Physics Division

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Safety Policy

General Safety Rules

Protective Equipment

Health Physics



Transporting Hazardous Materials

Physics Division ESH Organization


During Normal Work Hours

Between the hours of 8 AM and 6:30 PM Monday through Friday when you need the assistance of a Health Physics Technician, your first step is to call either Marian (2-4138) or Joe (2-6062).  If the person you call is not in the office or she/he is on the phone, the call will automatically go to her/his pager.

You should hear back from the technician within five minutes.  If you don’t, you have three choices.  You could call the other HP Technician, or our Health Physicist, George Mosho (2-6172), or the HP group page number (4-8015).  If you call the group page number, chances are you will have more than one HP person answering you – but you will get help.  Again, it should be within 5 minutes of your page.

If you only need assistance from our Health Physicist, he is available during the regular working hours by calling him at 2-6172.  Again, if he is away or on the phone, the call will be forwarded to his pager.

Other than the hours above, if you need Health Physics assistance; call the Health Physicist on his 24 hour pager (815-767-0962).  Please note your area code (630) when you enter your call back number so he may respond more quickly to your call.

If you still have not heard from a Health Physicist or Technician after doing the above, call Tom Mullen immediately at 2879 during the day, or on his home phone (630-964-9793) or cell phone (630-461-6723) in the evening so he can take further steps.

Remember: If you ever need emergency health physics assistance at any time, do not hesitate to Dial 911.



After Hours and Weekends

In an emergency, Dial 911. The emergency operator will contact the appropriate personnel.

In non emergency situations, Health Physics personnel may be reached at home.  Their home phone numbers are posted on the door to the Health Physics room (R110), and at ATLAS in the Data Room and Control Room.