Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

2007-2008 Leap Year Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

7 Sep 2007 Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Google Inc.
Google: Building Scalable Systems and Moving Large Datasets
Host: John Arrington
14 Sep 2007 Xiangdong Ji, University of Maryland
Exploring the Partonic Structure of the Nucleon
Host: Harry Lee
21 Sep 2007 John P. Schiffer, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Perspectives on Nuclear Physics over the Past 100 Years
Host: Harry Lee
28 Sep 2007 Mike Norman, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
High-Temperature Superconductivity - After 20 Years, Where Are We At?
Host: John Schiffer
5 Oct 2007 Serge Haroche, Collège de France & École Normale Supérieure
Quantum Non-Demolition Measurement of Light: The Birth, Life and Death of Trapped Photons
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
12 Oct 2007 Fall DNP Meeting, Newport News, VA, 10-13 Oct
19 Oct 2007 Open
26 Oct 2007 Elena Aprile, Columbia University
The XENON Dark Matter Search
Host: Kim Lister
2 Nov 2007 Cancelled
9 Nov 2007 David S. Weiss, Penn State University
Experiments with Atoms in One and Zero Dimensions
Host: John Schiffer
16 Nov 2007 Peter Mueller, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Simple Atoms, Extreme Nuclei: Laser Spectroscopy of 6He and 8He
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
23 Nov 2007 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
30 Nov 2007 Cancelled
7 Dec 2007 Chia-Ling Chien, Johns Hopkins University
Nanomagnets: Poles or no Poles
Host: Harry Lee
14 Dec 2007 Cancelled
21 Dec 2007 Christmas Eve - No colloquium
28 Dec 2007 New Year's Eve - No colloquium
4 Jan 2008 Robert V. F. Janssens, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
The Hunt for New Shell Structure in Neutron-Rich Nuclei
Host: Harry Lee
11 Jan 2008 Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
High-Energy Particle Accelerators that Can Fit on a (Large) Tabletop by Using Lasers
Host: Richard Pardo
18 Jan 2008 Barry Wicklund, High Energy Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Flavor Physics and The Strange Beauty Clock
Host: Ed Berger
25 Jan 2008 Phillip J. Finck, Idaho National Laboratory
Overview of Nuclear Technologies
Host: Filip Kondev
1 Feb 2008 Kenneth M. Nollett, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Nuclear Astrophysics
Host: Harry Lee
8 Feb 2008 Peter G. O. Freund, University of Chicago
A Passion for Discovery
Host: John Schiffer
15 Feb 2008 Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State University
Gravity, Geometry and the Quantum
Host: Harry Lee
22 Feb 2008 Tom LeCompte, High Energy Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Standard Model Physics at the LHC
Host: Ed Berger
29 Feb 2008 Savdeep Sethi, University of Chicago
Superstring Theory Made Simple
Host: John Schiffer
7 Mar 2008 Lloyd Knox, University of California at Davis
Dark Energy
Host: John Arrington
14 Mar 2008 Folker Meyer, Mathematics & Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
DNA Sequencing
Host: Harry Lee
21 Mar 2008 Henry Kapteyn, JILA and University of Colorado
Attosecond Optics
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
28 Mar 2007 Bradley L. Jolliff, Washington University
Mars Exploration Rovers: Two Mars Years of Geologic Discovery
Host: Richard Pardo
4 Apr 2008 Anneli Munkholm, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
High Power LED's
Host: John Arrington
11 Apr 2008 Spring APS Meeting, St. Louis, MO, 12-15 Apr
18 Apr 2008 Joe Lykken, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory
Extra Dimensions at the Large Hadron Collider
Host: Ed Berger
25 Apr 2008 Open
2 May 2008 Open
9 May 2008 Andy Sandorfi, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Novel Physics with Solid Polarized Hydrogen
Host: Harry Lee
16 May 2008 Walter Henning, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Physics with RIA
Host: Harry Lee
23 May 2008 Steve Lamoreaux, Yale University
Casimir Forces
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu

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2007-2008 Committee

John Arrington (252-3619, mail)
Ed Berger (HEP) (252-6211, mail)
Filip Kondev (NE) (252-4484, mail)
Torben Lauritsen (252-4026, mail)
T.-S. Harry Lee, chair (252-4094, mail)
C. J. (Kim) Lister (252-4040, mail)
Zheng-Tian Lu, past chair (252-0583, mail)
Richard Pardo (252-4029, mail)
John Schiffer (252-4066, mail)
Secretary Janet Bergman (252-4085, mail)
Phone numbers are areacode 630


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