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ANL Physics Computing

Access to computers in the Physics division
now requires a written agreement!

You can find the forms to fill out and submit here: accreg.doc or accreg.ps.

The form must be signed by either Don Geesaman, Alan Bernstein, Jim Nelson, Robert Janssens, or Harold Jackson. A computer account cannot be created until the signed form is presented to the manager that creates the account!

Please Fax or mail the form to:

  Computer Access Registration
  ANL Physics Division Office
  Fax: 630-252-3903
(do not send the form to the computer managers, - they need to see the signed form to set up accounts)

Passwords and Cybersecurity

ANL cybersecurity

Please follow these requirements in your selection of new passwords. If your password does not currently meet these requirements, please change your password to one that does.

In short, the directive is as follows:

DOE 205.3 Guidelines:

* Eight (8) non-blank characters 
* A combination of 
	Letters (preferably a mixture of upper and lowercase) 
	At least one special character in first 7 positions 
* First and last characters must be non-numeric 
* Must not contain your name or username 
The following URL offers some : good password advice

Please check your new password against the following website: passwd checker

Other Useful Computer Hyperlinks: