with the Hubble Space Telescope
16 Dec 1994 Stephen Saunders, JPL, Magellan Mission to Venus
3 Mar 1995 Heidi Hammel, MIT, Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Swan Song of Shoemaker-Levy 9
7 Apr 1995 David N. Schramm, U. of Chicago, Recent Action with the Big Bang
19 May 1995 John Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study, What Have We Learned About Solar Neutrinos

29 Sep 1995 Michael S. Turner, U. of Chicago and Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Big-Bang Cosmology: Successes and Challenges
8 Dec 1995 Dieter Muller, U. of Chicago, Cosmic Ray Positrons: Are There Too Many?
9 Feb 1996 Ernst K. Zinner, Washington U., Stardust in the Laboratory: New Constraints on Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Evolution
22 Mar 1996 Jon Morse, U. of Colorado, The Birth of Stars: Proto-Stellar Jets, Accretion and Proto- Planetary Disks

27 Sep 1996 Patrick Seitzer, U. of Michigan, Hubble Space Telescope: Tragedy to Triumph
1 Nov 1996 Edward C. Stone, JPL, The Search for Life Elsewhere
14 Feb 1997 Angela Olinto, U. of Chicago, Cosmological Magnetic Fields and Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
28 Mar 1997 Terry Walker, Ohio State U., The Tension Over a Crisis in The Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

19 Sep 1997 Emil Wolf, U. of Rochester, The Redshift Controversy and Correlation-Induced Spectral Changes
26 Sep 1997 Wick Haxton, U. of Washington, The Question of Nonstandard Solar Models
14 Nov 1997 James J. Connell, U. of Chicago, Cosmic Ray Composition Studies: Nuclear Physics on a Galactic Scale
21 Nov 1997 David N. Schramm, U. of Chicago, Dark Matter and the Density of Baryons in the Universe
23 Jan 1998 Hans-Otto Meyer, Indiana U., The Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction, Studied With Cooled Beams
13 Feb 1998 Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., Experiments with Radioactive Beams - Studying Stellar Explosions in the Laboratory
24 Apr 1998 Madappa Prakash, SUNY, Stony Brook, Photons and Neutrinos from Neutron Stars: Probes of Hot and Dense Matter

11 Sep 1998 Donald Clayton, Clemson U., Nuclear Astrophysics with Presolar Grains
25 Sep 1998 Edward W. Kolb, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Seeds of Cosmic Structure: Quantum Fluctuations in the Primordial Soup
9 Apr 1999 A. Baha Balantekin, U. of Wisconsin, Progress and Prospects in Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

10 Sep 1999 James F. Bell, Cornell U., Strategy and Science Goals for NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission
10 Dec 1999 Edward J. Daw, MIT, LIGO - A Direct Experimental Search for Gravitational Radiation from Astrophysical Sources
31 Mar 2000 Joshua Frieman, U. of Chicago and Fermi National Accelerator Lab., The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Science Results
21 Apr 2000  Curtis J Struck, Iowa State U., Galaxy Collisions: The Driving Process of Galaxy Evolution
19 May 2000 Wayne Hu, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Ringing in the New Cosmology: Implications of Recent Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments
2 Jun 2000 Robert Rosner, U. of Chicago, Using Simulations to Connect Astrophysics to the Laboratory
9 Jun 2000 Sean Carroll, U. of Chicago, The Accelerating Universe: Enigmas and Nostrums

29 Sep 2000 Yongzhong Qian, U. of Minnesota, Recent Progress in Understanding Nucleosynthesis via Rapid Neutron Capture: from Rocks, Stars, and Galaxies to Neutrinos, Nuclei, and Nuclear Matter
10 Nov 2000 Francis Halzen, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, High-energy Neutrino Astronomy: Results from the South Pole
15 Dec 2000 Robert Wald, U. of Chicago, Black Holes, Thermodynamics, and the `Information Paradox'
16 Feb 2001 John Cowan, U. of Oklahoma, r-Process Abundances in Halo Stars and the Age of the Galaxy
16 Mar 2001 Edward Kibblewhite, U. of Chicago, Adaptive Optics in the 21st Century
13 Apr 2001 Chung-Pei Ma, U. Pennsylvania, New Perspectives on Cosmological Structure Formation
1 Jun 2001 Simon Swordy, U. of Chicago, The Cosmic Ray Conundrum - Does this make any sense?

21 Sep 2001  Hamish Roberston, U. of Washington, SNO Flies: The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved
26 Oct 2001  Michael Turner, U. of Chicago, Making Sense of the New Cosmology
15 Feb 2002 Michael Wiescher, Notre Dame, The fate of matter on accreting neutron stars
22 Feb 2002 Jean-Michel Poutissou, TRIUMF, The initial science program of ISAC, the Canadian Isotope Accelerator
3 May 2002 John Carlstrom, U. of Chicago, Cosmology with Cosmic Microwave Background Observations

6 Sep 2002 Don Goldsmith, Self, The Runaway Universe
13 Sep 2002 Chris Fryer, LANL, Core-Collapse Supernovae
25 Oct 2002  Art McDonald, Queen's U., Kingston, Ontario, Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem
24 Jan 2003 Jim Truran, U. Chicago, Tracing the Abundance History of the Cosmos
14 Feb 2003 Robert L. Merlino, The U. of Iowa, Dusty plasmas in the laboratory and space
2 May 2003  Friedrich-K Thielemann, U. of Basel, Switzerland, Nuclei far from Stability: Their Role and Production in Astrophysical Events

12 Sep 2003  Andrew Cumming, U. of California, Lick Observatory, Neutron Stars on Fire
3 Oct 2003  Takeshi Oka, U. of Chicago, The Ubiquitous H3+, from Giant Planets to Star Forming Regions
5 Dec 2003 Monica Valluri, U. of Chicago, Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei
16 Jan 2004 Barry Barish,, CalTech, Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves
12 Mar 2004 Louis-Gregory Strolger, Space Telescope Science Institute, Supernovae and the Accelerating/Decelerating Universe
26 Mar 2004 S. R. Kulkarni, CalTech, Cosmic explosions
30 Apr 2004 Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., 'Per aspera ad astra' - Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams
7 May 2004 Daniel Akerib, Case Western U., Looking for WIMPs in the Galactic Halo: the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (and some other dark matter experiments)

19 Nov 2004 Timothy C. Beers, Michigan State U., Mining the Milky Way Galaxy with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
18 Feb 2005 Angela Olinto, U. of Chicago, Deciphering the Extreme Universe

30 Sep 2005  Francis L. Halzen, U. of Wisconsin, High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: Towards Kilometer-Scale Neutrino Observatories
14 Oct 2005  Rocky Kolb, Fermi National Accelerator Lab. & U. of Chicago, Thoughts on Dark Matter and Dark Energy
16 Dec 2005 Donald Q. Lamb, U. of Chicago, Exciting Recent Discoveries About Gamma-Ray Bursts
20 Jan 2006  Fausto Cattaneo, ANL Mathematics and Computer Science Div., The Magneto-Rotational-Instability and Angular Momentum Transport
27 Jan 2006  Michael J. Pellin, ANL Materials Science Div., Atoms Returned from Our Sun: First Measurements from the Genesis Spacecraft
24 Feb 2006  Roland Diehl, Max and Planck and Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, High-Energy Astrophysics with Gamma-Ray Telescopes
10 Mar 2006 Michael Paul, Hebrew U., Laboratory View on Extinct Radioactivities, Galactic Radioactivities and Star Dust
14 Apr 2006  Adam Burrows, U. of Arizona, New Ideas Concerning the Mechanism for Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions
12 May 2006  Kenneth M. Nollett, ANL Physics Div., Nuclear Physics in the pp Chain, r-Process, and x-Process

13 Oct 2006  Stephan Meyer, U. of Chicago, Three Years of WMAP
17 Nov 2006  Clive R. Neal, U. of Notre Dame, The Need for and Challenges of Installing a Global Lunar Seismic Network: The Notre Dame-led LuSeN Mission
5 Jan 2007 Birger Back, ANL Physics Div., Before Protons and Neutrons -- The Quark Gluon Era of the Universe
2 Feb 2007  John Beacom, The Ohio State U., Fossil Records of Star Formation: Supernova Neutrinos and Gamma Rays
9 Feb 2007  Gabriela González, Louisiana State U., Interferometric Detectors of Gravitational Waves: Opening a New Window to the Universe
28 Mar 2007  Bradley L. Jolliff, Washington U., Mars Exploration Rovers: Two Mars Years of Geologic Discovery

26 Oct 2007  Elena Aprile, Columbia U., The XENON Dark Matter Search
7 Mar 2008  Lloyd Knox, U. of California at Davis, Future Probes of Dark Energy
24 Mar 2008  Kenneth M. Nollett, ANL Physics Div., Some Puzzles in the Origins of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
27 Mar 2008  Carlos Wagner, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Cosmology and the LHC

29 Aug 2008  James M. Lattimer, SUNY at Stony Brook, The Equation of State in Astrophysical Applications
5 Sep 2008  Akif Baha Balantekin, U. of Wisconsin at Madison, Neutrinos: Ghostly Messengers of Earth and Heavens
19 Sep 2008  Anna Frebel, U. of Texas at Austin, Observing the Signatures of the r-Process in Metal-Poor Stars
21 Nov 2008  Dan Hooper, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Hot On The Trail of Particle Dark Matter
9 Jan 2009  Daniel R. Stinebring, Oberlin College, Detecting Gravitational Waves with Pulsars
16 Jan 2009  Stephen Kuhlmann, ANL High Energy Physics Div., The Dark Energy Survey
6 Feb 2009  Jason Clark, ANL Physics Div., Star Bombs in the Lab: Using Nuclear Physics to Model Stellar Explosions
13 Feb 2009  Dragan Huterer, U. of Michigan, Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe
27 Feb 2009  Andrey Kravtsov, U. of Chicago, Cosmological Constraints from Cluster Abundance Evolution
20 Mar 2009  Yanbei Chen, CalTech, Gravitational-Wave Astronomy

12 Feb 2010  Ronald L. Walsworth , Harvard U., Laser frequency combs for precision astrophysical spectroscopy
19 Mar 2010  Wendy Freedman, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, CA, The Giant Magellan Telescope
16 Apr 2010  Peter Smith, U. of Arizona, The Journey of the Phoenix

18 Feb 2011 Scott Ransom, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Basic Physics with Millisecond Pulsars
4 Mar 2011 Andrew Sonnenschein, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Dark Matter Detection with Bubble Chambers
22 Apr 2011  Eugene Chiang, U. of California, Berkeley, Relics of Planet Formation, Here and Abroad

23 Sep 2011  Michael Wiescher, U. of Notre Dame, Nuclear Astrophysics Underground
7 Oct 2011  Larry Nittler, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Hermeochemistry: The composition of Mercury from MESSENGER X-ray, Gamma-ray, and Neutron Measurements
14 Oct 2011  Priyamvada Natarajan, Yale U., Mapping dark matter and dark energy in the Universe using gravitational lensing by clusters
21 Oct 2011 Salman Habib, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Precision Cosmology: Prospects and Challenges
2 Dec 2011  C.W. Francis Everitt, Stanford U., Frame-Dragging, Cryogenics, and Space: The Gravity Probe B Experiment
17 Feb 2012 Timothy C Beers , Kitt Peak National Observatory, Highly r-Process Enhanced Stars: New Perspectives on Old Stars
6 Apr 2012  Sudeep Das, LBNL, Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background: A New Frontier

5 Oct 2012  Sarah Milkovich, JPL, Mars Science Laboratory: Where Our Curiosity Is Taking Us
12 Oct 2012  Douglas Clowe, Ohio U., Athens, Ohio, Through a Lens, Darkly
9 Nov 2012  Dietrich Müller, U. of Chicago, Hundred Years of Cosmic Rays: Some Reflections on the Research in Chicago
16 Nov 2012  Susan Gardner, U. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, Dark Matter in a Weakly Coupled Universe
30 Nov 2012  Daniel Fabrycky, U. of Chicago, Planetary System Architectures from Kepler
26 Apr 2013  Stacy McGaugh, Case Western Reserve, Modified Gravity as a Possible Approach to the Missing Mass Problem

6 Sep 2013  Madappa Prakash, Ohio U., Lessons from New Observations of Neutron Stars
4 Oct 2013  Nikhil Padmanabhan, Yale U., Towards 1% Measurements of Cosmological Distances with Cosmic Sound
8 Nov 2013  Claude-André Faucher-Giguère, U. of California, Berkeley, Feedback-Regulated Star Formation on Galactic and Cosmological Scales
13 Dec 2013  Hendrik Schatz, Michigan State U., X-ray Bursts, Palladium Oceans and Rare Isotope Crusts - the Strange World of Accreting Neutron Stars
31 Jan 2014  Lloyd Knox, U. of California, Davis, Strength in Numbers: Studying the Cosmic Neutrino Background with Gravity
4 Apr 2014  Adam Burrows, Princeton U., Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Core-Collapse Supernovae

24 Oct 2014  Sanjay Reddy, Institute for Nuclear Theory, U. of Washington, Neutron Stars in the Multi-Messenger Era: Extreme Matter and Extreme Phenomena
14 Nov 2014  K. Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., Studies of X-ray Bursts - Bringing Neutron Stars into the Laboratory
9 Jan 2015  Clarence Chang , U. Chicago, Status and Recent results from the South Pole Telescope (SPT): SPTpol and beyond
23 Jan 2015  Jacob L. Bean, U. of Chicago, Exoplanets in HD

18 Sep 2015  Andrew Geraci, U. of Nevada, Reno, Hunting for axions and new short-range gravitational forces using resonant sensors
2 Oct 2015  S. Mark Ammons, LLNL, Trails and Dead Bodies: Directly Characterizing Extrasolar Planets with Adaptive Optics
11 Mar 2016  Suzanne Staggs, Princeton U., Cosmology, the Polarized Cosmic Microwave Background, and the Atacama Cosmology Telescope
1 Apr 2016  Brian Fields, U. of Illinois, Urbana, When Stars Attack! In Search of Near-Earth Supernova Explosions
13 Apr 2016  Olga Botner, Uppsala U., Recent results from IceCube - the dawn of neutrino astronomy?
29 Apr 2016  Vicky Kalogera, Northwestern U., LIGO discovery of a Binary Black Hole Merger
6 May 2016  Leslie Rosenberg, U. of Washington, Searching for Dark-Matter Axions
13 May 2016  Daryl Haggard, McGill U., Interpreting Sgr A*'s Most Luminous X-ray Flares
20 May 2016  Scott Dodelson, Fermilab and U. of Chicago, Myth-Busters: Dark Energy Survey and South Pole Telescope


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