Loss of Power

If power is lost to a building or group of buildings, the AES determines whether activities should continue in the building. If loss of ventilation threatens the safety of workers, they should be evacuated from the area or from the building. Special consideration should be given to hoods and the potential for radiological or chemical exposures. Also, the adequacy of lighting should be considered in deciding whether areas should be occupied or work continued.


Decisions to close the Laboratory due to site conditions are made by the Emergency Response Center Manager only. Instructions to dismiss staff are given over the public address system if available; if not, the site-wide radio network might be used. The AES may ask people to leave the building and/or relocate to another building if loss of power makes the building unsuitable for occupancy. The Fire Department will be notified of such a decision. The management of site-wide emergencies is described in the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), available from ESH-Emergency Management and from Tom Mullen, the Building 203 Area Emergency Supervisor. Tom is in room R-210. The Fire Department incident commander is in charge of all emergency responses.