About Daves eps files...

About Daves eps files...

Dave Kurth can create eps (encapsulated post-script) files of his plots on his MAC which can, e.g., be included in latex files and xfig plots. However, if you try to use these eps files 'raw' on the SUN, you will find that a lot of utilities will choke on them. The reason is simply that the MAC is using the CR ( ascii 13) character to end lines rather than LF (ascii 10) which the sun expects. The result is that the Sun will see the file as one long line and usually overrun some buffers.

There is a utility in /usr/local/bin that will convert such eps files for you (i.e., substitute all CRs with LFs). Say the file you get from Dave is called: picture.eps, then you can converts it as:

   daveps2eps picture.eps > mypicture.eps

The "mypicture.eps" file will have the right format for the sun to handle.

The utility also tries to break bitmaps so that psfig in latex doesn't get overloaded. The utility is less reliable when the file contains bitmaps...

Acconding to Teng-Lek:

 Dave and I finally found a way of converting .eps files which ghostview and
 latex can process! 
 The procedure: 
 (a) translates .eps file using Superpaint (without using a driver)
 (b) transfers it in binary mode to the SUN
 (c) The file should be processed with cr2lf (from Ken) to replace ^M with LF.
 TL's "daveps2eps" does not work.