PAC Cycle: Nov-22-2013

ATLAS Proposal Fact Sheet - Submission Form

Proposal Title:

Proposal Type: Previous Exp. Number (continuation and resubmissions):

Experimental Spokesperson:

Telephone and e-mail:

Alternate Spokesperson:

Alternate Telephone and e-mail:

* Ph.D Thesis: Yes: No:

**Please list all additional Participants and their home institute on the proposal itself.

Energies (MeV):
Intensities (pnA):
Beam Stop Material:
Indicate maximum needed
Required (e.g. Ta)


Additional Beam Requirements:

Beam Sweeper Yes: No: Period:
Rebuncher/Debuncher Yes: No: Max: Width: ps (FWHM)
In-Flight Beam Yes: No:
CARIBU Beam Yes: No:

Beam Line: Equipment:

Gammasphere Experiment?

If yes, please complete the Gammasphere checklist separately.
Please summarize any previous results and/or publications by the group related to the proposed experiment:

Total number of days requested for experiment (no partial days):
Splitting of days in the experiment if it is not one continuous run:  
*(e.g. 2+3 or 3x3. Put total days value if no splitting desired)

Safety Information

Standard Gamma-Ray Calibration Set A (<10 µCi)?

88Y,56,57,60Co, 152Eu, 182Ta, 243Am


Alpha Calibration (<10 µCi)?

Fission Calibration?



Other radioactive sources/targets?
Note: Any radioactive material brought from off site must arrive through ANL Receiving!
Yes: Type/Strength:   May require HP coverage
Using combustible gas mixture? Yes: Describe:  

Please describe any unusual Safety or Operations Requirements Associated with the Experimental Setup:
(Include any high voltage or power electrical equipment that is being added to an existing experimental station.)

Are you bringing your own equipment? No Yes    Describe:  

This form must be accompanied by a detailed description of the proposed experiment. The Experiment Proposal should summarize the proposed experiment, the scientific justification and provide any relevant technical details.

Detailed proposal information to be sent (e-mail preferred) via:

FAX (Attn: Barbara Weller 630-252-2864)
Surface mail (To: Barbara Weller, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne, IL 60439-4843, USA)
e-mail (To: )
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PLEASE READ AND SIGN: I have reviewed the above and confirm that it is true and correct and that all of the collaborators listed on the proposal are fully aware of the proposal and have agreed to participate in the experiment:

Rev. 1.3, 03/2004

PLEASE NOTE: Proposals for the November 23-24, 2013 PAC cycle are no longer being accepted! This form will be re-activated when the next call for proposals is issued.