This emergency plan for Building 203 provides you with information about the building that you need to know during an emergency;


The management of site-wide emergencies is described in the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), linked here, and also available from EQO-Emergency Management or from Tom Mullen, the Building 203 Area Emergency Supervisor. Tom is in room R-210. The Fire Department incident commander is in charge of all emergency responses.


     Note: On occasion fire companies responding to an ANL-E building may not be ANL Fire Department personnel. They may be fire fighters from fire departments that support the ANL Fire Department as part of a mutual aide agreement. This situation could occur when the ANL Fire Department is already responding to another incident. In these cases, the ANL Fire Department attempts to send at least one person to the scene to act as escort to the other fire department. Obviously, this “escort” capability may not always be possible.

    If a 9-1-1 event occurs at your building and the responding fire department is not from Argonne, Area Emergency Supervisor personnel will need to provide their full expertise, guidance and support to the responding fire department personnel. The members of the mutual aide fire companies supporting ANL-E are told to look for the AES and to expect assistance. As with an ANL Fire Department response, the senior fire officer on scene is the Incident Commander and AES personnel need to take direction from him/her.  All building inhabitants will respond to the visiting Fire Department personnel just as they would with the ANL Fire Department.    

This plan contains emergency response information specific to building 203. The emergency personnel listed in the plan will assist the incident commander when there is an emergency in the building. During an emergency it is important that you follow the directions of the building's emergency personnel (identifiable by the yellow or orange hats they will be wearing.)