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Accelerators, Detectors & Traps

6 Feb 1981 S. K. Sinha, ANL Materials Science Div., Inelastic neutron spectroscopy with epithermal neutrons from IPNS
22 May 1981 James Simpson, ANL High Energy Physics, Stochastic beam cooling - techniques and use

2 Oct 1981 Zeev Vager, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div., A controversy - are there quantum mechanical limits on the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors?
11 Dec 1981 M. Blume, BNL, Synchrotron radiation - its properties, sources and uses
30 Apr 1982 J. Foster, Chalk River, Time development of Heavy Ion Induced Fission by Crystal Blocking and X-Ray Techniques

24 Sep 1982 Harold E. Jackson, Jr., ANL Physics Div., The Argonne GeV Electron Microtron, GEM
19 Nov 1982 G. Lander, ANL IPNS, The Intense Pulsed Neutron Source - New Opportunities for Research at Argonne
22 Apr 1983 H. Blosser, Michigan State, Status Report on the Superconducting Cyclotron Project
13 May 1983 F. R. Huson, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., A 20 Tev Desertron Collider

7 Oct 1983 Georges Charpak, CERN, New Prospects in Radiation Detectors
18 Nov 1983 Blas Cabrera, Stanford U., Superconductive Monopole Detectors
2 Dec 1983 Robert Diebold, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Progress on the Superconducting Super Collider
6 Apr 1984 Andrew W. Sandorfi, BNL, Medium Energy Beams with a Light Bulb

2 Nov 1984 Walter Kutschera, ANL Physics Div., Dating and Mass Spectrometry with Acccelerators
17 May 1985 David Moncton, BNL, Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering: Recent Accomplishments and Future Opportunities with a 6 GeV Ring
7 Aug 1985 A. E. Litherland, U. of Toronto, 14C Dating and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)

20 Sep 1985 Ray Arnold, American U., Nuclear Physics at SLAC
1 Nov 1985 Zeev Vager, Weizmann and ANL Physics Div., New Progress in the Detection of Gravitational Radiation
8 Nov 1985 Cy Hoffman, LANL, LAMPF-II
13 Dec 1985 Herman Grunder, Jefferson Lab., CEBAF
14 Feb 1986 Lee C. Teng, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Advanced Concepts in Accelerator Design
25 Apr 1986 John Sheppard, SLAC, The SLAC Linear Collider Project

31 Oct 1986 W. Haeberli, U. of Wisconsin, Internal Polarized Targets for Storage Rings
1 May 1987 Lawrence Nodulman, ANL High Energy Physics Div., The Collider Detector at Fermilab Confronts Physics

25 Sep 1987 Michael Hass, Weizmann Institute of Science, Tilting Foils and Polarizing Nuclei: A New Tool in Nuclear Spectroscopy
13 Nov 1987 Walter Henning, GSI, Prospects of Heavy Ion Physics at 1 GeV/Nucleon with a Storage Ring: The SIS Project at GSI
22 Jan 1988 Teng Lek Khoo, ANL Physics Div., Plans for a National Gamma Ray Facility
29 Jan 1988 David Moncton, ANL Advanced Photon Source, The Advanced Photon Source: a Step Closer to Reality
20 May 1988 Dietrich Habs, MPI, Heidelberg, Atomic Physics with the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring TSR

7 Oct 1988 John Hoffnagle, IBM Almaden Research Center, Chaotic Motion of Two Ions in a Paul Trap
28 Oct 1988 Ernest J. Moniz, MIT, Electromagnetic Study of Nuclei: Programs at Bates Facility
4 Nov 1988 Erich W. Vogt, TRIUMF, Toward the KAON Factory
2 Dec 1988 Richard D. Deslattes, NIST, Gaithersburg, High Resolution Diffraction Spectroscopy at Gamma-Ray Energies
27 Jan 1989 James Simpson, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Wake Field Acceleration: Advanced Technology for Linear Colliders
24 Feb 1989 Douglas Donahue, U. of Arizona, Radiocarbon Dating with Accelerators: Methods and Applications
22 May 1989 Miquel Salmeron, LBNL, The Study of Surface Structures with the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope

22 Sep 1989 Barry Wicklund, ANL High Energy Physics Div., The Collider Detector Confronts the Standard Model
19 Jan 1990 Helmut Rauch, Atominstitut der Osterreichischen Universitaten, The Neutron Interferometer as a Quantum and Measuring Device
1 Jun 1990 Gopal Shenoy, ANL Advanced Photon Source, A Random Walk in Science at the Advanced Photon Source

9 Nov 1990 Akihiko Yokosawa, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Experiments with Fermilab Polarized Proton and Antiproton Beams

27 Sep 1991 Robert A. Eisenstein, Nuclear Physics Lab., Physics Using the Low-Energy Antiproton Ring at CERN
13 Dec 1991 Lee C. Teng, ANL Accelerator Systems Div., Advanced Photon Source - A Third Generation Synchrotron Radiation Source
24 Jan 1992 Peter Kitching, TRIUMF, Physics at the KAON Factory
15 May 1992 Thomas Fields, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Status Report on the Soudan Proton Decay Experiment
20 May 1992 Peter Paul, SUNY, Stony Brook, The Superconducting Heavy-Ion Linac in Nuclear Physics Research

18 Sep 1992 Gvirol B. Goldring, ANL Physics & Weizmann Institute of Science, Tilted Foil Polarization of Nuclide Beams
13 Nov 1992 William D. Phillips, NIST, Gaithersburg, Laser Cooling: the Coldest Atoms Ever!
18 Dec 1992 Pedro A. Montano, ANL Materials Science Div., The Basic Energy Sciences Synchrotron Radiation Center at the Advanced Photon Source
12 Feb 1993 Steven E. Vigdor, Indiana U., Unique Nuclear Physics Opportunities with Stored, Cooled Beams
2 Apr 1993 Helen Edwards, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., The TESLA Superconducting RF Linear Collider Option
14 May 1993 Brian M. Kincaid, LBNL, The Advanced Light Source: On Time, On Budget, and It Works!
4 Jun 1993 Ronald W. P. Drever, CalTech, Gravitational Wave Detection with Laser Interferometers: Physics behind it, and Physics ahead
25 Jun 1993 Walter Kutschera, ANL Physics Div., Long-Lived Noble Gas Radioisotopes

10 Sep 1993 Chandrashekhar Joshi, U. of California, Progress Towards a Laser-Plasma Accelerator
17 Sep 1993 Robert S. Van Dyck, Jr., U. of Washington, High-Precision Mass Measurements Using the Penning Trap Mass Spectrometer
18 Feb 1994 Johanna Stachel, SUNY, Stony Brook, The Little Bang: Creating Hot and Dense Matter in the Laboratory
29 Apr 1994 Stephen Kuhlmann, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Results of the Search for the Top Quark from the Collider Detector at Fermilab
13 May 1994 Harold E. Jackson, Jr., ANL Physics Div., The New Era at CEBAF

11 Nov 1994 Malcolm Derrick, ANL High Energy Physics Div., Physics with High Energy e-p Colliding Beams: Results from the ZEUS Detector at HERA
3 Feb 1995 John Madey, Duke U., Near-Term Prospects for 4th Generation FEL-Based Light Sources
17 Feb 1995 Mark Huyse, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Radioactive Beams at Louvain-la-Neuve: First Experiments and Future Plans
14 Apr 1995 Walter Henning, ANL Physics Div., Nuclei Far from Stability: Research Opportunities with Radioactive Beams

22 Sep 1995 Gordon Cates, Princeton U., From Muons to MRI on Guinea Pigs - The Power of Optical Pumping
15 Mar 1996 Francesco Venneri, LANL, The Accelerator-Driven Transmutation of Nuclear Waste
17 May 1996 Larry S. Cardman, Jefferson Lab., CEBAF: A New Microscope for Nuclear Physics
24 May 1996 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard U., Extremely Cold Antiprotons and Antihydrogens

15 Nov 1996 Ercen E. Alp, ANL Advanced Photon Source Div., Lattice Dynamics with sub-mev Resolution: First Experimental Results at the APS
10 Jan 1997 Gene D. Sprouse, SUNY, Stony Brook, Laser Trapping of Radioactive Francium, Present Results and Future Prospects

5 Dec 1997 Guy Savard, ANL Physics Div., Physics with Trapped Radioactive Ions
13 Feb 1998 Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., Experiments with Radioactive Beams - Studying Stellar Explosions in the Laboratory
10 Apr 1998 Don Edwards, DESY, The TESLA Collaboration: A Major Effort on Superconducting RF Development

2 Oct 1998 Wayne Itano, NIST, Boulder, Crystallized Ion Plasmas in a Penning Trap
6 Nov 1998 Peter Fisher, MIT, The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment
20 Nov 1998 Rolf Siemssen, KVI, Groningen, Radioactive Beam Facilities and Projects
18 Dec 1998 Thomas Kirk, BNL, RHIC Physics and Facility - A Golden Era Ahead
15 Jan 1999 John Doyle, Harvard U., Cooling and Trapping of Molecules
29 Jan 1999 Kim Lister, ANL Physics Div., Gammasphere at Argonne: The Device Moved But Did The Physics?

15 Oct 1999 Zheng-Tian Lu, ANL Physics Div., Atom Trap Trace Analysis -- A New Demon on the Block
29 Oct 1999 Walter Henning, ANL Physics Div., Going Away from Stability
10 Dec 1999 Edward J. Daw, MIT, LIGO - A Direct Experimental Search for Gravitational Radiation from Astrophysical Sources
17 Dec 1999 John R. Arthur, SLAC., Prospects for an X-ray Free-Electron-Laser Light Source and some Possible Scientific Applications
21 Jan 2000 Maury Goodman, ANL High Energy Physics, Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments

13 Oct 2000 Brad Sherrill, Michigan State U., Nuclear Structure Studies at RIA
27 Oct 2000 Christopher Monroe, U. of Michigan, Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions
3 Nov 2000 Richard Milner, MIT, The Electron Ion Collider: A Powerful New Nicroscope to Study the Structure of Matter
17 Nov 2000 Stephen Milton, ANL Advanced Photon Source Div., Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission: Extending Synchrotron Light Source Brightness by Many Orders of Magnitude
12 Jan 2001 Thomas Mason, ORNL, The Spallation Neutron Source: A Powerful Tool for Materials Research
2 Mar 2001 James J. Laidler, ANL CMT, The Advanced Accelerator Applications Program and Accelerator Transmutation of Waste
4 May 2001 Gerry Garvey, LANL, A Possible eA Collider
18 May 2001 Lee C. Teng, ANL Advanced Photon Source Div., Particle Accelerators -- Outlook for the 21st Century

5 Oct 2001 Malcom Derrick, ANL High Energy Physics, HERA ep colliding beam physics:current results and future prospects
16 Nov 2001  Juergen Kluge, GSI and U. of Heidelberg, Precision by Cooling: Atomic and Nuclear Physics in Small and Large Ion Traps
4 Jan 2002 Helen Edwards, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Update on TESLA
11 Jan 2002 Harold Jackson, ANL Physics Div., HERMES and the Spin of the Proton
25 Jan 2002  Henry Weller, Duke U., Nuclear Physics at the Duke FEL gamma-ray source
17 May 2002 Bradley Filippone, CalTech, What's So Cool About Ultra-Cold Neutrons?

1 Nov 2002  David DeMille, Yale U., Tabletop probes for TeV physics: searches for the electric dipole moment of the electron
6 Dec 2002 Walter Henning, GSI, The GSI Future Facility
17 Jan 2003 Kenneth M. Kemner, ANL Environmental Research Div., Using High-Energy X-ray Physics to Address Environmental Science Problems
11 Apr 2003  Hendrik Schatz, Michigan State U., Cosmic Fireworks and Radioactive Beams
9 May 2003  Hasan Padamsee, Lab. for Elementary Particle Physics, Cornell U., Why Superconductivity Will Propel the Next Generation Accelerators for Light Sources and Linear Colliders

19 Sep 2003  Rolf Ent, Jefferson Lab., The Science Driving the Jefferson Lab 12-GeV Upgrade
7 Nov 2003 Juan Collar, U. of Chicago, Low-background Detector Development at EFI: WIMPs, Axions, Neutrinos and other Sneaky Beasts
30 Jan 2004 Zheng-tian Lu, ANL Physics Div., Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Egypt
16 Apr 2004 Isao Tanihata, ANL Physics Div., A New View of Nuclear Structure: Studies with Radioactive Ion Beams in Japan
23 Apr 2004 Geoffrey L. Greene, U. of Tennessee, Parity Violation, Time Reversal, and the NeutronÂ…New Physics Opportunities at the Spallation Neutron Source
30 Apr 2004 Ernst Rehm, ANL Physics Div., 'Per aspera ad astra' - Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams
7 May 2004 Daniel Akerib, Case Western U., Looking for WIMPs in the Galactic Halo: the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (and some other dark matter experiments)

15 Oct 2004 Maki Kawai, Surface-Chem. Lab., Japan, Observing Reactions of Single Molecule via Vibrational Excitation using Scanning Transmission Microscope
3 Dec 2004 John D'Auria, Simon Fraser U., Canada, Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics at the ISAC Radioactive Beams Laboratory Using the DRAGON Facility
17 Dec 2004 Thomas C. Katsouleas, U. of Southern California, Progress on Plasma Accelerators: From the Energy Frontier to Tabletops
15 Apr 2005 Jack Carpenter, ANL IPNS, Spallation Neutron Sources: Present and Future
22 Apr 2005 Steve Geer, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Physics at an Upgraded Fermilab Proton Driver
29 Apr 2005 Maury Tigner, Cornell U., The International Linear Collider - where it stands
13 May 2005 Walter Kutschera, U. of Vienna, Synchronizing cultures in the past: Pushing methods of natural sciences and humanities to their limits

3 Feb 2006 Michael Thoennessen, Michigan State U., Exploring the Neutron Dripline with MoNA
10 Feb 2006 Augusto O. Macchiavelli, LBNL, Gammasphere: the First Ten Years

1 Dec 2006  Leo Hollberg, NIST, Stable Lasers and Cold Atoms
26 Jan 2007  Michael Romalis, Princeton U., Atomic Magnetometers for Fundamental Physics and Applications
9 Feb 2007  Gabriela González, Louisiana State U., Interferometric Detectors of Gravitational Waves: Opening a New Window to the Universe
16 Mar 2007 Jerry Nolen, ANL Physics Div., How to Make Radioactive Beams
23 Mar 2007  Georg Hoffstaetter, Cornell U., The Energy Recovery Linac as a New X-ray Source
20 Apr 2007  Eric Cornell, JILA, NIST, and U. of Colorado, Searching for the Electron's Electric Dipole Moment in Trapped Molecular Ions
25 May 2007 Mats Lindroos, CERN, Beta Beams: A Neutrino Factory Based on Stored Radioactive Beams

11 Jan 2008  Wim Leemans, LBNL, High-Energy Particle Accelerators that Can Fit on a (Large) Tabletop by Using Lasers
25 Jan 2008  Linda Young, ANL Chemical Science and Engineering Div., Towards Laser Control of Ultrafast X-Ray Processes
9 May 2008 Walter Henning, ANL Physics Div., Intense Rare Isotope Beams -- Science Goals and Technical Realization
30 May 2008 Claude Lyneis, LBNL, ECR Ion Sources for Nuclear Physics Research

18 Sep 2009  Kevin Lesko, LBNL, The Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory at Homestake
23 Oct 2009  Eric Hessels, York U., Progress towards Trapping Antihydrogen Atoms (The ATRAP Collaboration)
20 Nov 2009  Hugh Montgomery, Jefferson Lab., Exploring the Nature of Matter: Jefferson Lab and its plans
11 Dec 2009  Janos Kirz, Stony Brook U. and LBNL, X-ray Microscopy - past, present and future
12 Feb 2010  Ronald L. Walsworth , Harvard U., Laser frequency combs for precision astrophysical spectroscopy
5 Mar 2010 Darek Seweryniak, ANL Physics Div., Exploration of Exotic Nuclei with Gammasphere and the Fragment Mass Analyzer
26 Mar 2010  Bradley M. Sherrill, Michigan State U., Designer Nuclei: A New Tool with New Applications
21 May 2010 Birger Back, ANL Physics Div., HELIOS: A new approach to nuclear structure studies in inverse kinematics

10 Sep 2010  Kevin Pitts, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Three Decades of the CDF Experiment, Many Decades of Sensitivity
24 Sep 2010  Linda Young, ANL XSD, Highlights and Future Directions in Hard X-Ray Sciences
1 Oct 2010  Klaus Blaum, Max and Planck and Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Precision Penning Trap Experiments with Stored and Cooled Exotic Ions
15 Oct 2010 I-Yang Lee, LBNL, GRETINA: A gamma-ray energy tracking array
10 Dec 2010 Christopher J. Keane, LLNL, Inertial Confinement Fusion and High Energy Density Science Experiments at the National Ignition Facility
21 Jan 2011 Jens Dilling, TRIUMF and U. of British Columbia, TITAN and the nuclear physics program at ISAC
11 Feb 2011 Yousry Gohar, Nuclear Engineering Div., Disposal of US Spent Nuclear Fuel Inventory Using Accelerator Driven Subcritical Systems
4 Mar 2011 Andrew Sonnenschein, Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Dark Matter Detection with Bubble Chambers
1 Apr 2011 Sergei Chekanov, ANL High Energy Div., Tests of the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider
13 May 2011  Carlos Wagner, ANL High Energy Div., Searching for New Physics at the Tevatron and the LHC
27 May 2011 Adam Bernstein, LLNL, Dual-Use Dual-Phase Noble Liquid Detectors

23 Sep 2011  Michael Wiescher, U. of Notre Dame, Nuclear Astrophysics Underground
11 Nov 2011 Jeffrey S. Hangst, Aarhus U., Trapped Antihydrogen - Stable, Neutral Antimatter
9 Dec 2011  Walter Kutschera, U. of Vienna, Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Climate Change
13 Jan 2012  Todd Ditmire, U. Texas, Austin, Petawatt to Exawatt Lasers: The Science and Technology of the Highest Power Lasers Ever Built
3 Feb 2012  Sebastian Schmidt , Forschungszentrum Jülich, Forschungszentrum Jülich: Highlights from the Present and Directions for the Future
13 Apr 2012 Stuart Henderson, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, The Future of High Intensity Hadron Accelerators
27 Apr 2012  Vivek Sharma, U. of California at San Diego, The Hunt for the Higgs Boson at CERN
4 May 2012  Ann Nelson, U. Washington, Portals for New Physics at the Intensity Frontier

4 Jan 2013 Jason Clark, ANL Physics Div., A CARIBU is born: first results from our new baby
11 Apr 2013  Frank Zimmermann, CERN, LHC accelerator, Higgs factory, and a long-term strategy for High Energy Physics
Slides of talk (10 Mbyte pdf)
31 May 2013  Vladimir N. Litvinenko, BNL Nat. Lab., Novel Techniques for Hadron Beam Cooling in Hadron and Electron-Hadron Colliders

13 Sep 2013  Kwang-Je Kim, Accelerator Systems Div., ANL National Lab., The Art of Producing Bright X-Rays and Its Current Revolution
15 Nov 2013  Matt Strassler, Harvard U., What the Large Hadron Collider Has Taught Us So Far
18 Feb 2014  Klaus Blaum, Heidelberg, Fundamental tests of nature with cooled and stored exotic ions
28 Feb 2014  Zheng-Tian Lu, ANL Physics Div., Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Global Groundwater
25 Apr 2014  Michael Romalis, Princeton U., Precision Measurements with Atomic Magnetometers
2 May 2014  Peter Ostroumov, ANL Physics Div., Accelerator Perspectives for Nuclear Physics

19 Sep 2014  Alexander Zholents, Accelerator Systems Div., ANL National Lab., A Light and a Beam: a Theme with Variations
7 Nov 2014  Hasan Padamsee, Fermilab, The Golden Age of Superconducting RF Based Accelerators
21 Nov 2014  Margaret Murnane, JILA, NIST and U. of Colorado, Science at the Timescale of the Electron: Tabletop X-ray Lasers and Applications in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
5 Dec 2014  Stuart Henderson, Advanced Photon Source, ANL National Lab., Advanced Photon Source Upgrade Status and Plans
9 Jan 2015  Clarence Chang , U. Chicago, Status and Recent results from the South Pole Telescope (SPT): SPTpol and beyond
6 Mar 2015  Eric Dahl, Northwestern U., The Hunt for Dark Matter, or things that go bump in the detector
13 Mar 2015  Jianguo Wen, Electron Microscopy Center, Center for Nanoscale Materials, ANL National Lab., Amplitude Contrast High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy for Advanced Materials

18 Sep 2015  Andrew Geraci, U. of Nevada, Reno, Hunting for axions and new short-range gravitational forces using resonant sensors
16 Oct 2015  Steve Gourlay, LBNL, High Field Magnets for a Future High Energy proton-proton Collider
22 Jan 2016  Michael P. Kelly, ANL Physics Div., RF Superconductivity for Particle Accelerators: The Last 15 Years
19 Feb 2016  Chunguang Jing, Euclid Techlabs and High Energy ANL Physics Div., Argonne Wakefield Accelerator: A pathway to future e+e- colliders and light factories
25 Mar 2016  Gabriella Sciolla, Brandeis U., Double the energy, double the fun: first results from the new and improved LHC


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