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Physics Division Safety Policy

It is the policy of the Physics Division, as well as the Laboratory, that all activities within the facilities for which the Physics Division is responsible shall be conducted in a manner such that all reasonable precautions are taken to protect the health and safety of employees and of the general public, as well as the environment.  The Division fully supports and implements the principles of Integrated Safety Management.

Implementation and assignment of responsibility for safety are delegated at the same time as responsibility for performance of the operation.  Safety performance will be a consideration along with other performance items at the time of performance evaluation.

If, at any time, you are concerned about the safety of yourself or others, it is your responsibility to contact your supervisor, the Division ESH Engineer or a member of a Division safety committee for consultation.  Also, remember that you always have the right and responsibility to stop work you or others are doing that you feel is unsafe.  (See also Chapter 1.1.6 of the ESH Safety Manual.) Safety must be an integral part of all your activities.  A listing of all the above personnel can be found on the Physics Division's ESH Organization page.  Copies of this list are posted at various locations on Division premises.

 The following information is in abbreviated form, meant only to serve as a general guide.  Further details are in a number of specialized Laboratory and Division documents such as the following:

Copies of these documents as well as other material related to safety are available in the Physics Division ESH Engineer's office for your examination and use.

Remember that any form of carelessness in the Laboratory may involve serious consequences for others as well as yourself.  Try to anticipate hazards and plan accordingly.