Physics Division

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Safety Policy

General Safety Rules

Protective Equipment

Health Physics



Transporting Hazardous Materials

Physics Division ESH Organization



Safety glasses or face shields are to be worn in all designated areas and wherever a potential eye hazard exists.  Non-prescription safety glasses can be obtained from the stockroom.  The Division Office can give you the necessary details for obtaining prescription safety glasses upon your supervisor’s recommendation.  Visitors who will be at Argonne for less than four months cannot be supplied with prescription safety glasses and should use laboratory supplied goggles or face shields.  Contact lenses should not be worn in a chemical laboratory unless vapor-tight safety eye wear is also worn.





When circumstances warrant the use of safety shoes, these will be provided by the Laboratory.  The Division Office can give details on how to obtain safety shoes when they are recommended by your supervisor.  Sandals, open-toe or high-heeled shoes are prohibited in all laboratories, shops, maintenance and experimental areas.





A personal monitoring device is to be worn when working with radioactive materials, or in areas posted as requiring them (such as accelerator areas).  They are available from the Health Physics technicians. Magenta lab coats are to be worn when working with dispersible radioactive material.





Make sure you know locations of emergency exits, showers, fire extinguishers and eye-wash stations in your area.  Actions to take in the case of building evacuation are detailed in the Building 203 Building Plan.  All Division personnel are to be familiar with that document





Respiratory protection and other special types of protective equipment are supplied through the ESH Division.  Contact ESH-Industrial Hygiene personnel for guidance.